Building Policies


In keeping with campus policy, the library does not permit animals except for police dogs and service dogs used by individuals with disabilities. Please see Policy on Animals on Campus.


Please use the bike racks to the north or south of the library building. Bicycles parked inside the library or secured to the railing around the outside deck are subject to removal by University Police.

Flyers and Posters

The library has two bulletin boards, one inside the north entrance, and one inside the south entrance. Postings must have approval stamps from the Office of Student Engagement. Items posted anywhere other than these two bulletin boards will be removed.

Lost and Found

Lost items are dropped off or picked up at the Check-Out Desk, 1st floor (909-537-5090). If you have lost an item in the library, we recommended that you also check University Police's Lost and Found (909-537-3782).

Security Gates

Library materials have security devices attached to deter theft. If a buzzer sounds when you exit the security gates of the library, staff will ask to check your belongings and may request that you show the contents of your bags.


In keeping with campus policy, selling and soliciting activities (including soliciting for votes or signatures) must be outside of campus buildings, in designated public areas. Please see Policy on Speech and Advocacy.

School Visits

If you are a teacher at a local area school, you may escort your students on a self-guided tour. Your group must include one adult for every 12 students. Unfortunately, your group may not use library computers during your tour, as space is limited.