Code of Conduct

The faculty and staff of the Pfau Library strive to provide excellent service and a safe, clean, positive environment in which to study and do research. To help us do this, please follow these guidelines.

  • Food and drinks are permitted in most areas of the library. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. If you make a mess you cannot clean up, call Library Administration, 537-5102, or the Check-Out Desk, 537-5090, as soon as possible.
  • Keep food and drinks away from computers, photocopiers, and other equipment.
  • There is no eating or drinking in the Special Collections room.
  • Text is best! Turn ringers to silent mode. If you need to talk on your cell phone, speak quietly, and only near entrances, stairwells, and restrooms, so you don't bother other people.
  • If you have a personal music player such as an iPod, turn the volume down so that only you can hear it.
  • Many people use the upper floors of the library for quiet study. When you do group work, use group study rooms or sit in high traffic areas where your voices will not disturb others.
  • Study rooms on the upper floors are for groups of 2 or more people. A student may not "hold" the room for a group. Groups of 3 or more may reserve large study rooms.
  • Children under high school age are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult caregiver and under appropriate supervision. The library cannot assume responsibility for the safety of children left unattended.
  • Campus code requires that you do any selling or soliciting (including soliciting for votes or signatures) outside of campus buildings, in designated public areas.

If you have any questions or to report a problem, please contact Dean Caballero, Library Administration, PL-2006, 909-537-5102