Data About the Library


The First Library Building

  • Arthur Nelson, the first library director, had been accumulating books for the collections since 1963 in a warehouse in San Bernardino. When the first three buildings constructed on campus were ready, the library of 50,000 volumes moved into Sierra Hall.

John M Pfau Library Main and Additional Building

The Main Building - 1971

  • The $4.4 million dollar project was funded January 19, 1966.
  • The ground breaking ceremony was held on August 28, 1968.
  • Designed and built by the James I. Barnes Construction Company of Claremont, California; completed on February 12, 1971, and fully occupied in June 1971 (even though the year displayed on the exterior of the building near the front steps is 1970).
  • Square feet: 166,000 (expected to accommodate up to 300,000 volumes).
  • Number of volumes in 1971: 150,000.

The Library Addition Project - 1994

  • CSUSB's Physical Planning and Development office, under director William Shum, provided renovation planning.
  • The project cost $22.6 million.
  • It was designed and built by Rosetti Associates Architects of El Segundo, California; begun May 1992 and completed in 1994.
  • Square feet: 128,000.
  • Number of volumes in 1992: 500,000.
  • The finished project won a coveted construction industry award, the 1994 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation. View the John M. Pfau Library floor plans.

Seismic Retrofit Project -1998

  • A seismic retrofit project which focused primarily on the older portion of the building was completed in 1998.


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