Mission & Strategic Plan

The John M. Pfau Library supports the university's mission by being the campus hub for knowledge, research, and technology. We strive to enrich people's lives by motivating and empowering them to be life-long learners and thinkers who, in turn, will enrich the campus and the surrounding community.

Vision Statement

The John M. Pfau Library is the catalyst for research and knowledge attainment at CSUSB. The library offers stimulating academic, social, and cultural events, access to global resources, information literacy programs, and myriad collections that support the campus' teaching and learning agenda. In turn, the campus supports the library's programs and personnel with a requisite budget to sustain its state-of-the-art facilities, service points, knowledge resources, and technology labs.

Strategic Direction Statement

The John M. Pfau Library's full potential will be realized when it is both recognized as the knowledge and information cornerstone for the campus' teaching and learning mission, and sufficiently supported to continue stimulating, cultivating, and enriching the intellectual growth of current and future generations via enhancement of its resources, technology, facilities, and personnel.

Our Strategic Plan (PDF)

Technology Strategic Plan (PDF)

Collection Development Strategic Plan (PDF)

Let The Stars Shine - Powerpoint (ppt) presentation of 2008-2013 accomplishments