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Abboud, Mara

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Three ZebrasAmerican  20th Century  Contemporary  Ab 1

Andrews, Benny, 1930-

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
ChampionAmerican  20th Century  Modernism  And 1


TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Dionysiac Mysteries (detail)Roman  Ancient Rome    Anon 5
DovesRoman  Ancient Rome    Anon 3
Dragon of Bel-marduk (Detail from Ishtar Gate)Babylonian  Ancient Near East    Bab 1
Ghigo Daishi, The Priest Kobo Daishi as a ChildJapanese  14th Century    Jap 1
Jaguar Singing (mural)Mexican  3rd Century    Mex 1
KourosGreek  Ancient Greece    Anon 2
Red and White PoppiesJapanese  18th Century  Rimpa School  Jap 2
Story of Saint Eustace (detail from Cathedral of Notre Dame, Chartres)French  12th - 13th Century  Gothic  Anon 7
The VirginRhenish      Anon 8
Virgin and ChildFrench  12th Century    Anon 1
Young Woman Picking FlowersRoman  Ancient Rome    Anon 4

Appel, Karel, 1921-

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Child with HoopDutch  20th Century  Abstract Expressionism  App 1

Ardon, Mordecai, 1896-1992

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Ein KaremIsraeli  20th Century  Modernism  Ard 1

Arp, Jean, 1886-1966

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
ConfigurationFrench  20th Century  Dada, Surrealism  Arp 1

Audubon, John James, 1785-1851

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Little Screech OwlAmerican  19th Century  Romanticism  Aud 3