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Valadon, Suzanne, 1865-1938

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Bouquet of Flowers (1930)French  19th Century  Post-Impressionism  Val 3
Flowers (1930)French  19th Century  Post-Impressionism  Val 2
GladioliFrench  19th Century  Post-Impressionism  Val 1

Vasarely, Victor, 1908-1997

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
HarmasFrench  20th Century  Abstract, Optical Art  Vas 2
Vega - NorFrench  20th Century  Abstract, Optical Art  Vas 3

Velazquez, Diego, 1599-1660

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Maids of Honor [1656]Spanish  17th Century  Baroque  Vel 1
Prince Balthazar Carlos on His Pony (1635-1636)Spanish  17th Century  Baroque  Vel 2

Vermeer, Johannes, 1632-1675

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
A Woman Weighing GoldDutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 3
Girl AsleepDutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 9
Head of a GirlDutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 4
Man and Woman Drinking WineDutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 7
The Concert [1662]Dutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 2
The LetterDutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 5
Young Woman at a Window With a PitcherDutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 6
Young Woman Reading a Letter (1662)Dutch  17th Century  Baroque  Ver 8

Veronese, Paolo, 1528-1588

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Girls with Dog (Details from Disciples of Emmaus)Italian  16th Century  Late Renaissance  Vero 1
The Finding of MosesItalian  16th Century  Late Renaissance  Vero 2

Vidal, Hahn, 1919-

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Enchanted LotusAmerican      Vid 1

Vigee Le Brun, Marie, 1755-1842

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Marie Antoinette with a RoseFrench  18th - 19th Century  Neoclassicism  Vig 1

Villon, Jacques, 1875-1963

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
ChessFrench  20th Century  Cubism  Vil 2

Vlaminck, Maurice de, 1876-1958

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Bridge at MeulanFrench  20th Century  Fauvism  Vla 7
Paysage d'hiverFrench  20th Century  Fauvism  Vla 2
The Orange FieldFrench  20th Century  Fauvism  Vla 4
The PondFrench  20th Century  Fauvism  Vla 5
The Village LaneFrench  20th Century  Fauvism  Vla 1
Vase of FlowersFrench  20th Century  Fauvism  Vla 6

Volpi, Alfredo, 1896-1988

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
CasasBrazilian  20th Century  Concrete Art  Vol 1

Vonnoh, Robert, 1858-1933

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
In Flanders Field      Von 1

Vuillard, Edouard, 1868-1940

TitleNationalityPeriodMovementCall #
Place Vintimille (1908-1910)French  19th Century  Les Nabis, Post-Impressionism  Vui 1