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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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A curriculum survey: a commitment instrument for teachersPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116681978H
A kit of career education assessment and evaluation instruments, second editionWisconsin Department of Public Instruction97771977G
A speech intelligibility test for deaf children, revised editionMagner, Marjorie E.189181980T
A study of generations: phase A - family relationsBengston, Vern L. [et. al.]79601974C
A+B103 study of young children (Title in index: A study of young people)Blacker, Edward: Demone, Harold W.: Freeman, Howard E.7526A
About meParker, James56291975A
Abstract abilities testShapiro, Bernice: Kaban, Barbara98641976F
Academic interest inventory: revised editionBild, Bernice: Dutton, Eugene49331951E
Academic interest measures: self scoring formHalpern, Gerald42871970C
Academic self-efficacy questionnaireWood, Robert E.: Locke, Edwin A.TC0192441987W
Academic system beliefs scaleJoyner, CarlottaTC0201051977X
Acceptance of disability scaleLinkowski, Donald C.TC0193811969V
Achenbach-Lewis symptom checklistAchenbach, Thomas M.: Lewis, Melvin7911974A
Acquaintance description form (ADF-C5)Wright, Paul H.TC0222311998CC
Activity level rating scale: infant formBanham, Katharine M.71741967B
Activity level rating scale: preschool formBanham, Katharine M.71751967B
Activity measureMansell, James [et. al.]186261982T
Activity preference questionnaireLykken, David T.: Tellegen, Auke: Katzenmeyer, C.107121973G
Activity scaleKerpelman, Larry C.: Weiner, Michael J.49321969A
Adaptive-flexibility inventoryBrawer, Florence Blum101941967E
ADEPT induction diagnostic testBaltes, Paul B.: Willis, Sherry L.111111979I
Adjective rating scaleKelly, E. F. [et. al.]98951976F
Adjective self-descriptionVeldman, Donald J.: Parker, G. V. C.82781971D
Adolescent behavior checklist (ABC)Demb, Howard B. [et. al.]189021989T
Adolescent dissociative experiences scale (A-DES)Armstrong, Judith G.: Putnam, Frank W.: Carlson, EveTC021637AA
Adolescent value-orientations profileUlin, Richard O.8845E
Adston diagnostic instruments - elementary school mathematics: readiness for operationsAdams, Sam: Sauls, Charles43381973J
Adston diagnostic instruments - elementary school mathematics: whole numbers.Adams, Sam: Ellis, Leslie43371971J
Adston mathematics series: diagnostic instrument in decimal numbersBeeson, B. F.: Pellegrin, Lionel O.116181977J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in basics of operationsAdams, Sam: Beeson, B. F.116161979J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in common fractionsAdams, Sam116151977J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in pre-algebra concepts and skills (junior high level)Beeson, B. F.: Adams, Sam116141980J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in problem solvingBeeson, B. F.: Adams, Sam116171979J
Adult Nowicki-Strickland internal-external control scaleNowicki, Stephen: Duke, Marshall P.7602C
Affectivity interview blankFuller, Elizabeth Mechem66111951B
Age independence scaleKeith, Robert Allen98821969F
AIDS information and opinion surveyRhodes, Fen: Wolitski, Richard T.166551988P
Alcohol attitude questionnaireHanson, David J.169541970Q
Alcohol behavior, attitude, and awarenessSarvela, Paul D. [et. al.]170031987Q
Alienation scaleDean, Dwight G.7343B
Alienation scaleBaker, Robert W.TC0146261977BB
Allen scale of beliefsAllen, B. J.70441972A
Altruism scaleSawyer, Jack92151966E
Altus information inventoryGorsuch, Richard L.75911964C
Ambiguous verbal stimulus test to measure language dominance in Spanish-English bilingualsKeller, Gary D.51651974BMissing
American international relations scaleSodowsky, Gargi Roysircar184371988S
An assessment of visual learningBezruczkoTC0197131989Y
Analysis of scientific passage testJungwirth, Ehud: Dreyfus, Amos9220191988R
Anders childrearing scaleAnders, Sarah F.98901967F
Anecdotal processing to promote the learning experience (APPLE)Lambert, Nadine M. [et. al.]98721976F
Animal crackers: a test of motivation to achieve, research editionAdkins, Dorothy C.: Ballif, Bonnie B.97241975N
Anorectic cognitions questionnaireMizes, J. ScottTC0196391986V
Anticipated student adaptation to college questionnaireBaker, Robert W.TC0196861980X
Antisocial personality questionnaireBlackburn, Ronald: Fawcett, Diane J.TC8003961996Z
Anttonen arithmetic scaleAnttonen, Ralph G.86331974D
Appalachia preschool test of cognitive skills (APT)Appalachian Educational Laboratory99121968G
Application of generalizations testWallen, Norman84261969D
Approach measureCoates, Brian: Anderson, Elizabeth P.: Hartup, Willard W.80571972C
APPROACH: A procedure for patterning responses of adults and childrenCaldwell, Bettye M.: Honig, Alice S.57491971B
Arithmetic concept individual testMelnick, Gerald: Freeland, S.: Lehrer, Barry83691977D
Arithmetic concept screening testMelnick, Gerald [et. al.]83701977D
Art self-concept inventoryKing, Alison141521979L
Assertion self statement testSchwartz, Robert: Gottman, John172511975T
Assertion self-statement test, revised (ASST-R)Heimberg, Richard G.17664S
Assessment by behavior ratingSharp, Elizabeth Y.: Loumeau, Carol A.77261975B
Assessment of individual mathematical metacognitionFitzpatrick, CorineTC0211751994Z
Assessment of strategies in families-effectivenessFriedemann, Marie-LuiseTC0194591992X
Asymmetrical preference testLindgren, Henry Clay53021965B
Attitude toward capital punishment scaleSalbod, Stephen: Mitchell, John J.119781982I
Attitude toward homosexuality scaleMacDonald, A. P.72101975B
Attitude toward hospitalization scaleGarlington, Warren K.: Stotland, Ezra7472B
Attitude toward mathematics scalePeterson, Penelope L.120011978I
Attitude toward physical activity inventoryKenyon, Gerald S.TC8305111968X
Attitude toward self and school (Title in index: Attitudes toward self and school)Cincinnati Public Schools67461966A
Attitude towards scienceKlausmeier, Herbert K.: DiLuzio, Geneva J.: Brument, Michael E.TC0201021976X
Attitudes about computersRaub, Annalyse CallahanTC0178581981Y
Attitudes inventory for youthFrench, J. L.: Cardon, B. W.48111969A
Attitudes of college women toward sports and athletic scholarshipsMathes, SharonTC0203281979X
Attitudes toward abortion scaleMurray, Frank S.: Cummings, Nancy M., Ware, Jennifer L.101581971G
Attitudes toward child behaviorStogdill, Ralph M.26701936B
Attitudes toward feminist issues scaleBrodsky, Annette M.: Elmore, Patricia B.91621975E
Attitudes toward handicapped individuals scaleLazar, Alfred L.89201971E
Attitudes toward lesbian mothers and their childrenVictor, Sherri B.TC0212501996Z
Attitudes toward multiple role planning scalesWeitzman, Lauren M.TC0202581992X
Attitudes toward parental control of childrenStogdill, Ralph M.26691936B
Attitudes toward sex-role differentiation in educationDavis, William [et. al.]170831976Q
Attitudes toward the use of lie detectors in business and government questionnaireSistrunk, Frank: Spector, Paul E.76331975A
Attitudes toward treatment of disabled studentsFonosch, Gail G.111041979G
Attitudes toward vocational education scaleEngler, John P.72651975A
Attitudes toward women scale: short formHelmreich, Robert: Spence, Janet T.: Stapp, Joy71991972A
Attitudes toward working mothers scaleTetenbaum, Toby J.113481979H
Audio performance testHighlen, Pamela S.8303391978G
Autonomy and relatedness inventorySchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122611982J
Autonomy multiple-choice measure-3Shouval, Ron148581975M
Awareness of consequences scaleSchwartz, Shalom H.76781975A