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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Background and experience questionnaire: grade 11Educational Testing Service67581963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 12Educational Testing Service67551963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 7Educational Testing Service67561963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 9Educational Testing Service67571963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grades 10-12Educational Testing Service67601963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grades 7-9Educational Testing Service67591963B
Barratt impulsiveness scaleBarratt, Ernest, S.72941973A
Baseball test of attentional and interpersonal styleAlbrecht, Richard: Feltz, DeborahTC0186281987V
Basic motor fitness testHilsendager, Donald R.8452D
Behavior assessment formAnnon, Jack S.76881971A
Behavior category observation systemGottfried, Nathan W.: Seay, Bill6975C
Behavior checklistRubin, Eli Z.: Simson, Clyde B.: Betwee, Marcus C.77751966C
Behavior checklist for infants and childrenMacPhee, David [et. al.]167371985P
Behavior classification projectDreger, Ralph Mason96221970F
Behavior in school inventoryYoungman, M. B.8103821976D
Behavior interpretation inventoryAppley, Mortimer H.32551958B
Behavior modification achievement testMacNeil, Richard D.109301979G
Behavior objective checklistMoore, Steven R.163391981P
Behavior profile rating scale (BPR)Melamed, Barbara J.184701975S
Behavior rating scheduleKeith, L. Thomas: Tornatzky, Louis G.: Pettigrew, L. Eudora1739B
Behavioral attributes of psycho-social competenceTyler, Forrest B.98661978J
Behavioral coding system for play stylesFagot, Beverly91151978E
Behavioral expectations scaleGolding, Stephen L. [et. al.]43331975B
Behavioral objectives writing skills testLapp, Diane51241970A
Behavioral pediatrics questionnaireSpiegel, Nancy: Reis, Harry T.136981983K
Bell object relations reality testing inventory (BORRTI)Bell, Morris D.164901985O
Bem sex-role inventoryBem, Sandra L.17611974C
Berk-Jackson-Wolfson systemBerk, Laura E.: Jackson, Philip: Wolfson, Bernice J.80551971C
Beset/buoyant (BESET)Gold, MartinTC0222181982CC
Betts QMI vividness of imagery scaleSheehan, Peter W.8001681967F
Bilingual center parent questionnaireChicago Area Bilingual Center78391974E
Bilingual test batteryBilingual Education Service Center101961974E
Biographical inventory for studentsSiegel, Laurence15151955C
Biology classroom activity checklistKochendorfer, Leonard H.: Lee, Addison E.80091966C
Biology student behavior inventorySteiner, A. Edwin143721970L
Bipolar trait ratingsSchaefer, Earl S.TC0122621981CC
Black history test: a test to create awareness and arouse interestCoffin, Gregory C. [et. al.]131731974J
Body attitude scale (BAS)Kurtz, Richard M.186301966T
Body contact questionnaireHollender, Marc H.: Luborsky, L. B.: Scaramella, T. J.99931975F
Body dysmorphic disorder examination - self reportRosen, James C.: Reiter, JeffTC0206661995Y
Body image and body change inventoryRicciardelli, Lina A.: McCabe, Marita P.TC0217152000BB
Body image identification testGottesman, Eleanor Bell: Caldwell, Willard E.4798N
Body satisfaction scale-short form (BSS)Anderson, Barbara L.TC0214521991AA
Body sensations interpretation questionnaireClark, David M.TC8109551992Z
Body-esteem scale for adolescents and adults body self-esteem scale for childrenMendelson, Beverly K.TC0215331999AA
Boston University personality inventoryJacobs, Martin A.56601971R
Brief behavior rating scaleKahn, Paul: Ribner, Sol128631977K
Brief patient health questionnaireSpitzer, Robert L.: Williams, Janet B. W.: Kroenke, KurtTC021066Z
Brooke developmental inventorySnortum, John R.10275G
Bulimia attitude surveyKapoor, Sandy148471986M
Bulimia behavior deviceKapoor, Sandy148451986M
Buss-Durkee hostility inventoryBuss, Arnold H.: Durkee, Ann94261956E