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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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California psychotherapy alliance scales (CALPAS)Marmar, Charles R.: Gaston, LouiseTC0221841989CC
Can you read a micrometer?Lawshe, C. H.TC0045531943U
Can you read a scale?Lawshe, C. H.TC0045521943U
Can you read a working drawing?Lawshe, C. H.TC0045541943U
Career behavior and attitude checklist questionnaireO'Neil, James M.: Price, Gary E.102971979G
Career decision making questionnaireEnger, J. R.: Jackson, Dorothy J.102771976G
Career education affective assessment questionnaires for grades 1-3Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN14770M
Career education affective assessment questionnaires for grades 4-6Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN14771M
Career education cognitive questionnaires, revised for grades 1-3Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN147721975M
Career education cognitive questionnaires, revised for grades 4-6Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN147731975M
Career education cognitive questionnaires, revised for grades 7-9Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN147741975M
Career interest inventory reaction questionnaireO'Neil, James M.: Price, Gary E.102981979G
Career keyJones, Lawrence K.TC018233X
Career orientation questionnaireKent, Theodore C.156281988N
Career planning questionnaireUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville, Office of Institutional Research106831975G
Career planning questionnaire research editionWestbrook, Bert W.157571983N
Career planning questionnaire, revised research editionWestbrook, Bert W.157581983N
Caregiver language observation instrumentWeir, Mary Knox53321975A
Caregiver styles of interaction scalesDunst, Carl J.TC0201031986X
Caregiver well-being scaleTebb, Susan C.: Berg-Weger, Marla: Rubio, Doris M.TC0221701993CC
Cassel developmental recordCassel, Russell N.60361971S
Cassel group level of aspiration testCassel, Russell N.34011957S
Chasen diagnostic sex-role bias scaleChasen, Barbara: Weinberg, Sharon80001974C
Checklist for anxiety-behavior observationZeisset, Ray M.79411966C
Checklist of characteristics of gifted and talented childrenCummings, William B.87881974E
Chicago effective school projects: needs assessment instrumentBrandon, Sylvia163321984O
Child adaptive behavior inventory (C A B I)Schaefer, Earl S. [et. al.]135901984L
Child behavior characteristics formFanshel, David: Borgatta, Edgar F.83781970D
Child behavior checklistWalker, Richard N.71841963A
Child behavior checklistAchenbach, Thomas M.113061981H
Child day care center job inventoryZaccaria, Michael A.: Hollomon, John W.93971976E
Child's attitude toward fatherHudson, Walter W.83051976D
Child's attitude toward motherHudson, Walter W.83041976D
Child's behavior traitsLevenstin, Phyllis8472D
Child's report of parental behavior inventorySchaefer, Earl S.95501964E
Child's room contents checklistRheingold, Harriet L: Cook, Kaye V.84711975D
Child-child communication codeLee, Lee C.99001976F
Child-focused toddler and infant experiences: revisedCarew, Jean V. [et. al.]111091981G
Child-rearing practices reportBlock, Jeanne H.75051965B
Child/adolescent activity log (CAAL)Garcia, Anne W.TC021396AA
Childhood personality scalesCohen, Donald: Dibble, Eleanor78701973C
Childhood psychosis scaleHaworth, Mary R.128931981K
Children's academic anxiety inventoryGottfried, Adele Eskeles121711982I
Children's academic intrinsic motivation inventoryGottfried, Adele Eskeles121721982I
Children's achievement motivation scaleWeiner, Bernard8457D
Children's associative responding testAchenbach, Thomas M.51211975A
Children's dependency scaleGolightly, Carole: Nelson, Don: Johnson, James85001970D
Children's embedded figures testKarp, Stephen A.: Konstadt, NormaTC0064531971BB
Children's English proficiency testWebster, Sallye L.70801972AMissing
Children's locus of control scaleBialer, Irv: Cromwell, Rue6028A
Children's mirth response testZigler, Edward: Levine, Jacob: Gould, Laurence7296A
Children's negative cognitive error questionnaireLeitenberg, Harold: Yost, Leonard W.: Carroll-Wilson MarilynTC0211761985Z
Children's perceived self-control and teacher's self-control rating scaleHumphrey, Laura Lynn119141982I
Children's report of parental behavior inventory: short fromCross, Herbert J: Aron, Robert D.77021970A
Children's scale of social attitudesInsel, Paul M.: Wilson, Glenn D.84491970D
Children's school questionnaire (short form)Phillips, Beeman N.85021966D
Children's self-conception testCreelman, Marjorie B.58041955A
Children's self-social constructs test: preschool formLong, Barbara H.: Henderson, Edmund H.: Ziller, Robert C.85591973G
Children's self-social constructs test: primary formsLong, Barbara H.: Henderson, Edmund H.: Ziller, Robert C.85601973G
Children's sex-stereotypes of adult occupations (Title in index: Children's sex stereotyping of adult occupations)Schau, Candace Garrett: Kahn, Lynne: Tremaine, Leslie88791978E
Children's social attitudes inventoryBeardsley, Donna A.116051982H
Children's social desirability questionnaireCrandall, Virginia C.: Crandall, Vaugn J.: Katkousky, Walter6099A
Chinsky-Rappaport adaptation of the semantic differentialChinsky, Jack M.: Rappaport, Julian95091970E
Choice pattern procedureTyler, Leona E.: McQueen, Lila J.7511B
Clarke parent-child relations questionnairePaitich, Daniel: Langevin, Ron8302881976D
Class activities questionnaireSteele, Joe M.: House, Ernest R.: Kerins, Thomas70691969B
Classroom behavior inventory, 1978 research editionSchaefer, Earl S.: Edgerton, Marianna113511978J
Classroom behavior scalesGarfunkel, Frank57961970C
Classroom management questionnaireSmith, Douglas K.128651977K
Clerical task inventory, form CLawshe, C. H.TC001152U
Client attitude questionnaireMorrison, James K.81691975D
Clinical assessment inventoryMoss, Gene R.121251981I
Clinical teaching survey for nursingRipley, Delia McKeithan155251985N
Clinton assessment of problem identification skills of instructional supervisors, forms A and BClinton, Barbara Jean135431981J
Code for instructional structure and student academic responseStanley, Sandra O.: Greenwood, Charles R.176791990S
Coding taskBrown, Marvin8303331972I
Cognitive bias questionnaire (CBO)Hammen, C. L.: Krantz, S.167651975P
Cognitive home environment scaleRadin, Norma L,: Weikart, David P.72671966A
Cognitive orientation questionnaire for quitting smokingKreitler, Hans: Kreitler, Shulamith9220041976D
Cognitive orientation questionnaire of achievementKreitler, Hans: Kreitler, Shulamith9220021975D
Cognitive orientation questionnaire of curiosityKreitler, Shulamith: Kreitler, Hans9220011975D
Cognitive orientation questionnaire of defensive behaviorKreitler, Hans: Kreitler, Shulamith9220001976D
Cognitive role-taking tasks, versions A and DFichten, Catherine S.168061986P
Cognitive self management testRude, Stephanie149101980N
Cognitive vocational maturity test (CVMT)Westbrook, Bert W.: Parry-Hill, Joseph W.17581973O
College descriptive indexReed, Jeffery [et. al.]111181980H
College interaction self-statement test (CISST)Fichten, Catherine S.167361987P
College student life events scaleLevine, Murray: Perkins, David V.166711979P
Collett-Lester fear of death scaleCollett, Lora-Jean: Lester, David17201975A
Color meaning test IIWilliams, John E.5331A
Columbus sentence completion for childrenShaffer, Jack A.: Tamkin, Arthur S.6739A
Community college goals inventoryEducational Testing ServiceTC010454Y
Comparison level scaleSnyder, Charles Richard67441972A
Comparison of experiments assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203921993CC
Competency based teacher evaluation guideJohnson, Charles E.: Bauch, Jerold P.102441970E
Composite developmental inventory for infants and young childrenCaldwell, Bettye M.2958C
Composite fear inventory (CFI)Annon, Jack S.76891971A
Comprehension test for literatureWeiss, Lucile90101976E
Comprehensive quality of life scale - intellectual disabilitiesCummins, Robert A.8003441992S
Computer and information technology attitude inventoryWeinsier, Philip D.: Leutner, DetlevTC0197101988Y
Computer appreciator-critic attitude scalesMathews, Walter M.: Wolfe, Abraham W.126161983J
Concept development test V2Freyberg, P. S.8650111965D
Conceptions of personal issues, revisedNucci, Larry P.114991982H
Concern dimensions questionnaireKlinger, Eric108941978H
Conference role semantic differentialsHecht, Alfred R.78131975C
Conformity scaleMacDonald, A. P.7211C
Connectives reading test and the written connectives testRobertson, Jean E.152231966M
Constructivist learning environment surveyFraser, Barry J.: Taylor, Peter C.TC8003631995X
Content analysis of sexism in texts in teacher educationSadker, Myra: Sadker, David136781977L
Continuum of progress toward goals assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203931993BB
Cooperative literature tests The merchant of VeniceEducational Testing ServiceTC0070411972W
Cooperative literature tests: A tale of two citiesEducational Testing ServiceTC0070391972W
Cooperative literature tests: Great expectationsEducational Testing ServiceTC0070401972W
Cooperative literature tests: HamletEducational Testing ServiceTC0070281972W
Cooperative literature tests: Huckleberry FinnEducational Testing ServiceTC0070331972W
Cooperative literature tests: Julius CaesarEducational Testing ServiceTC0070321972W
Cooperative literature tests: MacbethEducational Testing ServiceTC0070251972W
Cooperative literature tests: Moby DickEducational Testing ServiceTC0070431972W
Cooperative literature tests: Oedipus the kingEducational Testing ServiceTC0070291972W
Cooperative literature tests: Our townEducational Testing ServiceTC0070261972W
Cooperative literature tests: Pride and prejudiceEducational Testing ServiceTC0070381972W
Cooperative literature tests: PygmalionEducational Testing ServiceTC0070311972W
Cooperative literature tests: Silas MarnerEducational Testing ServiceTC0070301972W
Cooperative literature tests: The bridge of San Luis ReyEducational Testing ServiceTC0070341972W
Cooperative literature tests: The odysseyEducational Testing ServiceTC0070371972W
Cooperative literature tests: The old man and the seaEducational Testing ServiceTC0070271972W
Cooperative literature tests: The red badge of courageEducational Testing ServiceTC0070361972W
Cooperative literature tests: The return of the nativeEducational Testing ServiceTC0070421972W
Cooperative literature tests: The scarlet letterEducational Testing ServiceTC0070351972W
Coping responses inventoryMoos, Rudolf H.: Moos, Bernice S.169461988Q
Coping responses inventory, youth formMoos, Rudolf H.: Moos, Bernice S.171571990Q
Coping scalesSchonfeld, Irvin SamTC0206161990Y
Coping strategy indicatorAmirkhan, James H.TC0199961993V
Cornell inventory for student appraisal of teaching and coursesMaas, James B.72821973A
Counseling needs of ethnic-minority studentsKing, Bradford D.139371983K
Counseling outcome inventoryHill, Clara E.61731975B
Counseling reactions inventoryHelms, Janet E.121281976I
Counselor checklist for school-based suicideMalley, Patrick B.: Kush, FrancisTC0193971994W
Counselor rating form, revised formBarak, Azy: LaCrosse, Michael B.102451975G
Counselor response questionnaireStokes, Joseph: Lautenschlager, Gary101951977I
Counselor self-efficacy scale (CSES)Baker, Stanley B.TC0214511989AA
Course faculty evaluation instrumentFreedman, Richard D.: Stumpf, Stephen A.107991976G
Coursework learning-behavior scale (CLBS)Pomelas, ManuelTC022219CC
CPH patient attitude scaleKahn, Marvin W.: Jones, Nelson F.74351974A
Craig lipreading inventoryCraig, William N.8350D
Crawford psychological adjustment scaleCrawford, Paul L.17851968B
Creative activities check listRunco, Mark A.145791983M
Creative constructs inventorySmith, William August151361986M
Creative thinking testSobhany, Maryann: Krutchkoff144361985L
Creative-response matrices testVernon, Philip E.83311969D
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level BDougherty, Don: Cramer, Mara: Osterreich, Helgi99031978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level CDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99041978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level DDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99051978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level EDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99061978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level FDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99071978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level GDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99081978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level HDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99091978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level IDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99101978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level JDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99111978F
Critical behavior scaleMuthard, John E.: Miller, Leonard A.70791966A
Cuestionario de opinones sobre ciencia tecnologia sociedad (COCTS)Manaserro-Mas, Maria-Antonia: Vasquez-Alonso, Angel: Acevedo-Diaz, Jose-AntonioTC0217962001BB
Cultural diversity awareness inventoryHenry, Gertrude B.TC0200141991X
Curriculum-people semantic differentialYamamoto, K.98991969F