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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Faces scaleFrymier, Jack R.5926A
Facial recognition ability taskFeinman, Saul: Entwisle, Doris R.8111D
Factors influencing pursuit of higher education questionnaireHarris, Sandra M.: Halpin, GlennelleTC0219491998BB
Facts about science testStice, Glen13331958B
Faculty attitudes towards the goals and objectives of college unionsAdair, Carolyn M.9128E
Faculty morale-institutional climate scaleBowers, Orville E.62711968A
Faculty satisfaction questionnaireSerafin, Ana Gil174511991Q
Family activity scalesCapaldi, Deborah M.: Patterson, G. R.TC0211891983Z
Family interaction questionnaireGreenberg, Irwin M.55201975B
Family interaction scheduleStraus, Murray A.17311965B
Family patterns profileStraus, Murray A.17331962B
Family summariesGallimore, Ronald9704F
Fascination inventory C-MDutton, Eugene49491962E
Father's PARI Q4 (parental attitude research instrument)Schludermann, Eduard: Schludermann, Shirin121091979I
Fear of death scaleLester, David17211975A
Fear of success scaleZuckerman, Miron: Allison, Stephen82941977D
Feeling understood questionnaireMillen, Leverett: Roll, Samuel93951977E
Fehrenbach children's questionnaireFehrenbach, Alice61901957I
Fehrenbach language perception testFehrenbach, Alice63451983I
Fehrenbach sentence completion formFehrenbach, Alice5789E
Feminism scalesDempewolff, Judith86951972D
Fennema-Sherman mathematics attitudes scalesFennema, Elizabeth: Sherman, Julia A.86121976D
Ferreira-Winter questionnaire for unrevealed differencesFerreira, Antonio T.: Winter, William D.77421968E
Fetler self-rating testFetler, Daniel31661958A
Figural relations diagnostic testWillis, Sherry: Plemons, Judy111081977I
Flexibility in finding meanings testMacGinitie, Walter H.8410D
Flexibility test to measure language dominance in Spanish-English bilingualsKeller, Gary D.43221974BMissing
Florida health study interview scheduleSchwab, John J.10243G
Florida keyPurkey, William W.: Cage, Bob N.: Graves, William7323C
Florida taxonomy of cognitive behaviorBrown, Bob Burton59491968A
Folkman-Lazarus ways of coping checklist - revisedFolkman, Susan: Lazarus, R. S.124561983K
Forced-choice anxiety scaleHeineman, Charles E.102201953G
Form 90 - collateral interview (intake of followup) (90-ACS)Miller, William R.TC021073Z
Form 90 - drinking assessment interview (client followup) (90AF)Miller, William R.TC021074Z
Form 90 - drinking assessment interview - intake (90-AI)Miller, William R.TC021067Z
Formal operations measureTomlinson-Keasey, Carol Ann10271G
Formal operations test - biologyBart, William M.84221972D
Formal operations test - historyBart, William M.84231972D
Formal operations test - literatureBart, William M.84241972D
Four music conservation tasksZimmerman, Marilyn: Sechrest, Lee83281968D
Four self-assessment questionnaires for liberal arts majors: English, political science, psychology, and sociologyTurner, Carol J.133731982J
Freeman anxiety neurosis and psychosomatic testFreeman, M. J.36631955B
French achievement test: language arts, grade 1Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7848C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 2Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7849C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 3Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7850C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 4Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7851C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 5Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7852C
French achievement test: language arts, kindergartenComeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7847C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 1Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7854C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 2Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7855C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 3Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7856C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 4Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7857C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 5Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7858C
French achievement test: mathematics, kindergartenComeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7853C
French FLES testBarry, Doris [et. al.]8990E
French language questionnaireRandhawa, Bikkar S.: Korpan, Susan S.8302451972A
Frost self description questionnaire, extended scalesFrost, Barry P.116091979H
Future outlook inventoryGunn, Robert L.: Pearman, H. Edgar75371975B