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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Gender gap in computing questionnaireDurndell, AlanTC8109361989Y
General attitudes toward mathematicsMerkel-Keller, Claudia138901974K
General beliefsCoan, Richard W.: Hanson, Richard W: Dobyns, Zipporah P.76621972A
General causality orientations scaleDeci, Edward L.: Ryan, Richard M.TC0198511985V
Generalized contentment scaleHudson, Walter W.83001974D
Getting alongLawrence, Trudys32351964A
Gilliland learning potential examinationGilliland, Hap53781970R
Goal orientation and planfulness scaleFrese, MichaelTC8450741987Z
Goyer organization of ideas testGoyer, Robert S.75421955A
Grades 1 and 2 assessment: communication skills and mathematicsNorth Carolina Department of Public Instruction173001989Q
Grades 7-12 teacher and administrator questionnairePennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116711979H
Graham/Rosenblith behavioral examination of neonatesRosenblith, Judy F.58671961A
Grasha-Riechmann student learning style scalesGrasha, Anthony F.: Reichmann, Sheryl W.77071975B
Gross geometric formsGross, Ruth B.56141970B
Group dimensions description questionnaireHemphill, John K.: Westie, Charles M.15161956C
Group instrument to measure children's attitudes toward schoolBeere, Carole A.88861970E
Group psychotherapy evaluation scaleKew, Clifton E.49441965A
Group toy-preference testAnastasiow, Nicholas J.4293B
Group visual-motor screening figuresKelly, George R.84971974D
Gruen, Korte, Stephens, internal-external scaleGuren, Gerald E.: Korte, John R.: Stephens, M. I.17721970A
Guidance inventoryGallagher, Ralph P.24461960O
Guidelines for assessing sexism in school and classroom practicesZamost, Judith A.: Feldman, Sylvia D.86731976D