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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Hahnemann pre-school behavior rating scaleShure, Myrna: Spivack, George93631971E
Handicap problems inventory (HPI)Wright, George N.: Remmers, H. H.TC0016881960V
Harris articulation testHarris, Gail43421973B
Harshman figuresHarshman, Richard A.: Harshman, Louise117651982I
Hartup-Charlesworth systemHartup, William W.: Charlesworth, Rosalind80141967C
Harvard-MLA tests of Chinese language proficiencyCarroll, John B. [et. al.]1512A
Hayakawa-Lowry news bias categoriesLowry, Dennis T.160921985O
Hd Km non-verbal testKalyan-Masin, Violet80331962C
Health and daily living - adult form BMoos, Rudolf H. [et. al.]172171990Q
Health and daily living - youth formMoos, Rudolf H. [et. al.]172181990Q
Health problems inventoryO'Daniels, Phyllis S.9884F
Hellenic affiliation scale: experimentalStone, LeRoy A.: Skurdall, Marlo A.: Skeen, David R.40131967A
Henderson environmental learning process scale (HELPS)Henderson, Ronald W.: Bergan, John R.: Hurt, Maure70681972A
High school attitude scaleRemmers, H. H.TC0027751960U
Hill counselor verbal response category system - revisedFriedlander, Myrna123971982I
HIV infection prevention scale (HIPS)Bassman, Lynnette: Patterson, Judith Giardino169511990P
Holbrook screening battery and parent questionnaire, revisedHolbrook Public Schools151811986M
Home environment interview and scale (Title in index: Home environment interview scale)Wolf, Richard101991964E
Home indexGough, Harrison G.2314A
Home quality rating scaleNihira, Kazou [et. al.]149151977M
Home scaleCarew, Jean [et. al.]77151975B
Homework surveyCooper, Harris [et. al.]TC0211771994Z
Hospital experience inventoryMeketon, Jerry97971968E
Hospital fears rating scale (HFR)Melamed, Barbara J.184721975S
How I counselRemmers, Hermann Henry: Benz, Stanley C.TC0036741950AA
How I describe my feelingsRim, Eui-Do83551977D
How I feelKlopfer, Leopold F.: Nous, Albert P.: McCall, Kathy43251970E
How I feel about scienceRim, Eui-Do83561977D
How I feel about television in schoolAyers, Jerry B.7224A
How I perceive myselfRim, Eui-Do83531977D
How much do you know about workers?Gordon, Michael E.: Kleiman, Lawrence S.: Hanie, Charles A.9246E
Human relations incidentDedrick, Charles V.10237E
Hunter-Wolf A-B rating scaleHunter, Saundra M.: Wolf, Thomas M.TC0220561980CC
Hypothetical drug use scale, revised (HDUS)Williams, John W.128061984J