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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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I.E.R. intelligence cardThorndike, Edward L.TC000333Y
Ideal teacher questionnaireLindgren, Henry Clay52791971B
Illinois classroom activity profile, revised formPorges, Steven W.145161981L
Illinois index of self-derogation: from 3Meyerowitz, Joseph H.57541962A
Image of science and scientists scaleKrajkovich, Joseph G.119991978I
Imaginal processes inventory: 1970 revisionSinger, Jerome L.: Antrobus, John S.4304C
Important components of a career scaleGalbraith, Michael184351987S
In-community evaluationLorei, Theodore: Gurel, Lee77561965C
Inclusion inventory: assessment of inclusive educational practicesBecker, Heather [et. al.]TC0220801997CC
Incomplete sentences taskLanyon, Barbara J.84601970EMissing
Independent activities questionnaireKlein, Stephen15181965B
Index of marital satisfactionHudson, Walter W.83021974D
Index of parental attitudesHudson, Walter W.83061976D
Index of self-esteemHudson, Walter W.83011974D
Index of sexual satisfactionHudson, Walter W.83031974D
Individual sex role preference checklist (ISRP) and sex role standards checklist (SRS)Dwyer, Carol Ann137741974L
Individualized classroom environment questionnaireFraser, Barry J.8002571979K
Infant contact codeLee, Lee C.: Durfee, Joan T.99011979F
Informed consent with substance abusers surveyMcCrady, Barbara S.TC0208261999Y
Insecurity scaleBerscheid, Ellen: Fei, J.TC0203851977X
Institutional behavior rating scaleLeibowitz, Gerald: Chorost, Sherwood67401975A
Institutional goals inventoryEducational Testing ServiceTC005141Y
Instructional assessment systemGillmore, Gerald M.108621974G
Instructional strategy diagnostic profileMerrill, M. David [et. al.]141661977K
Instructor and course evaluation systemOffice of Instructional Resources, University of Illinois, Urbana111291977H
Instruments to measure the connotations of health related termsGold, Robert S. [et. al.]130461984K
Intellectual achievement responsibility questionnaireCrandall, Virginia C.: Katkously, Walter: Crandall, Vaugn J.6098A
Intense ambivalence scaleRaulin, Michael L.133741980L
Intensity of involvement scaleMcCandless, Boyd59151968A
Inter-parental conflict scale (IPC)Schwarz, Conrad J.TC020753Y
Intercultural insight questionnaireLindgren, Henry Clay7807C
Intercultural values inventoryCarter, Robert T.: Helms, Janet E.165821984P
Interest assessment scales: form IIIStewart, Lawrence H.: Ronning, Royce A.: Stellwagen, Walter R.6423B
Interethnic attitude scaleStephan, Walter G.10472G
Internet usage questionnaireO'Sullivan, Michael: Scott, Thomas J.TC0219481999BB
Interpersonal attraction scales/homophily scalesMcCroskey, James: McCain, Thomas A.10594G
Interpersonal awareness testBorke, Helen8056C
Interpersonal behavior constructsKogan, Kate L.80151975C
Interpersonal behavior inventoryLorr, Maurice: McNair, Douglas M.53551967B
Interpersonal checklistLaForge, Rolfe77711973E
Interpersonal network questionnairePearson, Judith E.157031986N
Interpersonal orientation scale: 1971 revisionAlcorn, John D.: Erb, Everett D.: Davis, James B.64221971B
Interpersonal relations scaleShadish, William R.156961977N
Interpretation testWatt, Norman, Benjamin, Thomas B.83141977D
Interview summary & outlineAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil7762C
Intimacy checklistTognoli, Jerome103091967R
Inventory of affective aspects of schoolingHaladyna, Thomas: Slaughnessy, Joan149381982M
Inventory of beliefsAnthony, Sally M.103161966I
Inventory of children's preschool experiencesYarrow, Leon [et. al.]80481968D
Inventory of college activities (ICA)Astin, Alexander W.102701961G
Inventory of dramatic behaviorLazier, Gil [et. al.]98571971F
Inventory of habits and attitudesMonroe, Jack J.: Hill, Harris F.79561969D
Inventory of parent and peer attachmentArmsden, Gay C.: Greenberg, Mark T.TC020352Y
Inventory of Piaget's developmental tasksFurth, Hans93641970E
Inventory of psycho-social balance (IPB)Domino, George: Affonso, DyanneTC0201041988X
Inventory of readiness skills and inventario de habilidades papa aprender a leerShelquist, Jack: Breeze, Barbara: Jacquost, Bette113601975O
Inventory of roles and values of students, faculty, and administrationTroyer, Maurice E.57451967E
Inventory of self-hypnosisShor, Ronald E.53561970A
Inventory of student perceptions of instruction: elementary, high school and college formsScott, Owen10030G
Inventory of temporal experiencesYonge, George D.76851973B
Inventory to diagnose depression (IDD)Zimmerman, Mark178681983S
Invitational teaching survey (ITS)Amos, Lundee [et. al.]15305N
Iowa self assessment inventoryMorris, Woodrow W. [et. al.]175681985R