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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Mac B personal competence inventoryBrown, Jeanette A.: MacDougall, Mar Ann73161975A
Manifest alienation measureGould, Laurence98751969F
Manual for assessing minor physical anomaliesWaldrop, Mary F.6559D
Manual for the multiscore depression inventory (long and short forms)Berndt, David J.131601983J
Mapping of rulesFord, Frederick R.TC0201641969X
Marital autonomy and relatedness inventorySchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122601979J
Marjoribanks attitudes-to-school inventory, revisedMarjoribanks, Kevin8003351992S
Marjoribanks perceived family environment scale, revisedMarjoribanks, KevinTC8003341992X
Mark factor inventoryLewis, William A.93901978E
Marking-factor inventory revisedLewis, William A.93911978E
Marriage and vocational plans questionnaire (MVPO) / Life plans inventoryBursik, KrisanneTC0223842000CC
Martin-Larsen approval motivation scaleMartin, Harry J.: Larsen, Knud S.84961977D
Martinek-Zaichkowsky self-concept scale for childrenMartinek, Thomas J.: Zaichkowsky, Leonard D.78361965C
Martinez alcoholism assessment formRelinger, Helmut121691980L
Maryland parent attitude surveyPumroy, Donald K.56271966B
Massey health knowledge test for grades 4-6 (form A)Massey, Marilyn S.176611991R
Master of Arts oral rating scaleJohnson, Granville B.7197A
Matching familiar figures test, 20 item formCairns, Ed: Cammock, Tommy156811978N
Maternal attitude scaleCohler, Bertram: Weiss, Justin L.: Grunebaum, Henry U.73191972B
Maternal identity integration scaleBenn, Rita K.157311981P
Mathematical problem solving testsSchoenfeld, Alan H.121321980I
Mathematics achievement questionnaire: parent forms and student formsParsons, Jacqueline Eccles128681980K
Mathematics self concept scale (MSCS)Holly, Keith A.109801971I
Mathematics student surveys, questionnaires, optionnaires, and interviewsLevine, Maita136261976L
Matrix test of referential communicationGreenspan, Stephen: Barenboim, Carl83731975D
McCormick affective assessment techniqueMcCormick, Ronald R.140891972K
Measurement of achievement motivationOry, John C.: Poggio, John P.93671975E
Measures of global understandingBarrows, Thomas S. [et. al.]TC0110911981BB
Measures of valuesPierce, Robert A.: Schwartz, Allen J.76841975A
Mental health attitude scale (MHA) Mental retardation attitude scale (MRA)Pasewark, Richard A.95951972O
Mental illness behavior prediction scaleMancuso, James C.109541977G
Mental rotations test: a test of three-dimensional spatial visualizationVandenberg, S. G.TC011975CC
Mentor relationship questionnairesRunco, Mark : Albert, Robert S.148151986M
Mentor relationship questionnairesRunco, Mark : Albert, Robert S.148161986M
Method for assessing mastery in one-year old infantsMorgan, George A. [et. al.]87211976D
Michaux test for clinical research psychologists, experimental form 4Michaux, William W.: Suziedelis, Antanas74741967A
Middle grades mathematics project, spatial visualization testLappan, Glenda [et. al.]160031981O
Miniaturized total interaction analysis systemHeger, Herbert K.104741969G
Minimal reading proficiency assessmentMcDonald, Thomas F.: Moorman, Gary B.76641972A
Minimum mathematics competency testKern Union High School District98701976F
Minimum measurement competencies for classroom teachersAllam, Salah M.106861980G
Minimum reading competency testKern Union High School District98711976F
Minnesota marking attitude scaleTerwilliger, James S.: Cooper, Douglas: Straton, Ralph G.100261971F
Minnesota school attitude survey (MSAS)Ahlgren, AndrewTC012400/TC0124011983V
Minority-majority relations surveySodowsky, Gargi Roysircar184381989S
Mississippi scale for combat-related posttraumatic stress disorderKeane, Terence M. [et. al.]168071986P
Modified questionnaire on the occupational status of womenBingham, William C: Turner, Carol J.115471980H
Modified Weigl test and recognition test of bases of groupingsWard, Lionel O.: Simon, A.119281980I
Moral development testMa, Hing KeungTC0189241982T
Moral dilemma experimentBronfenbrenner, Urie [et. al.]102621967G
Morgan punishment-situation indexMorgan, Patricia K.: Gaier, Eugene L.58001956E
Morrison's passive aggression scale for pupilsMorrison, Evelyn84171977D
Most preferred co-worker scaleFiedler, Fred E.:5856E
MOTEC testZiv, Abner9220081976E
Mother as teacher taskOlmsted, Patricia P.7088A
Mother Goose problems test: revised editionTorrance, E. Paul58391970B
Mother's PARI Q4 (parental attitude research instrument)Schludermann, Eduard: Schludermann, Shirin121081979I
Mother-infant interaction during feeding rating scalesOsofsky, Joy D.77661974C
Motives for competition scaleSuinn, Richard M.186241977T
Motor-academic-perceptual skill development checklistSmith, Donna K.82971973D
Multi-factorial scale of anxietyFenz, Walter D.: Epstein, S.830289D
Multidimensional test of self concept, revisedLathrop, Richard G.152201987O
Multiethnic awareness surveyCoffin, Gregory C. [et. al.]131721977J
Multifactor racial attitude inventory: form C-8Woodmansee, John J.: Cook, Stuart74001970C
Multifactor racial attitude inventory: short formArd, Nicholas: Cook, Stewart W.74041970C
Multiple management styles inventorySmith, August William150961987M
Multiple-choice marijuana information testColaiuta, Victoria: Breed, George81831976C
Multivariate personality inventoryMagaro, Peter A.145571980M
Munby systemMunby, Hugh8303381977F
My education in scienceUguroglu, E.: Walberg, Herbert J.135851981L
My thoughts: a self-evaluation instrumentRichardson, Edward T.86281975D