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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Pain anxiety symptoms scaleGross, Richard T.TC020257X
Pain experience scaleTurk, Dennis C.TC0192901984V
Palo Alto group psychotherapy scaleFinney, Ben C.7480A
Paragraph completion testSchroder, Harold M.1719A
Parent as educator interview, short formSchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122591979J
Parent attitude questionnairePennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116721980H
Parent attitudes toward school effectiveness questionnaire (PASTE)Gable, Robert K.164291985O
Parent attribution testBugental, Daphne173061983Q
Parent behavior inventory, form CWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith149041986N
Parent behavior inventory, form C-BWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith149051986N
Parent behavior inventory, form EWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith149061986N
Parent behavior inventory, original form, form A, form C, form C-B, elementary form EWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith89281986N
Parent behavior progression, revisedBrownwich, Rose M.169551983Q
Parent discipline inventoryDlugokinski, Eric L.84891973D
Parent education-involvement attitude scalePasley, Kay107031977F
Parent education-involvement behavior scalePasley, Kay102331977F
Parent effectiveness training testSwan, Raymond W.121241980I
Parent interviewBerleman, William C.: Steinbum, Thomas W.96201964E
Parent perception inventoryHazzard, Ann [et. al.]173011983Q
Parent practices inventoryCromwell, Rue L.67031975A
Parent problem checklistDadds, MarkTC021450AA
Parent report of child behavior to the parent, short formSchaefer, Earl S.TC0122631977CC
Parent report of child behavior toward parent inventorySchaefer, Earl S.151791975M
Parent temperament questionnaire for childrenChess, Stella [et. al.]97381977F
Parent's expectations inventoryMakamura, Charles Y.: Rogers, Mary M.72081969B
Parent's questionnaireConners, C. Keith95111970E
Parent's reportCohen, Donald: Dibble, Eleanor78711975C
Parent-child interaction observation scheduleSigel, Irving E.: Flaugher, JanTC017051Z
Parent-child interaction rating scalesHeilbrun, Alfred B.7504B
Parent-infant feeding observation scaleOsofsky, Joy D.: Danzger, Barbara84471974D
Parental attachment questionnaire (PAQ)Kenny, Maureen189481985T
Parental attitude research instrument (Glasser-Radin revision)Glasser, Paul: Radin, Norma80381965E
Parental attitudes toward mentally retarded children scaleLove, Harold D.94281967F
Parental modernity inventorySchaefer, Earl S.: Edgerton, MariannaTC0122551981CC
Parental response inventory-revisedMiller, Thomas W.145201983N
Patient health questionnaireSpitzer, Robert L.: Williams, Janet B. W.: Kroenke, KurtTC0210651999Z
Peer rating scaleFeldhusen, John F.: Hynes, Kevin P.: Widlak, Frederic W.85241973E
Peer rating scaleRubenstein, Gerald: Fisher, Lawrence: Iker, Howard78291975C
Penn inventory for posttraumatic stress disorderHammarberg, MelvynTC0207091990Y
Pennsylvania assessment of creative tendencyRookey, Jerome83091968D
Perceived equity scaleSpector, Paul E.: White, Louis P.: Cohen, Stephen L.77761975C
Perceived parenting questionnaireMacDonald, A. P.5617C
Perceived sociocultural influences questionnaireRicciardelli, Lina A.: McCabe, Marita P.TC0217122000BB
Perceived stress indexJacobs, Paul D.: Munz, David C.5073C
Perception of social closeness scaleHorne, Marcia D.115481977L
Perceptions of computers and technologyHogarty, Kristine Y.: Lang, Thomas R.: Kromrey, Jeffrey D.TC0221852003CC
Perceptual acuity testGough, Harrison G.: Perry, Ethel McGurk111711967H
Performance assessment record for teachersBrown, Bob Burton59481968A
Performance test of activities of daily livingKuriansky, Judith B.: Gurland, Barry J.83131977D
Personal attributes questionnaireSpence, Janet T.: Helmrich, Robert: Stapp, Joy7795C
Personal beliefs inventoryBrown, Bob Burton71681968B
Personal experiences questionnaireShor, Ronald E.75381961A
Personal independence profileNosek, Margaret A.TC020165X
Personal inventoryMonroe, Jack J.: Hill, Harris F.79551964D
Personal opinions survey (Title in index: Personal opinion survey)Coan, Richard W.: Fairchild, Marcia T.76631971A
Personal reactions inventoryDoyne, Elizabeth: Beutler, Larry115441981H
Personal value systems questionnaireManley, T. Roger: Manley, Eleyse T.105881980F
Personality profile inventorySmith, William August150971986M
Philadelphia Geriatric Center moral scale, revisedLawton, M. Powell [et. al.]121061975I
Philosophies of human nature scaleWrightsman, Lawrence S.66991964I
Physical fitness test battery for mentally retarded childrenFait, Hollis8105D
Physical symptom surveyCuevas, Jacqueline: Vaux, Alan140791982K
Pictorial interest inventoryScarborough, Barron B.TC0061801959V
Pikunas graphoscopic scalePikanus, Justin P.41751969A
Pittsburgh auditory testsCraig, Helen B.: Craig, William N.: Sehlin, Cynthia83491975D
Playground movement confidence inventory (PMCI)Griffin, Norma S.: Crawford, Michael E.174721983T
Political and cultural elicitation routineCandee, Dan58291974B
Post high school self-concept of ability scaleBrookover, Wilbur B. [et. al.]TC0070871967Y
Potential interpersonal competence scaleRemer, Rory108751972G
PPP copying testLevine, Eleanor L.: Fineman, Carol: Donlon, Genevieve M.84831973D
PPP school sentence formLevine, Eleanor L.: Fineman, Carol: Donlon, Genevieve M.84841973D
PPP writing testLevine, Eleanor L.: Fineman, Carol: Donlon, Genevieve M.84851973D
Pre-grade one goal cardJacobs, James N.53291966A
Pre-kindergarten goal cardJacobs, James N.53281966A
Pre-kindergarten goal card: 1968 revisionCincinnati Public Schools5719A
Pre-kindergarten scaleFlynn, Tim69681970C
Pre-school disability identification and preventionMetzger, H. Bruce77551973C
Pregnancy research questionnaire and postnatal research inventorySchaefer, Earl:123921960K
Prekindergarten Saginaw objective referenced testQuimper, Barry E.: Claus, Richard N.167861978P
Preschool handedness inventory (PHI) and preschool fine motor scale (PFMS)Tan, Lesley E.161211985P
Preschool health knowledge instrumentAndrews, Richard: Hendricks, Charlotte M.169531987P
Preschool observation scheduleBusse, Thomas V.: Ree, Malcolm: Gutride, Marilyn70811969A
Preschool orientation and mobility (Q&M) screeningAssociation for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER)187661989T
Preschool racial attitude measure IIWilliams, John E.6403A
Primary economics testLarkins, Gary: Shaver, James P.66121967A
Primary grade retarded-trainable children's referral and behavior rating formPeterson, Rolf A.: Gorski, Sally: Kreisman, Rhoda L.8501E
Primary self-concepts testAndrews, R. J. [et. al.]8001711970G
Primary test of higher processes of thinkingWilliams, Winnie V.131611978J
Principals' managerial behavior scaleEvans, VirdenTC0206681990Y
Printing performance school readiness test, revised editionSimner, Marvin L.116081983I
Prison fantasy questionnaireBeit-Hallahmi, Benjamin6174C
Problem solving assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203871993BB
Procedures in dealing with childrenHeld, John M.: Comwell, Rue L.1717A
Process for in-school screening of children with emotional handicapsBower, Eli M.: Lambert, Nadine M.1532C
Procrastination assessment scale-students (PASS)Rothblum, Esther: Soloman, Laura J.172621984R
Profile of occupational interestsDunne, Faith135611978J
Profiles in listening and readingCarlisle, Joanne F.182101987S
Prueba de la terminacion de la frase de FehrenbachFehrenbach, Alice61191974G
Prueba de lecturaOzete, Oscar98511978F
Psychiatric aide testDistefano, Michael K. [et. al.]TC0081701975V
Psycholinguistic coding manual for reports of sleep and stimulus independent waking state experienceAntrobus, John S. [et. al.]87371977D
Psychological differentiation inventoryEvans, Frederick J.106841967G
Psychological separation inventory (PSI)Hoffman, Jeffrey A.186251985T
Psychological skills inventoryStrayhorn, Joseph M.174021990R
Psychopathic personality inventoryLilienfield, Scott O.TC0207011990Y
Psychosis proneness scalesChapman, Loren J.174741982Q
Pupil behavior inventory early education versionSarri, Rosemary: Radin, Norma89181973E
Pupil classroom behavior scaleDayton, C. Mitchell95741967E
Pupil communication skills inventoryBrentwood Union Free School District9894F
Pupil evaluation measureEvans, Velma: Whitney, Edward80081976C
Pupil rating formWatt, Norman F.83161977D
Purcell incomplete sentences: a projective test for childrenPurcell, John Wallace60201967A
Purdue blueprint reading testOwen, H. F.: Arnold, J. N.TC0050021942U
Purdue clerical adaptability test, form A revisedLawshe, C. H. [et. al.]TC0048061956U
Purdue consistency testing questionnaireOzok, A. AntTC0215342000AA
Purdue creativity test, form G and HLawshe, C. H.: Harris, D. H.TC0025231960U
Purdue elementary problem-solving inventoryFeldhusen, John F.: Houtz, John C.: Ringenbach, Susan7121C
Purdue home stimulation inventory, sections I-IIIWachs, Theodore D.9227E
Purdue industrial mathematics testLawshe, C. H.: Price, Dennis H.TC0016981946U
Purdue industrial supervisors word-meaning testTiffin, Joseph: Long, Donald A.TC0001871952U
Purdue industrial training classification testLawshe, C. H.: Moutoux, A. C.TC0045611942U
Purdue instructional television attitude scaleSeibert, Warren F.TC0031681958V
Purdue instructor performance indicatorSnedeker, J. H.: Remmers, H. H.TC0042281960V
Purdue interview schedule for parents of primary grade childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8100C
Purdue mathematics training testKeller, M. W. [et. al.]TC0021231951V
Purdue mechanical adaptability testLawshe, C. H.: Tiffin, JosephTC002896U
Purdue non-language personnel testTiffin, JosephTC0050031969V
Purdue opinion panelPurdue University Measurement and Research Center, Lafayette, INTC0096631971V
Purdue rating scale for administrators and executivesRemmers, H. H.: Hobson, R. L.TC0024371950U
Purdue rating scale for instructionRemmers, H. H.: Elliott, D. N.TC0024381950U
Purdue reading testRemmers, H. H.: Stalnaker, John M.TC0009781928V
Purdue reading test for industrial supervisorsTiffin, Joseph: Dunlap, RoyTC0016891955U
Purdue self concept scale for primary grade childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8099E
Purdue self-concept scale for preschool childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8098C
Purdue social attitude scales for preschool childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8096C
Purdue social attitude scales for primary grade childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8097E
Purdue spatial visualization testGuay, RolandTC0091991976V
Purdue student-teacher opinionaireBentley, Ralph R.: Price, Jo-AnnTC0069801969BB
Purdue teacher evaluation scaleBentley, Ralph R.: Starry, Allan R.TC0069791970V
Purdue teacher opinionaireBentley, Ralph R.: Rempel, Averno M.TC006911CC
Purdue trade information test for sheetmetal workersTiffin, Joseph: Griffin, W. B.TC0045571958U
Purdue trade information test in carpentryTiffin, Joseph: Mengelkoch, R. F.TC0045581952U
Purdue trade information test in engine lathe operationCochran, Robert: Tiffin, JosephTC0045591955U
Purdue trade information test in weldingTiffin, Joseph: Griffin, Warren B.TC0045601952U