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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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R-B number readiness scale (Title in index: R-B number readiness test)Roberts, Dorothy M.: Bloom, Irving83121974D
RAM scale, revisedWright, Claudia R.: Brown, Gordon F.139431983P
Ramak interest inventoryMeir, Elchanan I.7721C
Rank order of parental valuesEdgerton, Marianna: Schaefer, Earl S.136231977L
Rating scale for adjustment to collegeBaker, Robert W.: Siryk, Bohdan138351980K
Rating scale for self-disclosure in preadolescentsVondracek, Fred W.: Vondracek, Sarah I.84911977D
Rating scales children's attitudes toward the physically handicappedRapier, Jacqueline [et. al.]103021969G
Rational behavior inventoryShorkey, Clayton T.: Whiteman, Victor L.92451973E
Reaction inventory - guiltEvans, David R.8302841970C
Reading assessment for language learning youngstersMineola Union Free School District, NY129541975K
Reading test for vocational educationWeiss, Lucile90111976E
Reasons for quitting scaleCurry, Susan J.TC0217171989BB
Recalled childhood gender identity scaleZucker, Kenneth JayTC0215871991AA
Regional Resource Center diagnostic inventories in reading and mathThe Northwest Regional Resource Center, Eugene, Oregon135661971J
Relational competence measuresSpitzberg, Brian H. [et. al.]018631-018641T
Religious association scale (short form)Embree, Robert A.10274F
Religious behavior check listApfeldorf, Max47451969E
Religious behavior questionnaireApfeldorf, Max47441969E
Religious belief questionnaireApfeldorf, Max: Smith, Walter J.47951969E
Repairs of misunderstanding during communication codeLee, Lee C.: Spieker, Susan99021979F
Repertory testWatt, Norman F.: Benjamin, Thomas B.83151977D
Reputation enhancement scaleCarroll, Annemaree [et. al.]TC0220251977CC
Research training environment scaleGelso, Charles J. [et. al.]170041986Q
Research training environment scaleGelso, Charles J.: MallinckrodtTC0213931996AA
Resident evaluation formArnold, Louise M.158371979N
Response empathy rating scale-revisedElliott, Robert [et. al.]117511981I
Response to childhood incest questionnaireDonaldson, Mary Ann: Gardner, RussellTC0217131983BB
Responsible risk-taking inventorySmith, William August150981986M
Revealed difference questionnaire (RDQ)Jacob, Theodore175021974R
Revised scale of employabilityBolton, Brian76861970A
Roberts revision of the UCLA loneliness scaleRoberts, Robert E.TC0209381986Z
Role perception batterySterling, James W.77001972E
Rumstein agreement/disagreement testRumstein, Regina9745F
Russell Sage social relations testDamrin, Dora E.15311959B
Rystrom dialect deviation testRystrom, Richard C.7205C