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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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Santa Clara inventory of developmental tasksGainer, William M. [et. al.]86791974N
Scale for measuring attitude toward any defined groupRemmers, H. H.TC0027731960U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any disciplinary procedureClouse, V. R.TC002787U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any institutionRemmers, H. H.TC0027741960U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any playDimmitt, MildredTC002786U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any social situationHuffman, ElnaTC002783U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any teacherHoshaw, L. D.TC002784U
Scale for measuring attitude toward races and nationalitiesGrice, H. H.TC002788U
Scale for measuring attitude toward teachingMiller, Floyd D.TC002782U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any home-making activityRemmers, H. H.TC0027781960U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any practiceRemmers, H. H.TC0027771960U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any proposed social actionRemmers, H. H.TC0027761960U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any vocationRemmers, H. H.TC0027721960U
Scale for measuring individual and group "morale"Remmers, H. H.TC0027791960U
Scale to measure attitude toward any advertisementHenion, Ruth E.TC002785U
Scale to measure attitude toward any high school subjectRemmers, H. H.TC0027801960U
Scales of alienated attitudeNettler, Gwynn8302861972C
Scales to measure attitudes toward industrial psychology and psychological testingRhoads, Rodney F.: Landy, Frank J.76281973A
Scales to measure attitudes toward marijuana and marijuana usersColaiuta, Victoria: Breed, George79441976C
Schematic concept formation taskEvans, Selby H.76871975B
Schenectady kindergarten rating scalesConrad, W. Glenn: Tobiessen, Jon E.8372D
Schillace loss scaleSchillace, RalphTC0216101994AA
Schillace post-traumatic vulnerability scaleSchillace, RalphTC0216111994AA
Schillace trauma scaleSchillace, RalphTC0216121994AA
School behavior checklistMiller, Lovick C.74511975B
School behavior profileBalow, Bruce: Robin, Rosalyn81061974C
School counselor attitude inventoryBaker, Stanley B.61601971B
School effectiveness analysis: instrumentsKentucky Department of Education160201984O
School expectations inventory / School description inventoryAnderson, Barry D.121301970L
School improvement program needs assessment questionnaire, elementary schoolsDodson, Anna C. [et. al.]159821984O
School improvement program needs assessment questionnaire, middle schoolsDodson, Anna C. [et. al.]159831987O
School improvement program needs assessment questionnaire, secondary schoolsDodson, Anna C. [et. al.]159841987O
School performance checklistMacy, Daniel J.10203E
Science observation assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203901993CC
Science outdoor learning environment inventory (SOLEI)Tamir, Pinchas [et. al.]TC0220261995CC
Science textbook evaluation instrumentKentucky Department of Education121701980K
Science vocabulary inventoryBethune, Paul71291969A
Scientific word association testGough, Harrison G.82991976E
Sears self-concept inventory: abbreviated formSears, Pauline S.67011966B
Secondary school counselor optionnaire formCheek, Jimmy G.: Christiansen, James E.91661975E
Secondary school principal optionnaire formCheek, Jimmy G.: Christiansen, James E.91651975E
Selected creativity tasksAbraham, Eugene C.8833E
Self concept clarity rating scalesTurner, Carol J.: Record, Albert L.111441979H
Self efficacy questionnaire for social skillsZeiss, Antonette M.: Moe, Karl O.171721982Q
Self report inventoryBown, Oliver H.179321958R
Self report jealousy scale, revisedBringle, Robert G.120001982I
Self- and role-concept instrumentRichardson, Mary Sue77191973C
Self-appraisal scaleGreenberg, Judith W.: Davidson, Helen H.8731D
Self-care skill level evaluation checklistWaukegan Development Center10197E
Self-concept of ability form: elementary formBrookover, Wilbur B. [et. al.]TC0070861967Y
Self-concept of ability scale: general formBrookover, Wilbur B. [et. al.]TC0070851964Y
Self-concept rating scale for childrenLipsitt, Lewis P.77051958C
Self-control questionnaire (SCQ)Rehm, Lynn P.180441980S
Self-description inventoryGhiselli, Edwin E.4017B
Self-esteem inventoryGrobe, Robert P.98781974F
Self-other location chartKent, Theodore C.TC0214491972AA
Self-perception of the parental roleMacPhee, David [et. al.]167381985P
Self-rating scales on creativity and conformityNoppe, Lloyd D.9742F
Self-social symbols tasks: adolescent formLong, Barbara H.: Henderson, Edmund H.: Ziller, Robert C.85611973G
Self-statement test: 60+Fichten, Catherine S.: Libman, Eva: Creti, LauraTC0219511994BB
Semantic differential scale: achievement-related conceptsGreenberg, Judith W.: Davidson, Helen H.8733D
Semantic features testEvanechko, Peter O.: Maguire, T. O.71891975A
Semantic studyEngler, John P.72661975E
Sensation seeking scaleZuckerman, Marvin70041975B
Sensitivity to children questionnaireStollack, Gary E.71041973A
Separation individuation test of adolescenceLevine, John B.: Green, Catherine J.: Millon, TheodoreTC0192341986W
Severely handicapped progress inventoryDunlap, William C. [et. al.]139641983K
Sex attitude measureWilliams, John E.: Best, Deborah L.83111976D
Sex attitude scaleRotter, George S.104461978G
Sex role behavior scale, short formOrlofsky, Jacob L.159941982N
Sex role behavior scale-2Orlofsky, Jacob L.159301982N
Sex role differentiation in physical education attitude measureChrietzberg, Agnes L.135391980J
Sex role ideology and family orientation scaleAngrist, Shirley S.: Mickelson, Richard: Penna, Anthony N.86721976D
Sex role learning indexEdelbrock, Craig: Sugawara, Alan I.135621978J
Sex role semantic differential (SRSD)Hafner, R. Julian8003161988T
Sex role stereotyping and educational equity in phys. Ed. Knowl. Tests, forms A and BChrietzberg, Agnes L.135401981J
Sex stereotype measure IIWilliams, John E.: Best, Deborah L.83101976D
Sex-role concept interviewKuhn, Deanna9226E
Sex-role surveyMacDonald, A. P.74961975B
Sexism in occupationsRich, Roy: Mandra, Debra: Braun, Robin886671977D
Sexual attitude change scaleAnnon, Jack S.: Robinson, C. H.76921974A
Sexual attitude survey (Title in index: Sexual attitude inventory)Kilpatrick, Dean G.6021A
Sexual behavior inventoryAnnon, Jack S.: Robinson, C. H.76931974A
Sexual fear inventoryAnnon, Jack S.76911971A
Sexual history formAnnon, Jack S.76941971A
Sharp consumer satisfaction scaleTanner, Barry A.145181981L
Shiffman-Jarvik smoking withdrawal questionnaireShiffman, Saul M.: Jarvik, Murray E.TC019310W
Short test of linguistic skills: pilot version, Spanish-EnglishFrederickson, Charles K.78961975C
Sibling inventory of behaviorSchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122541979I
Sibling inventory of differential experienceDaniels, Denise: Plomin, Robert146031984M
Sickness impact profileConn, Joanne: Bobbitt, Ruth A.: Bergner, Marilyn107921977G
Sigel conceptual style sorting taskSigel, Irving E.80071967D
Simmons behavior checklistReinherz, Helen Z.122321980I
Single parenting questionnaireStolberg, Arnold: Ullman, Ann J.145151985L
Situation exercisesFeldhusen, John F.: Thurston, John R.: Benning, James J.85271964E
Six music conservation tasksZimmerman, Marilyn: Sechrest, Lee83291964D
Sizing up your school subjectsDyer, Henry S.: Ferris, Anne H.15131959B
Sleep behaviors scale: 60+Fichten, Catherine S.: Libman, Eva: Creti, LauraTC0219501995BB
Sleep questionnaireFichten, Catherine S. [et. al.]TC0219471995BB
Small college goals inventoryEducational Testing ServiceTC011045Y
Social acceptance scaleWoods, Douglas W.TC0213981997AA
Social adjustment scaleWeissman, Myrna [et. al.]12056K
Social adjustment scale-interview formatWeissman, Myrna76191973Q
Social assets inventorySchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122581981I
Social behaviors inventory (SBI)Jackson, Marie Annette180611986S
Social distance scaleBogardus, Emory S.31641975B
Social interaction and social situations questionnaireFichten, Catherine S.178561984T
Social interest scaleCrandall, James E.83331975D
Social judgment scaleSpragg, Paul A.TC0191931983W
Social learning environment rating scaleWarshow, Joyce P.: Bepko, Raymond A.79191974C
Social opinions inventoryFinley, Cecile Bolton4184A
Social provisions scaleCutrona, Carloyn: Russell, Daniel WayneTC0205851984Y
Social reticence scale: a measure of shynessJones, Warren H.113441977H
Social support inventory for people with acquired disabilities, research edition (SSIPAD)McColl, Mary Ann: Friedland, Judith8305151991S
Social support inventory for stroke survivors (SSISS)McColl, Mary Ann8304921984S
Sociometric status testMoore, Shirley G.77981973C
Sociometric testMacDonald, A. P.77671969C
Sociomoral reflection objective measureGibbs, John C.138731984K
Something about myselfKhatena, Joe68441970A
SONSO personality inventoryKentle, Robert L.TC0203821994X
Spanish criterion referenced testAustin Independent School District96971974F
Spanish-English dominance assessment testSpolsky, Bernard: Murphy, Penny73411970A
Spatial experience questionnaireMcDaniel, Ernest [et. al.]141511977L
Special fitness test manual for mildly mentally retarded persons (Aahper-Kennedy foundation special fitness test)American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance119931968S
Specific fear questionnairesKlorman, Rafael [et. al.]115431974H
Speech and language growth for the Mexican-American studentProul, Peter111911971H
Spiegel personality inventorySpiegel, Donald E.9877F
Sport self-in-role scaleCurry, Timothy John: Parr, Robert186231987S
Sports attitude questionnaireWright, Wendy: Rubin, Stephen165811989P
Sports equity surveyPennsylvania Department of Education116481978H
Spouse observation checklistWills, Thomas A.: Weiss, Robert L.: Patterson, Gerald R.56161974B
Standard English repetition test (SERT)The Kamehameha Early Education Project102691974G
Standard student interview formBlum, Richard H.76311969E
Staten Island behavior scaleMandell, Wallace: Cooper, Allan: Silberstein, Richard H.60651963D
STEP observation scheduleWallen, Norman E.101651969E
Stephens-Delys reinforcement contingency interviewStephens, Mark W.: Delys, Pamela10216G
Stick-figure rating scaleAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil77591966C
STILAP: State Technical Institute's leisure assessment processNavar, Nancy H.: Peterson, Carol Ann122331979I
Story completion of delay of need gratification (SCT)Campos, Leonard P.70771961S
Stover-Guerney-O'Connell systemStover, Lillian: Guerney, Bernard G.: O'Connell, Mary80171971C
Straus rural attitudes profileStraus, Murray A.3130B
Structured divorce questionnaireReinhard, David W.112761970H
Structured interview for assessing TABP phenomenaWright, Logan166411986Q
Student athlete recruitment decision making surveyMathes, Sharon, Gurney, GeraldTC0145251984BB
Student attitude scaleSeagren, Alan T.73251975A
Student attitudinal outcome measures (SOAM)Amos, Lundee [et. al.]15306N
Student drinking information scaleGonzalez, Geraldo M.TC0196551978V
Student drug surveyHays, J. Ray17821971B
Student evaluation of teachers and learningRichardson, Edward T.8629D
Student evaluation of teachingVeldman, Donald J.: Peck, R. F.82801970D
Student geometry achievement testBackman, Carl A.88771969E
Student goals exploration: classroom research setStark, Joan S. [et. al.]173831991S
Student goals exploration: institutional research setStark, Joan S. [et. al.]185041991S
Student motivation questionnaireBrophy, Jere E.: Merrick, Mari172071985Q
Student opinion surveyMcMillan, James H.TC0195291995V
Student participation questionnaireFinn, Jeremy D.175751990R
Student perception of learning and teachingMcKeachie, W. J.9013E
Student perception of teacher styleTuckman, Bruce W.55951971B
Student planning surveyEllis, Robert A.: Marquis, Lucian95001961E
Student self-appraisal inventoryGaines, Josephine47101961A
Student self-rating scale of excellenceGadzella, Bernadette M.: Fournet, Gelnn P.4306C
Student surveyDowney, Ronald G.: Lynch, Michael L.111051977G
Student thinking about problem solving scaleArmour-Thomas, Eleanor170021988Q
Students' attitude toward the mentally handicappedCampbell, N. Jo [et. al.]145801982M
Students' evaluation of professors' effectiveness: a socially valid instrumentRunco, Mark A.: Akau, Becky Thurston148171986N
Study of choicesWoodruff, Asahel D.24921948A
Stunt movement confidence inventory (SMCI)Griffin, Norma S.: Crawford, Michael E.187671989T
Style of mind inventoryFetler, Daniel29351961A
Supervisor behavior observation scaleCherniss, Cary156871983P
Supervisor emphasis rating formLanning, Wayne168031986R
Supervisor emphasis rating form, revised (SERF-R)Lanning, Wayne182961991S
Supervisory behavior description questionnaireSistrunk, Walter E.151801981M
Survey instrument: geometry test and teaching geometry testBackman, Carl A.88781969E
Survey of attitudes toward statistics, revisedSchau, Candace [et. al.]TC0197121994V
Survey of participative management in libraries (Title in index: CSU Librarians: Professional staff participation in decision-makingGerry, Ellen: Klingberg, Susan163231984O
Survey of school climate for pregnant and parenting teensNash, Margaret A.: Dunkle, Margaret172991987Q
Survey of student interests in and opinions of mathematics, form LMichaels, Linda A.90731976E
Survey on violence in dating relationshipsStets, Jan E.: Pirog-Good, Maureen175041987R
Symbol Gestalt test: Form A revisedStein, Kenneth B.73881975B
Symbol substitution testBen-Zeev, Sandra94271963E
Symbolic measure of authoritarianismHogan, H. Wayne84141970D
System for coding and scoring infants' spontaneous play with objectsMorgan, George A.: Harmon, Robert J.: Bennett, Claire A.80931976E
System for rating maternal-care behaviorAinsworth, Mary D. S.80531976C
System FORE: EnglishLos Angeles Unified School District, Division of Special Education10654F
System FORE: Spanish adaptationLos Angeles Unified School District, Division of Special Education10407F
Systems for coding infant attachment and reciprocal maternal behaviorsAinsworth, Mary D. S.80541976C