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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

Students at other universities should consult with the library staff at their institution for location information.

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T.A.P. social attitude batteryLevinson, Daniel J.43401975B
TAB science test: an inventory of science methodsButts, David P.77411966C
TAMIJungwirth, Ehud9220201986R
Tandy's semantic scale for attitudes toward smokingTandy, Ruth Elizabeth64101966E
Task scaleWhite, Burton L.: Kaban, Barbara80191973C
Task structure scaleHouse, Robert J.: Dessler, Gary: Liddon, Kenneth V. E.53521975B
Tasks of life surveyZarski, John J. [et. al.]145191978L
Teacher attitude inventoryWhitmore, Joanne Rand77881974C
Teacher instruments for evaluating school psychologistsSandoval, Jonathan: Lambert, Nadine M.91161969E
Teacher operational problems identificationLemeshow, Seymour31111965B
Teacher performance appraisal scaleAubertine, Horace E.: Johnson, William D.72921969A
Teacher practices observation recordBrown, Bob Burton59471968A
Teacher rating scaleKooker, Earl W.4305B
Teacher rating scaleRubenstein, Gerald: Fisher, Lawrence78281974C
Teacher rating scaleConners, C. Keith95101969E
Teacher report of child behaviorSchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122561979J
Teacher report of parent involvement, short formSchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122571979J
Teacher satisfaction surveyEvans, VirdenTC0206691990Y
Teacher stress level on the jobEvans, VirdenTC0206671990Y
Teacher temperament questionnaireChess, Stella [et. al.]97391977F
Teacher's ratings of "masculine" behaviorFreedheim, Donald K.84561977D
Teacher-child dyadic interaction: a manual for coding classroom behaviorBrophy, Jere E.: Good, Thomas L.87221969L
Teachers' support scaleMarjoribanks, Kevin8003081983Q
Teaching skills inventory, version III (TSI)Rosenberg, Steven: Robinson, Cordelia176781985R
Temperament questionnaireCarey, William B17421970B
Templer/McMordie death anxiety scaleMcMordie, William R.120021978I
Territorial decantation testStoltman, Joseph P.66031971A
Test and test manual checklistBawden, Herbert56541969B
Test comfort indexHarnisch, Delwyn148961980M
Test for analytical cognition of mathematical contentCangelosi, James S.102511971E
Test of cautionGreenberg, Judith W.: Davidson, Helen H.8730D
Test of directed imaginationVeldman, Donald J.: Menaker, Shirley L: Williams, Donald L.75951970A
Test of directional skillsSterritt, Graham M.65601972D
Test of electrostatics conceptBridgham, Robert G.7782C
Test of engagement style, form CMcKinney, John Paul13798K
Test of grammatical structureDegler, Lois S.83301977D
Test of individual needs in reading, form B, Bidwell formGilliland, Hap120101982R
Test of individual needs in reading, form K, kangaroo formGilliland, Hap120131982R
Test of individual needs in reading, form RC, red cloudGilliland, Hap120121982R
Test of individual needs in reading, red fox supplementGilliland, Hap120111982R
Test of integrated process skillsDillashaw, F. Gerald: Okey, James R.144231979L
Test of knowledge about mental retardationAntonak, Richard F.TC0195621992V
Test of language judgmentKahn, Arlene Mantell80111971C
Test of memory for public eventsJohnson, James H.: Klingler, Daniel E.82621976D
Test of physical fitness knowledgeMood, Dale153071970N
Test of reasoning in conversationBelt, Sidney13351960C
Test of science related attitudes (TOSRA)Fraser, Barry J.8001911981R
Test of sentence meaning: revised editionMarcus, Albert D.57171968B
Test of verbal absurditiesMaw, Wallace H.: Maw, Ethel W.109181972G
Test wiseness scaleDiamond, James J.: Evans, W.97161972F
Tests of grammatically correct Spanish and EnglishLas Cruces Bilingual Education Project8004C
Tests of perception of scientists and selfMackay, L. D.: White, R. T.8001261976O
Therapist questionnaireZwick, Rebecca, Attkisson, C. Clifford146121985R
Therapist style inventoryHoward, George S.160361986R
Thinking about my schoolWhitmore, Joanne Rand77871974C
Thompson smoking and tobacco knowledge testThompson, Clem W.30831967A
Threshold by I.D. of picturesSiegenthaler, Burce M.: Haspiel, George S.53671970O
Thurston sentence completion formThurston, John R.17231959C
Tiffany control scales (TCS)Tiffany, Donald W.: Tiffany, Phyllis G.TC0203161998X
Tiffany EC scaleTiffany, Donald W.: Tiffany, Phyllis G.104471977F
Time reference inventoryRoss, Philip10198I
Time urgency and perpetual activation scaleWright, Logan: McCurdy, S.166401986P
Toy preference testNewman, Robert C.92211977E
Toys in space assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203831993CC
Traffic safety questionnaireSchuster, D. H.98811977G
Trainee rating scaleAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil77581966C
Transaction sample: classroomSpaulding, Robert L.101931962E
Transactional analysis of personality and environmentPrevin, Lawrence A.: Rubin, Donald B.10183E
Treatment expectations scaleEisler, Richard M. [et. al.]72091973B
Treatment experiences questionnaireMiller, William R.TC021075Z
Triple mode test of categorizationSilverman-Dresner, Toby86711966D
Tuckman teacher feedback formTuckman, Bruce W.17881971B
Tulkin-Kagan systemTulkin, Steven R.: Kagan, Jerome80181971C
Two-alternative perception testGoodman, Lisl M.84281973D