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The Tests in Microfiche collection is located on the fourth floor of the Pfau Library, behind the old elevators. The tests are arranged in numerical (not alphabetical order. Please consult with the reference librarian on duty if you need assistance finding a test.

The tests may be viewed on the library microform readers. Depending on which viewer you use there are multiple output options, including download, email, or printing.

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"Faces" attitude inventoryRim, Eui-Do83541977D
"Password" test for measuring referent communicationOltmanns, Thomas F. [et. al.]130831981O
A curriculum survey: a commitment instrument for teachersPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116681978H
A kit of career education assessment and evaluation instruments, second editionWisconsin Department of Public Instruction97771977G
A speech intelligibility test for deaf children, revised editionMagner, Marjorie E.189181980T
A study of generations: phase A - family relationsBengston, Vern L. [et. al.]79601974C
A+B103 study of young children (Title in index: A study of young people)Blacker, Edward: Demone, Harold W.: Freeman, Howard E.7526A
About meParker, James56291975A
Abstract abilities testShapiro, Bernice: Kaban, Barbara98641976F
Academic interest inventory: revised editionBild, Bernice: Dutton, Eugene49331951E
Academic interest measures: self scoring formHalpern, Gerald42871970C
Academic self-efficacy questionnaireWood, Robert E.: Locke, Edwin A.TC0192441987W
Academic system beliefs scaleJoyner, CarlottaTC0201051977X
Acceptance of disability scaleLinkowski, Donald C.TC0193811969V
Achenbach-Lewis symptom checklistAchenbach, Thomas M.: Lewis, Melvin7911974A
Acquaintance description form (ADF-C5)Wright, Paul H.TC0222311998CC
Activity level rating scale: infant formBanham, Katharine M.71741967B
Activity level rating scale: preschool formBanham, Katharine M.71751967B
Activity measureMansell, James [et. al.]186261982T
Activity preference questionnaireLykken, David T.: Tellegen, Auke: Katzenmeyer, C.107121973G
Activity scaleKerpelman, Larry C.: Weiner, Michael J.49321969A
Adaptive-flexibility inventoryBrawer, Florence Blum101941967E
ADEPT induction diagnostic testBaltes, Paul B.: Willis, Sherry L.111111979I
Adjective rating scaleKelly, E. F. [et. al.]98951976F
Adjective self-descriptionVeldman, Donald J.: Parker, G. V. C.82781971D
Adolescent behavior checklist (ABC)Demb, Howard B. [et. al.]189021989T
Adolescent dissociative experiences scale (A-DES)Armstrong, Judith G.: Putnam, Frank W.: Carlson, EveTC021637AA
Adolescent value-orientations profileUlin, Richard O.8845E
Adston diagnostic instruments - elementary school mathematics: readiness for operationsAdams, Sam: Sauls, Charles43381973J
Adston diagnostic instruments - elementary school mathematics: whole numbers.Adams, Sam: Ellis, Leslie43371971J
Adston mathematics series: diagnostic instrument in decimal numbersBeeson, B. F.: Pellegrin, Lionel O.116181977J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in basics of operationsAdams, Sam: Beeson, B. F.116161979J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in common fractionsAdams, Sam116151977J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in pre-algebra concepts and skills (junior high level)Beeson, B. F.: Adams, Sam116141980J
Adston mathematics skills series: diagnostic instrument in problem solvingBeeson, B. F.: Adams, Sam116171979J
Adult Nowicki-Strickland internal-external control scaleNowicki, Stephen: Duke, Marshall P.7602C
Affectivity interview blankFuller, Elizabeth Mechem66111951B
Age independence scaleKeith, Robert Allen98821969F
AIDS information and opinion surveyRhodes, Fen: Wolitski, Richard T.166551988P
Alcohol attitude questionnaireHanson, David J.169541970Q
Alcohol behavior, attitude, and awarenessSarvela, Paul D. [et. al.]170031987Q
Alienation scaleDean, Dwight G.7343B
Alienation scaleBaker, Robert W.TC0146261977BB
Allen scale of beliefsAllen, B. J.70441972A
Altruism scaleSawyer, Jack92151966E
Altus information inventoryGorsuch, Richard L.75911964C
Ambiguous verbal stimulus test to measure language dominance in Spanish-English bilingualsKeller, Gary D.51651974BMissing
American international relations scaleSodowsky, Gargi Roysircar184371988S
An assessment of visual learningBezruczkoTC0197131989Y
Analysis of scientific passage testJungwirth, Ehud: Dreyfus, Amos9220191988R
Anders childrearing scaleAnders, Sarah F.98901967F
Anecdotal processing to promote the learning experience (APPLE)Lambert, Nadine M. [et. al.]98721976F
Animal crackers: a test of motivation to achieve, research editionAdkins, Dorothy C.: Ballif, Bonnie B.97241975N
Anorectic cognitions questionnaireMizes, J. ScottTC0196391986V
Anticipated student adaptation to college questionnaireBaker, Robert W.TC0196861980X
Antisocial personality questionnaireBlackburn, Ronald: Fawcett, Diane J.TC8003961996Z
Anttonen arithmetic scaleAnttonen, Ralph G.86331974D
Appalachia preschool test of cognitive skills (APT)Appalachian Educational Laboratory99121968G
Application of generalizations testWallen, Norman84261969D
Approach measureCoates, Brian: Anderson, Elizabeth P.: Hartup, Willard W.80571972C
APPROACH: A procedure for patterning responses of adults and childrenCaldwell, Bettye M.: Honig, Alice S.57491971B
Arithmetic concept individual testMelnick, Gerald: Freeland, S.: Lehrer, Barry83691977D
Arithmetic concept screening testMelnick, Gerald [et. al.]83701977D
Art self-concept inventoryKing, Alison141521979L
Assertion self statement testSchwartz, Robert: Gottman, John172511975T
Assertion self-statement test, revised (ASST-R)Heimberg, Richard G.17664S
Assessment by behavior ratingSharp, Elizabeth Y.: Loumeau, Carol A.77261975B
Assessment of individual mathematical metacognitionFitzpatrick, CorineTC0211751994Z
Assessment of strategies in families-effectivenessFriedemann, Marie-LuiseTC0194591992X
Asymmetrical preference testLindgren, Henry Clay53021965B
Attitude toward capital punishment scaleSalbod, Stephen: Mitchell, John J.119781982I
Attitude toward homosexuality scaleMacDonald, A. P.72101975B
Attitude toward hospitalization scaleGarlington, Warren K.: Stotland, Ezra7472B
Attitude toward mathematics scalePeterson, Penelope L.120011978I
Attitude toward physical activity inventoryKenyon, Gerald S.TC8305111968X
Attitude toward self and school (Title in index: Attitudes toward self and school)Cincinnati Public Schools67461966A
Attitude towards scienceKlausmeier, Herbert K.: DiLuzio, Geneva J.: Brument, Michael E.TC0201021976X
Attitudes about computersRaub, Annalyse CallahanTC0178581981Y
Attitudes inventory for youthFrench, J. L.: Cardon, B. W.48111969A
Attitudes of college women toward sports and athletic scholarshipsMathes, SharonTC0203281979X
Attitudes toward abortion scaleMurray, Frank S.: Cummings, Nancy M., Ware, Jennifer L.101581971G
Attitudes toward child behaviorStogdill, Ralph M.26701936B
Attitudes toward feminist issues scaleBrodsky, Annette M.: Elmore, Patricia B.91621975E
Attitudes toward handicapped individuals scaleLazar, Alfred L.89201971E
Attitudes toward lesbian mothers and their childrenVictor, Sherri B.TC0212501996Z
Attitudes toward multiple role planning scalesWeitzman, Lauren M.TC0202581992X
Attitudes toward parental control of childrenStogdill, Ralph M.26691936B
Attitudes toward sex-role differentiation in educationDavis, William [et. al.]170831976Q
Attitudes toward the use of lie detectors in business and government questionnaireSistrunk, Frank: Spector, Paul E.76331975A
Attitudes toward treatment of disabled studentsFonosch, Gail G.111041979G
Attitudes toward vocational education scaleEngler, John P.72651975A
Attitudes toward women scale: short formHelmreich, Robert: Spence, Janet T.: Stapp, Joy71991972A
Attitudes toward working mothers scaleTetenbaum, Toby J.113481979H
Audio performance testHighlen, Pamela S.8303391978G
Autonomy and relatedness inventorySchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122611982J
Autonomy multiple-choice measure-3Shouval, Ron148581975M
Awareness of consequences scaleSchwartz, Shalom H.76781975A
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 11Educational Testing Service67581963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 12Educational Testing Service67551963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 7Educational Testing Service67561963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grade 9Educational Testing Service67571963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grades 10-12Educational Testing Service67601963B
Background and experience questionnaire: grades 7-9Educational Testing Service67591963B
Barratt impulsiveness scaleBarratt, Ernest, S.72941973A
Baseball test of attentional and interpersonal styleAlbrecht, Richard: Feltz, DeborahTC0186281987V
Basic motor fitness testHilsendager, Donald R.8452D
Behavior assessment formAnnon, Jack S.76881971A
Behavior category observation systemGottfried, Nathan W.: Seay, Bill6975C
Behavior checklistRubin, Eli Z.: Simson, Clyde B.: Betwee, Marcus C.77751966C
Behavior checklist for infants and childrenMacPhee, David [et. al.]167371985P
Behavior classification projectDreger, Ralph Mason96221970F
Behavior in school inventoryYoungman, M. B.8103821976D
Behavior interpretation inventoryAppley, Mortimer H.32551958B
Behavior modification achievement testMacNeil, Richard D.109301979G
Behavior objective checklistMoore, Steven R.163391981P
Behavior profile rating scale (BPR)Melamed, Barbara J.184701975S
Behavior rating scheduleKeith, L. Thomas: Tornatzky, Louis G.: Pettigrew, L. Eudora1739B
Behavioral attributes of psycho-social competenceTyler, Forrest B.98661978J
Behavioral coding system for play stylesFagot, Beverly91151978E
Behavioral expectations scaleGolding, Stephen L. [et. al.]43331975B
Behavioral objectives writing skills testLapp, Diane51241970A
Behavioral pediatrics questionnaireSpiegel, Nancy: Reis, Harry T.136981983K
Bell object relations reality testing inventory (BORRTI)Bell, Morris D.164901985O
Bem sex-role inventoryBem, Sandra L.17611974C
Berk-Jackson-Wolfson systemBerk, Laura E.: Jackson, Philip: Wolfson, Bernice J.80551971C
Beset/buoyant (BESET)Gold, MartinTC0222181982CC
Betts QMI vividness of imagery scaleSheehan, Peter W.8001681967F
Bilingual center parent questionnaireChicago Area Bilingual Center78391974E
Bilingual test batteryBilingual Education Service Center101961974E
Biographical inventory for studentsSiegel, Laurence15151955C
Biology classroom activity checklistKochendorfer, Leonard H.: Lee, Addison E.80091966C
Biology student behavior inventorySteiner, A. Edwin143721970L
Bipolar trait ratingsSchaefer, Earl S.TC0122621981CC
Black history test: a test to create awareness and arouse interestCoffin, Gregory C. [et. al.]131731974J
Body attitude scale (BAS)Kurtz, Richard M.186301966T
Body contact questionnaireHollender, Marc H.: Luborsky, L. B.: Scaramella, T. J.99931975F
Body dysmorphic disorder examination - self reportRosen, James C.: Reiter, JeffTC0206661995Y
Body image and body change inventoryRicciardelli, Lina A.: McCabe, Marita P.TC0217152000BB
Body image identification testGottesman, Eleanor Bell: Caldwell, Willard E.4798N
Body satisfaction scale-short form (BSS)Anderson, Barbara L.TC0214521991AA
Body sensations interpretation questionnaireClark, David M.TC8109551992Z
Body-esteem scale for adolescents and adults body self-esteem scale for childrenMendelson, Beverly K.TC0215331999AA
Boston University personality inventoryJacobs, Martin A.56601971R
Brief behavior rating scaleKahn, Paul: Ribner, Sol128631977K
Brief patient health questionnaireSpitzer, Robert L.: Williams, Janet B. W.: Kroenke, KurtTC021066Z
Brooke developmental inventorySnortum, John R.10275G
Bulimia attitude surveyKapoor, Sandy148471986M
Bulimia behavior deviceKapoor, Sandy148451986M
Buss-Durkee hostility inventoryBuss, Arnold H.: Durkee, Ann94261956E
California psychotherapy alliance scales (CALPAS)Marmar, Charles R.: Gaston, LouiseTC0221841989CC
Can you read a micrometer?Lawshe, C. H.TC0045531943U
Can you read a scale?Lawshe, C. H.TC0045521943U
Can you read a working drawing?Lawshe, C. H.TC0045541943U
Career behavior and attitude checklist questionnaireO'Neil, James M.: Price, Gary E.102971979G
Career decision making questionnaireEnger, J. R.: Jackson, Dorothy J.102771976G
Career education affective assessment questionnaires for grades 1-3Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN14770M
Career education affective assessment questionnaires for grades 4-6Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN14771M
Career education cognitive questionnaires, revised for grades 1-3Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN147721975M
Career education cognitive questionnaires, revised for grades 4-6Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN147731975M
Career education cognitive questionnaires, revised for grades 7-9Minnesota Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational Education, Minneapolis, MN147741975M
Career interest inventory reaction questionnaireO'Neil, James M.: Price, Gary E.102981979G
Career keyJones, Lawrence K.TC018233X
Career orientation questionnaireKent, Theodore C.156281988N
Career planning questionnaireUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville, Office of Institutional Research106831975G
Career planning questionnaire research editionWestbrook, Bert W.157571983N
Career planning questionnaire, revised research editionWestbrook, Bert W.157581983N
Caregiver language observation instrumentWeir, Mary Knox53321975A
Caregiver styles of interaction scalesDunst, Carl J.TC0201031986X
Caregiver well-being scaleTebb, Susan C.: Berg-Weger, Marla: Rubio, Doris M.TC0221701993CC
Cassel developmental recordCassel, Russell N.60361971S
Cassel group level of aspiration testCassel, Russell N.34011957S
Chasen diagnostic sex-role bias scaleChasen, Barbara: Weinberg, Sharon80001974C
Checklist for anxiety-behavior observationZeisset, Ray M.79411966C
Checklist of characteristics of gifted and talented childrenCummings, William B.87881974E
Chicago effective school projects: needs assessment instrumentBrandon, Sylvia163321984O
Child adaptive behavior inventory (C A B I)Schaefer, Earl S. [et. al.]135901984L
Child behavior characteristics formFanshel, David: Borgatta, Edgar F.83781970D
Child behavior checklistWalker, Richard N.71841963A
Child behavior checklistAchenbach, Thomas M.113061981H
Child day care center job inventoryZaccaria, Michael A.: Hollomon, John W.93971976E
Child's attitude toward fatherHudson, Walter W.83051976D
Child's attitude toward motherHudson, Walter W.83041976D
Child's behavior traitsLevenstin, Phyllis8472D
Child's report of parental behavior inventorySchaefer, Earl S.95501964E
Child's room contents checklistRheingold, Harriet L: Cook, Kaye V.84711975D
Child-child communication codeLee, Lee C.99001976F
Child-focused toddler and infant experiences: revisedCarew, Jean V. [et. al.]111091981G
Child-rearing practices reportBlock, Jeanne H.75051965B
Child/adolescent activity log (CAAL)Garcia, Anne W.TC021396AA
Childhood personality scalesCohen, Donald: Dibble, Eleanor78701973C
Childhood psychosis scaleHaworth, Mary R.128931981K
Children's academic anxiety inventoryGottfried, Adele Eskeles121711982I
Children's academic intrinsic motivation inventoryGottfried, Adele Eskeles121721982I
Children's achievement motivation scaleWeiner, Bernard8457D
Children's associative responding testAchenbach, Thomas M.51211975A
Children's dependency scaleGolightly, Carole: Nelson, Don: Johnson, James85001970D
Children's embedded figures testKarp, Stephen A.: Konstadt, NormaTC0064531971BB
Children's English proficiency testWebster, Sallye L.70801972AMissing
Children's locus of control scaleBialer, Irv: Cromwell, Rue6028A
Children's mirth response testZigler, Edward: Levine, Jacob: Gould, Laurence7296A
Children's negative cognitive error questionnaireLeitenberg, Harold: Yost, Leonard W.: Carroll-Wilson MarilynTC0211761985Z
Children's perceived self-control and teacher's self-control rating scaleHumphrey, Laura Lynn119141982I
Children's report of parental behavior inventory: short fromCross, Herbert J: Aron, Robert D.77021970A
Children's scale of social attitudesInsel, Paul M.: Wilson, Glenn D.84491970D
Children's school questionnaire (short form)Phillips, Beeman N.85021966D
Children's self-conception testCreelman, Marjorie B.58041955A
Children's self-social constructs test: preschool formLong, Barbara H.: Henderson, Edmund H.: Ziller, Robert C.85591973G
Children's self-social constructs test: primary formsLong, Barbara H.: Henderson, Edmund H.: Ziller, Robert C.85601973G
Children's sex-stereotypes of adult occupations (Title in index: Children's sex stereotyping of adult occupations)Schau, Candace Garrett: Kahn, Lynne: Tremaine, Leslie88791978E
Children's social attitudes inventoryBeardsley, Donna A.116051982H
Children's social desirability questionnaireCrandall, Virginia C.: Crandall, Vaugn J.: Katkousky, Walter6099A
Chinsky-Rappaport adaptation of the semantic differentialChinsky, Jack M.: Rappaport, Julian95091970E
Choice pattern procedureTyler, Leona E.: McQueen, Lila J.7511B
Clarke parent-child relations questionnairePaitich, Daniel: Langevin, Ron8302881976D
Class activities questionnaireSteele, Joe M.: House, Ernest R.: Kerins, Thomas70691969B
Classroom behavior inventory, 1978 research editionSchaefer, Earl S.: Edgerton, Marianna113511978J
Classroom behavior scalesGarfunkel, Frank57961970C
Classroom management questionnaireSmith, Douglas K.128651977K
Clerical task inventory, form CLawshe, C. H.TC001152U
Client attitude questionnaireMorrison, James K.81691975D
Clinical assessment inventoryMoss, Gene R.121251981I
Clinical teaching survey for nursingRipley, Delia McKeithan155251985N
Clinton assessment of problem identification skills of instructional supervisors, forms A and BClinton, Barbara Jean135431981J
Code for instructional structure and student academic responseStanley, Sandra O.: Greenwood, Charles R.176791990S
Coding taskBrown, Marvin8303331972I
Cognitive bias questionnaire (CBO)Hammen, C. L.: Krantz, S.167651975P
Cognitive home environment scaleRadin, Norma L,: Weikart, David P.72671966A
Cognitive orientation questionnaire for quitting smokingKreitler, Hans: Kreitler, Shulamith9220041976D
Cognitive orientation questionnaire of achievementKreitler, Hans: Kreitler, Shulamith9220021975D
Cognitive orientation questionnaire of curiosityKreitler, Shulamith: Kreitler, Hans9220011975D
Cognitive orientation questionnaire of defensive behaviorKreitler, Hans: Kreitler, Shulamith9220001976D
Cognitive role-taking tasks, versions A and DFichten, Catherine S.168061986P
Cognitive self management testRude, Stephanie149101980N
Cognitive vocational maturity test (CVMT)Westbrook, Bert W.: Parry-Hill, Joseph W.17581973O
College descriptive indexReed, Jeffery [et. al.]111181980H
College interaction self-statement test (CISST)Fichten, Catherine S.167361987P
College student life events scaleLevine, Murray: Perkins, David V.166711979P
Collett-Lester fear of death scaleCollett, Lora-Jean: Lester, David17201975A
Color meaning test IIWilliams, John E.5331A
Columbus sentence completion for childrenShaffer, Jack A.: Tamkin, Arthur S.6739A
Community college goals inventoryEducational Testing ServiceTC010454Y
Comparison level scaleSnyder, Charles Richard67441972A
Comparison of experiments assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203921993CC
Competency based teacher evaluation guideJohnson, Charles E.: Bauch, Jerold P.102441970E
Composite developmental inventory for infants and young childrenCaldwell, Bettye M.2958C
Composite fear inventory (CFI)Annon, Jack S.76891971A
Comprehension test for literatureWeiss, Lucile90101976E
Comprehensive quality of life scale - intellectual disabilitiesCummins, Robert A.8003441992S
Computer and information technology attitude inventoryWeinsier, Philip D.: Leutner, DetlevTC0197101988Y
Computer appreciator-critic attitude scalesMathews, Walter M.: Wolfe, Abraham W.126161983J
Concept development test V2Freyberg, P. S.8650111965D
Conceptions of personal issues, revisedNucci, Larry P.114991982H
Concern dimensions questionnaireKlinger, Eric108941978H
Conference role semantic differentialsHecht, Alfred R.78131975C
Conformity scaleMacDonald, A. P.7211C
Connectives reading test and the written connectives testRobertson, Jean E.152231966M
Constructivist learning environment surveyFraser, Barry J.: Taylor, Peter C.TC8003631995X
Content analysis of sexism in texts in teacher educationSadker, Myra: Sadker, David136781977L
Continuum of progress toward goals assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203931993BB
Cooperative literature tests The merchant of VeniceEducational Testing ServiceTC0070411972W
Cooperative literature tests: A tale of two citiesEducational Testing ServiceTC0070391972W
Cooperative literature tests: Great expectationsEducational Testing ServiceTC0070401972W
Cooperative literature tests: HamletEducational Testing ServiceTC0070281972W
Cooperative literature tests: Huckleberry FinnEducational Testing ServiceTC0070331972W
Cooperative literature tests: Julius CaesarEducational Testing ServiceTC0070321972W
Cooperative literature tests: MacbethEducational Testing ServiceTC0070251972W
Cooperative literature tests: Moby DickEducational Testing ServiceTC0070431972W
Cooperative literature tests: Oedipus the kingEducational Testing ServiceTC0070291972W
Cooperative literature tests: Our townEducational Testing ServiceTC0070261972W
Cooperative literature tests: Pride and prejudiceEducational Testing ServiceTC0070381972W
Cooperative literature tests: PygmalionEducational Testing ServiceTC0070311972W
Cooperative literature tests: Silas MarnerEducational Testing ServiceTC0070301972W
Cooperative literature tests: The bridge of San Luis ReyEducational Testing ServiceTC0070341972W
Cooperative literature tests: The odysseyEducational Testing ServiceTC0070371972W
Cooperative literature tests: The old man and the seaEducational Testing ServiceTC0070271972W
Cooperative literature tests: The red badge of courageEducational Testing ServiceTC0070361972W
Cooperative literature tests: The return of the nativeEducational Testing ServiceTC0070421972W
Cooperative literature tests: The scarlet letterEducational Testing ServiceTC0070351972W
Coping responses inventoryMoos, Rudolf H.: Moos, Bernice S.169461988Q
Coping responses inventory, youth formMoos, Rudolf H.: Moos, Bernice S.171571990Q
Coping scalesSchonfeld, Irvin SamTC0206161990Y
Coping strategy indicatorAmirkhan, James H.TC0199961993V
Cornell inventory for student appraisal of teaching and coursesMaas, James B.72821973A
Counseling needs of ethnic-minority studentsKing, Bradford D.139371983K
Counseling outcome inventoryHill, Clara E.61731975B
Counseling reactions inventoryHelms, Janet E.121281976I
Counselor checklist for school-based suicideMalley, Patrick B.: Kush, FrancisTC0193971994W
Counselor rating form, revised formBarak, Azy: LaCrosse, Michael B.102451975G
Counselor response questionnaireStokes, Joseph: Lautenschlager, Gary101951977I
Counselor self-efficacy scale (CSES)Baker, Stanley B.TC0214511989AA
Course faculty evaluation instrumentFreedman, Richard D.: Stumpf, Stephen A.107991976G
Coursework learning-behavior scale (CLBS)Pomelas, ManuelTC022219CC
CPH patient attitude scaleKahn, Marvin W.: Jones, Nelson F.74351974A
Craig lipreading inventoryCraig, William N.8350D
Crawford psychological adjustment scaleCrawford, Paul L.17851968B
Creative activities check listRunco, Mark A.145791983M
Creative constructs inventorySmith, William August151361986M
Creative thinking testSobhany, Maryann: Krutchkoff144361985L
Creative-response matrices testVernon, Philip E.83311969D
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level BDougherty, Don: Cramer, Mara: Osterreich, Helgi99031978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level CDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99041978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level DDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99051978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level EDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99061978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level FDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99071978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level GDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99081978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level HDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99091978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level IDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99101978F
Criterion-referenced test: MGS/CR test, eastern Navajo agency, level JDougherty, Don: Cramer, Maia: Osterreich, Helgi99111978F
Critical behavior scaleMuthard, John E.: Miller, Leonard A.70791966A
Cuestionario de opinones sobre ciencia tecnologia sociedad (COCTS)Manaserro-Mas, Maria-Antonia: Vasquez-Alonso, Angel: Acevedo-Diaz, Jose-AntonioTC0217962001BB
Cultural diversity awareness inventoryHenry, Gertrude B.TC0200141991X
Curriculum-people semantic differentialYamamoto, K.98991969F
Daydreaming inventory for married womenHariton, E. Barbara76691972A
De Boe inventory of social supportDeBoe, James [et. al.]135631984L
Decisional process inventoryHartung, Paul J.TC020166X
Degree of incapacitation scaleHerson, Phyllis F.:8326D
Denny-Ives creativity testDenny, David A.: Ives, Sammie7941964B
Dental auxiliary image testChambers, David W.67771971B
Dentist and dental auxiliary job satisfaction measureChapko, Michael K.TC019732V
Dependency scaleBerscheid, Ellen: Fei, J.TC0203841977X
Depressive experiences questionnaireBlatt, Sidney J.115411979H
Desert willow trait profileMeketon, Jerry94711973E
Developmental patterns in elemental reading skillsStennett, Richard G. [et. al.]8012C
Developmental screening questionnaire for preschool childrenSharp, Elizabeth Y.72631973B
Developmental survey of risk-taking behaviorHollender, John W.84121974E
Diagnostic teacher ratingTschechtelin, AmatoraTC002781U
Diagnostic tests for computer literacyPyrczak, Fred160851988O
Dibner systemDibner, Andrew S.10230G
Differential attitudes of black and white patients toward psychiatric treatment in child guidance clinicsWarren, Robert C. [et. al.]93651978E
Differential emotions scaleIzard, C. E. [et. al.]89261971E
Differential environmental process variabilities scaleMosychuk, Harry8303051977D
Dimensional occurrence scaleMarsall, Hermine H.93961976E
Discrepancy facts measureJoyner, CarlottaTC0204101977X
Discrimination and generalization vocabulary testDutton, Eugene51771947E
Discrimination by I.D. of picturesSiegenthaler, Bruce M.: Haspiel, George S.53681970O
Disordered eating testSegal, Shirley Ann140871983K
Dogmatism scaleRokeach, Milton42621960B
Drawing completion taskGreenberg, Judith W.: Davidson, Helen H.8729D
Drinker inventory of consequencesMiller, William R.: Tonigan, J. Scott: Longabaugh, RichardTC021070Z
Drug abuse questionnaire, form CR-2Michaux, William W.: Willis, Frederick W.74731970A
Drug conformity scale, revised (DCS)Williams, John W.128051984J
Drug knowledge and attitudes of American Indian adolescentsGilchrist, Lewayne D. [et. al.]175031984R
Duke social support indexBlazer, Dan: Hybels, Celia: Hughes, Dana C.TC0209371990Z
Early childhood women in science scaleMulkey, Lynn162321988O
Eating patterns questionnaireWollersheim, Janet P.157241967N
Edington attitude scale for high school freshman boysEdington, Charles W.93681968E
Educational work components studyMiskel, Cecil: Heller, Leonard76681973A
Effective education series. A school for the 80's and 90's: a priority searchHoward, Eugene R.160011986O
Effective education series. Indicators of quality schoolsHoward, Eugene R.160021986O
Ego development scale (EDS)Cassel, Russell N.75101974S
Ego strength scaleEpstein, Seymour145221983N
Elementary school substitute teacher questionnairePascale, Pietro J.138691984K
Eliot-Price testEliot, John: Price, Lewis61791975B
Emotion regulation checklistCicchetti, Dante: Shields, AnnTC0213951997AA
Emotion scale and expression of emotion scaleBalswick, Jack144181974L
Empathy conceptualization testCalder, Peter: Eustace, J. G.120841983I
Employer attitudes toward hiring cooperative education studentsKane, Stephen M.145551981N
Employment readiness scaleAlfano, Anthony M.82901973J
English as a second language assessment batteryRivera, Charlene: Lombardo, Marie111031979G
Environmental preference scalesMcCall, John N.9052E
Environmental support questionnaireLyon, Keith E.: Zucker, Robert A.17771974B
Erwin identity scaleErwin, T. Dary115461977H
Evaluation surveyFine, Jo Renee87381977D
Examen de Espanol para escuelas elementales (Spanish FLES test)West Hartford Public Schools89911976E
Examen de lectura en EspanolNot stated101631975E
Examen de lenguaje en EspanolNot stated101641975E
Examen en FrancaisCaribou Bilingual Project9996G
Excitation-inhibition inventoryVan Atta, Ralph E.76981975A
Experience inventoryCoan, Richard W.76611972A
Experimental comparative prediction batteryFrench, John W.1519B
Experimental test of social perceptionVandenberg, Steven G.75901965A
Faces scaleFrymier, Jack R.5926A
Facial recognition ability taskFeinman, Saul: Entwisle, Doris R.8111D
Factors influencing pursuit of higher education questionnaireHarris, Sandra M.: Halpin, GlennelleTC0219491998BB
Facts about science testStice, Glen13331958B
Faculty attitudes towards the goals and objectives of college unionsAdair, Carolyn M.9128E
Faculty morale-institutional climate scaleBowers, Orville E.62711968A
Faculty satisfaction questionnaireSerafin, Ana Gil174511991Q
Family activity scalesCapaldi, Deborah M.: Patterson, G. R.TC0211891983Z
Family interaction questionnaireGreenberg, Irwin M.55201975B
Family interaction scheduleStraus, Murray A.17311965B
Family patterns profileStraus, Murray A.17331962B
Family summariesGallimore, Ronald9704F
Fascination inventory C-MDutton, Eugene49491962E
Father's PARI Q4 (parental attitude research instrument)Schludermann, Eduard: Schludermann, Shirin121091979I
Fear of death scaleLester, David17211975A
Fear of success scaleZuckerman, Miron: Allison, Stephen82941977D
Feeling understood questionnaireMillen, Leverett: Roll, Samuel93951977E
Fehrenbach children's questionnaireFehrenbach, Alice61901957I
Fehrenbach language perception testFehrenbach, Alice63451983I
Fehrenbach sentence completion formFehrenbach, Alice5789E
Feminism scalesDempewolff, Judith86951972D
Fennema-Sherman mathematics attitudes scalesFennema, Elizabeth: Sherman, Julia A.86121976D
Ferreira-Winter questionnaire for unrevealed differencesFerreira, Antonio T.: Winter, William D.77421968E
Fetler self-rating testFetler, Daniel31661958A
Figural relations diagnostic testWillis, Sherry: Plemons, Judy111081977I
Flexibility in finding meanings testMacGinitie, Walter H.8410D
Flexibility test to measure language dominance in Spanish-English bilingualsKeller, Gary D.43221974BMissing
Florida health study interview scheduleSchwab, John J.10243G
Florida keyPurkey, William W.: Cage, Bob N.: Graves, William7323C
Florida taxonomy of cognitive behaviorBrown, Bob Burton59491968A
Folkman-Lazarus ways of coping checklist - revisedFolkman, Susan: Lazarus, R. S.124561983K
Forced-choice anxiety scaleHeineman, Charles E.102201953G
Form 90 - collateral interview (intake of followup) (90-ACS)Miller, William R.TC021073Z
Form 90 - drinking assessment interview (client followup) (90AF)Miller, William R.TC021074Z
Form 90 - drinking assessment interview - intake (90-AI)Miller, William R.TC021067Z
Formal operations measureTomlinson-Keasey, Carol Ann10271G
Formal operations test - biologyBart, William M.84221972D
Formal operations test - historyBart, William M.84231972D
Formal operations test - literatureBart, William M.84241972D
Four music conservation tasksZimmerman, Marilyn: Sechrest, Lee83281968D
Four self-assessment questionnaires for liberal arts majors: English, political science, psychology, and sociologyTurner, Carol J.133731982J
Freeman anxiety neurosis and psychosomatic testFreeman, M. J.36631955B
French achievement test: language arts, grade 1Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7848C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 2Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7849C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 3Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7850C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 4Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7851C
French achievement test: language arts, grade 5Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7852C
French achievement test: language arts, kindergartenComeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7847C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 1Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7854C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 2Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7855C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 3Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7856C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 4Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7857C
French achievement test: mathematics, grade 5Comeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7858C
French achievement test: mathematics, kindergartenComeaux, Jane B. [et. al.]7853C
French FLES testBarry, Doris [et. al.]8990E
French language questionnaireRandhawa, Bikkar S.: Korpan, Susan S.8302451972A
Frost self description questionnaire, extended scalesFrost, Barry P.116091979H
Future outlook inventoryGunn, Robert L.: Pearman, H. Edgar75371975B
Gender gap in computing questionnaireDurndell, AlanTC8109361989Y
General attitudes toward mathematicsMerkel-Keller, Claudia138901974K
General beliefsCoan, Richard W.: Hanson, Richard W: Dobyns, Zipporah P.76621972A
General causality orientations scaleDeci, Edward L.: Ryan, Richard M.TC0198511985V
Generalized contentment scaleHudson, Walter W.83001974D
Getting alongLawrence, Trudys32351964A
Gilliland learning potential examinationGilliland, Hap53781970R
Goal orientation and planfulness scaleFrese, MichaelTC8450741987Z
Goyer organization of ideas testGoyer, Robert S.75421955A
Grades 1 and 2 assessment: communication skills and mathematicsNorth Carolina Department of Public Instruction173001989Q
Grades 7-12 teacher and administrator questionnairePennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116711979H
Graham/Rosenblith behavioral examination of neonatesRosenblith, Judy F.58671961A
Grasha-Riechmann student learning style scalesGrasha, Anthony F.: Reichmann, Sheryl W.77071975B
Gross geometric formsGross, Ruth B.56141970B
Group dimensions description questionnaireHemphill, John K.: Westie, Charles M.15161956C
Group instrument to measure children's attitudes toward schoolBeere, Carole A.88861970E
Group psychotherapy evaluation scaleKew, Clifton E.49441965A
Group toy-preference testAnastasiow, Nicholas J.4293B
Group visual-motor screening figuresKelly, George R.84971974D
Gruen, Korte, Stephens, internal-external scaleGuren, Gerald E.: Korte, John R.: Stephens, M. I.17721970A
Guidance inventoryGallagher, Ralph P.24461960O
Guidelines for assessing sexism in school and classroom practicesZamost, Judith A.: Feldman, Sylvia D.86731976D
Hahnemann pre-school behavior rating scaleShure, Myrna: Spivack, George93631971E
Handicap problems inventory (HPI)Wright, George N.: Remmers, H. H.TC0016881960V
Harris articulation testHarris, Gail43421973B
Harshman figuresHarshman, Richard A.: Harshman, Louise117651982I
Hartup-Charlesworth systemHartup, William W.: Charlesworth, Rosalind80141967C
Harvard-MLA tests of Chinese language proficiencyCarroll, John B. [et. al.]1512A
Hayakawa-Lowry news bias categoriesLowry, Dennis T.160921985O
Hd Km non-verbal testKalyan-Masin, Violet80331962C
Health and daily living - adult form BMoos, Rudolf H. [et. al.]172171990Q
Health and daily living - youth formMoos, Rudolf H. [et. al.]172181990Q
Health problems inventoryO'Daniels, Phyllis S.9884F
Hellenic affiliation scale: experimentalStone, LeRoy A.: Skurdall, Marlo A.: Skeen, David R.40131967A
Henderson environmental learning process scale (HELPS)Henderson, Ronald W.: Bergan, John R.: Hurt, Maure70681972A
High school attitude scaleRemmers, H. H.TC0027751960U
Hill counselor verbal response category system - revisedFriedlander, Myrna123971982I
HIV infection prevention scale (HIPS)Bassman, Lynnette: Patterson, Judith Giardino169511990P
Holbrook screening battery and parent questionnaire, revisedHolbrook Public Schools151811986M
Home environment interview and scale (Title in index: Home environment interview scale)Wolf, Richard101991964E
Home indexGough, Harrison G.2314A
Home quality rating scaleNihira, Kazou [et. al.]149151977M
Home scaleCarew, Jean [et. al.]77151975B
Homework surveyCooper, Harris [et. al.]TC0211771994Z
Hospital experience inventoryMeketon, Jerry97971968E
Hospital fears rating scale (HFR)Melamed, Barbara J.184721975S
How I counselRemmers, Hermann Henry: Benz, Stanley C.TC0036741950AA
How I describe my feelingsRim, Eui-Do83551977D
How I feelKlopfer, Leopold F.: Nous, Albert P.: McCall, Kathy43251970E
How I feel about scienceRim, Eui-Do83561977D
How I feel about television in schoolAyers, Jerry B.7224A
How I perceive myselfRim, Eui-Do83531977D
How much do you know about workers?Gordon, Michael E.: Kleiman, Lawrence S.: Hanie, Charles A.9246E
Human relations incidentDedrick, Charles V.10237E
Hunter-Wolf A-B rating scaleHunter, Saundra M.: Wolf, Thomas M.TC0220561980CC
Hypothetical drug use scale, revised (HDUS)Williams, John W.128061984J
I.E.R. intelligence cardThorndike, Edward L.TC000333Y
Ideal teacher questionnaireLindgren, Henry Clay52791971B
Illinois classroom activity profile, revised formPorges, Steven W.145161981L
Illinois index of self-derogation: from 3Meyerowitz, Joseph H.57541962A
Image of science and scientists scaleKrajkovich, Joseph G.119991978I
Imaginal processes inventory: 1970 revisionSinger, Jerome L.: Antrobus, John S.4304C
Important components of a career scaleGalbraith, Michael184351987S
In-community evaluationLorei, Theodore: Gurel, Lee77561965C
Inclusion inventory: assessment of inclusive educational practicesBecker, Heather [et. al.]TC0220801997CC
Incomplete sentences taskLanyon, Barbara J.84601970EMissing
Independent activities questionnaireKlein, Stephen15181965B
Index of marital satisfactionHudson, Walter W.83021974D
Index of parental attitudesHudson, Walter W.83061976D
Index of self-esteemHudson, Walter W.83011974D
Index of sexual satisfactionHudson, Walter W.83031974D
Individual sex role preference checklist (ISRP) and sex role standards checklist (SRS)Dwyer, Carol Ann137741974L
Individualized classroom environment questionnaireFraser, Barry J.8002571979K
Infant contact codeLee, Lee C.: Durfee, Joan T.99011979F
Informed consent with substance abusers surveyMcCrady, Barbara S.TC0208261999Y
Insecurity scaleBerscheid, Ellen: Fei, J.TC0203851977X
Institutional behavior rating scaleLeibowitz, Gerald: Chorost, Sherwood67401975A
Institutional goals inventoryEducational Testing ServiceTC005141Y
Instructional assessment systemGillmore, Gerald M.108621974G
Instructional strategy diagnostic profileMerrill, M. David [et. al.]141661977K
Instructor and course evaluation systemOffice of Instructional Resources, University of Illinois, Urbana111291977H
Instruments to measure the connotations of health related termsGold, Robert S. [et. al.]130461984K
Intellectual achievement responsibility questionnaireCrandall, Virginia C.: Katkously, Walter: Crandall, Vaugn J.6098A
Intense ambivalence scaleRaulin, Michael L.133741980L
Intensity of involvement scaleMcCandless, Boyd59151968A
Inter-parental conflict scale (IPC)Schwarz, Conrad J.TC020753Y
Intercultural insight questionnaireLindgren, Henry Clay7807C
Intercultural values inventoryCarter, Robert T.: Helms, Janet E.165821984P
Interest assessment scales: form IIIStewart, Lawrence H.: Ronning, Royce A.: Stellwagen, Walter R.6423B
Interethnic attitude scaleStephan, Walter G.10472G
Internet usage questionnaireO'Sullivan, Michael: Scott, Thomas J.TC0219481999BB
Interpersonal attraction scales/homophily scalesMcCroskey, James: McCain, Thomas A.10594G
Interpersonal awareness testBorke, Helen8056C
Interpersonal behavior constructsKogan, Kate L.80151975C
Interpersonal behavior inventoryLorr, Maurice: McNair, Douglas M.53551967B
Interpersonal checklistLaForge, Rolfe77711973E
Interpersonal network questionnairePearson, Judith E.157031986N
Interpersonal orientation scale: 1971 revisionAlcorn, John D.: Erb, Everett D.: Davis, James B.64221971B
Interpersonal relations scaleShadish, William R.156961977N
Interpretation testWatt, Norman, Benjamin, Thomas B.83141977D
Interview summary & outlineAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil7762C
Intimacy checklistTognoli, Jerome103091967R
Inventory of affective aspects of schoolingHaladyna, Thomas: Slaughnessy, Joan149381982M
Inventory of beliefsAnthony, Sally M.103161966I
Inventory of children's preschool experiencesYarrow, Leon [et. al.]80481968D
Inventory of college activities (ICA)Astin, Alexander W.102701961G
Inventory of dramatic behaviorLazier, Gil [et. al.]98571971F
Inventory of habits and attitudesMonroe, Jack J.: Hill, Harris F.79561969D
Inventory of parent and peer attachmentArmsden, Gay C.: Greenberg, Mark T.TC020352Y
Inventory of Piaget's developmental tasksFurth, Hans93641970E
Inventory of psycho-social balance (IPB)Domino, George: Affonso, DyanneTC0201041988X
Inventory of readiness skills and inventario de habilidades papa aprender a leerShelquist, Jack: Breeze, Barbara: Jacquost, Bette113601975O
Inventory of roles and values of students, faculty, and administrationTroyer, Maurice E.57451967E
Inventory of self-hypnosisShor, Ronald E.53561970A
Inventory of student perceptions of instruction: elementary, high school and college formsScott, Owen10030G
Inventory of temporal experiencesYonge, George D.76851973B
Inventory to diagnose depression (IDD)Zimmerman, Mark178681983S
Invitational teaching survey (ITS)Amos, Lundee [et. al.]15305N
Iowa self assessment inventoryMorris, Woodrow W. [et. al.]175681985R
JIM scaleFrymier, Jack R.40211965A
Job components inventory (JCI) mark IIBanks, Michael H.8107441979T
Job diagnostic surveyHickman, J. Richard: Oldham, Greg R.51611974E
Job knowledge surveyLoesch, Larry C.102801973G
Job satisfaction blank no. 5Hoppock, Robert61051970A
Jurgensen classification inventoryJurgensen, Clifford E.32181947A
Juvenile probationer's behavior and attitude rating scaleHorejsi, Charles R.93761971E
Kansas adapted/special physical education testJohnson, Robert E.: Lavay, Barry173551988R
Karp inkblot response questionnaireKarp, Stephen A.TC0219231993BB
Karp objective word association testKarp, Stephen A.TC0219241993BB
Kennedy institute phonics test: experimental versionGuthrie, John T.: Seifert, Mary73481974A
Kessler PD scaleKessler, Sydney37321953A
Kiddie-infant descriptive instrument for emotional states (KIDIES)Stern, Daniel N.191311989T
Kilmann insight test (kit)Kilmann, Ralph H.61691972T
Kindergarten goal cardCincinnati Public Schools57181969C
Kindergarten language screening testMadison, Charles L.: Gauthier, Sharon V.84211975D
Kit of selected distraction testsKarp, Stephen A.24251962A
KNI developmental scaleWoellhof, Eldene61121965D
Know your body health survey, grade 3Resnicow, Ken19096T
Know your body health survey, grades 1-2Resnicow, Ken19095T
Know your body health survey, grades 4-6Resnicow, Ken19097T
Knowledge about psychology testCostin, Frank72811975A
Knowledge of infant development inventory and catalog of previous experience with infantsMcPhee, David164311983O
Knowledge test in nutrition for early childhoodPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116511979H
Knowledge test in nutrition for grade 1Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116541979H
Knowledge test in nutrition for grade 2Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116551979H
Knowledge test in nutrition for grade 3Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116561979H
Knowledge test in nutrition for home economics, grades 7-9Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116631979H
Knowledge test in nutrition for junior high healthPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116641980H
Knowledge test in nutrition for senior high healthPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116651980H
Knowledge tests in nutrition for grade 4Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116591979H
Knowledge tests in nutrition for grade 5Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116601979H
Knowledge tests in nutrition for grade 6Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center16611979H
Krantz health opinion surveyKrantz, David S.108921978G
Kubany counseling inventoryKubany, Albert J.17861975B
Kulm mathematics self-concept testKulm, Gerald138261973K
Laddishness scaleCampbell, Anne: Muncer, StevenTC0223852001CC
Language assessment tasksKellman, Marianne [et. al.]172981977Q
Language communication skills taskWang, Margaret: Rose, Suzanna5163C
Language development inventory for kindergarten or preschoolBoucher, Lyda K.: Hall, Pat: Morris, Glenn L.63551976E
Language dominance surveySan Bernardino City Unified School District9854F
Language proficiency measureTucson Unified School District146111985L
Law encounter severity scaleWitherspoon, A. D.: de Valera, E. K.: Jenkins, W. O.89061973E
Learner self-concept testDiLorenzo, Louis T.59501975A
Learning environment inventoryWalberg, Herbert J: Anderson, Gary J.49341969C
Learning strategies questionnaireNolen, Susan B.: Meece, Judith156041985N
Least preferred co-worker scaleFiedler, Fred E.:5857E
Leisure interest inventoryHubert, Edwina E.120731969I
Lester attitude toward death scaleLester, David17541974J
Lester point-score method for the Shaw blocks testLester, David1722D
Levels of emotional awareness scaleLane, Richard D.TC0215321991AA
Life activities achievement scalePiedmont, Ralph L.TC0211741989Z
Life experience scaleWagener, J. Mark1718B
Life history questionnaireHelmreich, Robert: Rudolf, Ronald72001971A
Life history questionnaireAnnon, Jack S.76901971A
Life priorities Q-sortHyman, Bernstein Ruth: Woog, Pierre C.156571982N
Life stress questionnaireVan Atta, Ralph E.92231977E
Life stress scale and scoring manual, second revision, 30 and 42 monthsEgeland, Byron164301977O
Life stressors and social resources inventoryMoos, Rudolf H.: Moos, Bernice S.169471990Q
Life stressors and social resources inventory-youth formMoos, Rudolf H.: Moos, Bernice S.171581990Q
Lifestyle preference surveyKahoe, Richard D.77771974C
Literary rating scaleTway, Eileen80061969C
Location-activity inventoryHunter, Marvin: Schooler, Carmi: Spohn, Herbert E.7717C
Locus of control inventory in three achievement domains (LOCITAD)Bradley, Robert H.98981976F
Long form family interview scheduleBlum, Richard H.76301972A
Louisville behavior checklist form DMiller, Lovick C.74531975B
Lyons relationship scaleGoucher, Elizabeth [et. al.]7469C
Mac B personal competence inventoryBrown, Jeanette A.: MacDougall, Mar Ann73161975A
Manifest alienation measureGould, Laurence98751969F
Manual for assessing minor physical anomaliesWaldrop, Mary F.6559D
Manual for the multiscore depression inventory (long and short forms)Berndt, David J.131601983J
Mapping of rulesFord, Frederick R.TC0201641969X
Marital autonomy and relatedness inventorySchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122601979J
Marjoribanks attitudes-to-school inventory, revisedMarjoribanks, Kevin8003351992S
Marjoribanks perceived family environment scale, revisedMarjoribanks, KevinTC8003341992X
Mark factor inventoryLewis, William A.93901978E
Marking-factor inventory revisedLewis, William A.93911978E
Marriage and vocational plans questionnaire (MVPO) / Life plans inventoryBursik, KrisanneTC0223842000CC
Martin-Larsen approval motivation scaleMartin, Harry J.: Larsen, Knud S.84961977D
Martinek-Zaichkowsky self-concept scale for childrenMartinek, Thomas J.: Zaichkowsky, Leonard D.78361965C
Martinez alcoholism assessment formRelinger, Helmut121691980L
Maryland parent attitude surveyPumroy, Donald K.56271966B
Massey health knowledge test for grades 4-6 (form A)Massey, Marilyn S.176611991R
Master of Arts oral rating scaleJohnson, Granville B.7197A
Matching familiar figures test, 20 item formCairns, Ed: Cammock, Tommy156811978N
Maternal attitude scaleCohler, Bertram: Weiss, Justin L.: Grunebaum, Henry U.73191972B
Maternal identity integration scaleBenn, Rita K.157311981P
Mathematical problem solving testsSchoenfeld, Alan H.121321980I
Mathematics achievement questionnaire: parent forms and student formsParsons, Jacqueline Eccles128681980K
Mathematics self concept scale (MSCS)Holly, Keith A.109801971I
Mathematics student surveys, questionnaires, optionnaires, and interviewsLevine, Maita136261976L
Matrix test of referential communicationGreenspan, Stephen: Barenboim, Carl83731975D
McCormick affective assessment techniqueMcCormick, Ronald R.140891972K
Measurement of achievement motivationOry, John C.: Poggio, John P.93671975E
Measures of global understandingBarrows, Thomas S. [et. al.]TC0110911981BB
Measures of valuesPierce, Robert A.: Schwartz, Allen J.76841975A
Mental health attitude scale (MHA) Mental retardation attitude scale (MRA)Pasewark, Richard A.95951972O
Mental illness behavior prediction scaleMancuso, James C.109541977G
Mental rotations test: a test of three-dimensional spatial visualizationVandenberg, S. G.TC011975CC
Mentor relationship questionnairesRunco, Mark : Albert, Robert S.148151986M
Mentor relationship questionnairesRunco, Mark : Albert, Robert S.148161986M
Method for assessing mastery in one-year old infantsMorgan, George A. [et. al.]87211976D
Michaux test for clinical research psychologists, experimental form 4Michaux, William W.: Suziedelis, Antanas74741967A
Middle grades mathematics project, spatial visualization testLappan, Glenda [et. al.]160031981O
Miniaturized total interaction analysis systemHeger, Herbert K.104741969G
Minimal reading proficiency assessmentMcDonald, Thomas F.: Moorman, Gary B.76641972A
Minimum mathematics competency testKern Union High School District98701976F
Minimum measurement competencies for classroom teachersAllam, Salah M.106861980G
Minimum reading competency testKern Union High School District98711976F
Minnesota marking attitude scaleTerwilliger, James S.: Cooper, Douglas: Straton, Ralph G.100261971F
Minnesota school attitude survey (MSAS)Ahlgren, AndrewTC012400/TC0124011983V
Minority-majority relations surveySodowsky, Gargi Roysircar184381989S
Mississippi scale for combat-related posttraumatic stress disorderKeane, Terence M. [et. al.]168071986P
Modified questionnaire on the occupational status of womenBingham, William C: Turner, Carol J.115471980H
Modified Weigl test and recognition test of bases of groupingsWard, Lionel O.: Simon, A.119281980I
Moral development testMa, Hing KeungTC0189241982T
Moral dilemma experimentBronfenbrenner, Urie [et. al.]102621967G
Morgan punishment-situation indexMorgan, Patricia K.: Gaier, Eugene L.58001956E
Morrison's passive aggression scale for pupilsMorrison, Evelyn84171977D
Most preferred co-worker scaleFiedler, Fred E.:5856E
MOTEC testZiv, Abner9220081976E
Mother as teacher taskOlmsted, Patricia P.7088A
Mother Goose problems test: revised editionTorrance, E. Paul58391970B
Mother's PARI Q4 (parental attitude research instrument)Schludermann, Eduard: Schludermann, Shirin121081979I
Mother-infant interaction during feeding rating scalesOsofsky, Joy D.77661974C
Motives for competition scaleSuinn, Richard M.186241977T
Motor-academic-perceptual skill development checklistSmith, Donna K.82971973D
Multi-factorial scale of anxietyFenz, Walter D.: Epstein, S.830289D
Multidimensional test of self concept, revisedLathrop, Richard G.152201987O
Multiethnic awareness surveyCoffin, Gregory C. [et. al.]131721977J
Multifactor racial attitude inventory: form C-8Woodmansee, John J.: Cook, Stuart74001970C
Multifactor racial attitude inventory: short formArd, Nicholas: Cook, Stewart W.74041970C
Multiple management styles inventorySmith, August William150961987M
Multiple-choice marijuana information testColaiuta, Victoria: Breed, George81831976C
Multivariate personality inventoryMagaro, Peter A.145571980M
Munby systemMunby, Hugh8303381977F
My education in scienceUguroglu, E.: Walberg, Herbert J.135851981L
My thoughts: a self-evaluation instrumentRichardson, Edward T.86281975D
NachNaff scaleLindgren, Henry Clay83321976D
National school psychology questionnaireSmith, Douglas K.145661981M
Nature and function of social work questionnaireTaber, Merlin: Vattano, Anthony J.61821975B
Navajo-English language dominance interviewSpolsky, Bernard: Holm, Wayne73421970B
Need satisfaction schedule IILollar, Donald J.: Smits, Stanley J.145581971N
Neuro-developmental observationOzer, Mark N.51231973B
Neurological evaluationOzer, Mark N.49451967B
Neuropsychological impairment scaleO'Donnell, William E.: Reynolds, Don135861983L
New physician's rating list (for out-patients)Free, Spencer7812C
News morbidity scaleHaskins, Jack B.145821982M
Nine symptom checklistSpitzer, Robert L.: Williams, Janet B. W.: Kroenke, KurtTC021071Z
Nisonger child behavior rating form (N-CBRF)Aman, Michael G. [et. al.]TC0200811996X
Non-verbal scale of sufferingKent, Theodore C.156161981N
Non-verbal scale of suffering (N-V SOS)Kent, Theodore C.TC0213971972AA
Non-verbal technique for assessing frustration response in preschool childrenVondracek, Fred W.84901977D
Nonconformity scaleSmith, Robert J.7710B
Nottingham class management observation scheduleWragg, E. C.810427I
Nowicki-Strickland locus of control scaleNowicki, Stephen: Strickland, Bonnie R.68391971C
Nowicki-Strickland locus of control scale for children, preschool and primNowicki, Stephen: Duke, Marshall P.101921973E
Nuclear attitudes questionnaire and nuclear I.Q. testKierulff, Stephen151821985M
Nursery school behavior inventoryWalker, Richard N.71851962A
Nursery school situationsAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil77611966C
Nutrition achievement tests 1, 2, 3, & 4National Dairy Council, Rosemont, IL: University at ChicagoTC010279&TC0142991985V
Nutrition attitude instrument for grades 7-12Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116661980H
Nutrition attitude instrument for preschoolPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116521980H
Nutrition attitude instrument for the intermediate gradesPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116621979H
Nutrition attitude instrument for the primary gradesPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116571979H
Nutrition attitude scaleByrd-Bredhenner, Carol107421980G
Nutrition knowledge instrumentSullivan, Ann D.8304901984Q
Nutrition knowledge testByrd-Bredhenner, Carol107431980G
Nutrition knowledge test for elementary teachersPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116671978H
Nutrition knowledge test for nursery and kindergartenPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116501978H
Nutrition knowledge test for the primary gradesPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116531978H
Nutrition test item bank for the intermediate gradesPennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116581979H
Oaster stressor scalesOaster, Thomas R. F.119921982I
Observation scale of behavioral distress revisedJay, Susan M.TC0193461986W
Observational record of inpatient behavior (ORIB)Rosen, Alexander J.182111977S
Observer rating scale of anxiety (ORSA)Melamed, Barbara J.184711975S
Observer ratings of children, revisedEmmerich, Walter [et. al.]166941977P
Occupational questionnaireClement, Sarah8107001985T
Oddi continuing learning inventory-adolescent versionFlemish, FrankTC0215772000AA
One word sentence completion: Veldman-Menaker-Peck, form 62Veldman, Donald J.: Menaker, S. L.: Peck, R. F.82791971D
Open middle interviewPolifka, Julie A. [et. al.]165311981P
Open processing scaleLeavitt, Clark: Walton, John R.148641974M
Optimism and pessimism instrumentDember, William N.TC198421983V
Optimism and pessimism questionnaireDember, William N. [et. al.]TC0201971989X
Optionnaire on attitudes toward educationLindgren, Henry Clay: Kelley, Ida B.52781961B
Oral language proficiency scaleNot stated101621978E
Oral reading and recall evaluation scaleTaylor, Janet B.134581979J
Organicism-mechanism paradigm inventoryGermer, Christopher [et. al.]123911982K
Organizational frustration scaleSpector, Paul E.49311975A
Orientation to learningShapiro, Stewart B.154121985N
Orientation to occupational and family integration scaleGilbert, Lucia AlbinoTC0204391991Y
Ott test of oral language: English and SpanishOtt, Elizabeth70061975A
Overview snapshot observational technique (OSOT)Coller, Allen R.70731972A
Pain anxiety symptoms scaleGross, Richard T.TC020257X
Pain experience scaleTurk, Dennis C.TC0192901984V
Palo Alto group psychotherapy scaleFinney, Ben C.7480A
Paragraph completion testSchroder, Harold M.1719A
Parent as educator interview, short formSchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122591979J
Parent attitude questionnairePennsylvania State University, University Park, Nutrition Information and Resource Center116721980H
Parent attitudes toward school effectiveness questionnaire (PASTE)Gable, Robert K.164291985O
Parent attribution testBugental, Daphne173061983Q
Parent behavior inventory, form CWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith149041986N
Parent behavior inventory, form C-BWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith149051986N
Parent behavior inventory, form EWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith149061986N
Parent behavior inventory, original form, form A, form C, form C-B, elementary form EWorell, , Leonard: Worell, Judith89281986N
Parent behavior progression, revisedBrownwich, Rose M.169551983Q
Parent discipline inventoryDlugokinski, Eric L.84891973D
Parent education-involvement attitude scalePasley, Kay107031977F
Parent education-involvement behavior scalePasley, Kay102331977F
Parent effectiveness training testSwan, Raymond W.121241980I
Parent interviewBerleman, William C.: Steinbum, Thomas W.96201964E
Parent perception inventoryHazzard, Ann [et. al.]173011983Q
Parent practices inventoryCromwell, Rue L.67031975A
Parent problem checklistDadds, MarkTC021450AA
Parent report of child behavior to the parent, short formSchaefer, Earl S.TC0122631977CC
Parent report of child behavior toward parent inventorySchaefer, Earl S.151791975M
Parent temperament questionnaire for childrenChess, Stella [et. al.]97381977F
Parent's expectations inventoryMakamura, Charles Y.: Rogers, Mary M.72081969B
Parent's questionnaireConners, C. Keith95111970E
Parent's reportCohen, Donald: Dibble, Eleanor78711975C
Parent-child interaction observation scheduleSigel, Irving E.: Flaugher, JanTC017051Z
Parent-child interaction rating scalesHeilbrun, Alfred B.7504B
Parent-infant feeding observation scaleOsofsky, Joy D.: Danzger, Barbara84471974D
Parental attachment questionnaire (PAQ)Kenny, Maureen189481985T
Parental attitude research instrument (Glasser-Radin revision)Glasser, Paul: Radin, Norma80381965E
Parental attitudes toward mentally retarded children scaleLove, Harold D.94281967F
Parental modernity inventorySchaefer, Earl S.: Edgerton, MariannaTC0122551981CC
Parental response inventory-revisedMiller, Thomas W.145201983N
Patient health questionnaireSpitzer, Robert L.: Williams, Janet B. W.: Kroenke, KurtTC0210651999Z
Peer rating scaleFeldhusen, John F.: Hynes, Kevin P.: Widlak, Frederic W.85241973E
Peer rating scaleRubenstein, Gerald: Fisher, Lawrence: Iker, Howard78291975C
Penn inventory for posttraumatic stress disorderHammarberg, MelvynTC0207091990Y
Pennsylvania assessment of creative tendencyRookey, Jerome83091968D
Perceived equity scaleSpector, Paul E.: White, Louis P.: Cohen, Stephen L.77761975C
Perceived parenting questionnaireMacDonald, A. P.5617C
Perceived sociocultural influences questionnaireRicciardelli, Lina A.: McCabe, Marita P.TC0217122000BB
Perceived stress indexJacobs, Paul D.: Munz, David C.5073C
Perception of social closeness scaleHorne, Marcia D.115481977L
Perceptions of computers and technologyHogarty, Kristine Y.: Lang, Thomas R.: Kromrey, Jeffrey D.TC0221852003CC
Perceptual acuity testGough, Harrison G.: Perry, Ethel McGurk111711967H
Performance assessment record for teachersBrown, Bob Burton59481968A
Performance test of activities of daily livingKuriansky, Judith B.: Gurland, Barry J.83131977D
Personal attributes questionnaireSpence, Janet T.: Helmrich, Robert: Stapp, Joy7795C
Personal beliefs inventoryBrown, Bob Burton71681968B
Personal experiences questionnaireShor, Ronald E.75381961A
Personal independence profileNosek, Margaret A.TC020165X
Personal inventoryMonroe, Jack J.: Hill, Harris F.79551964D
Personal opinions survey (Title in index: Personal opinion survey)Coan, Richard W.: Fairchild, Marcia T.76631971A
Personal reactions inventoryDoyne, Elizabeth: Beutler, Larry115441981H
Personal value systems questionnaireManley, T. Roger: Manley, Eleyse T.105881980F
Personality profile inventorySmith, William August150971986M
Philadelphia Geriatric Center moral scale, revisedLawton, M. Powell [et. al.]121061975I
Philosophies of human nature scaleWrightsman, Lawrence S.66991964I
Physical fitness test battery for mentally retarded childrenFait, Hollis8105D
Physical symptom surveyCuevas, Jacqueline: Vaux, Alan140791982K
Pictorial interest inventoryScarborough, Barron B.TC0061801959V
Pikunas graphoscopic scalePikanus, Justin P.41751969A
Pittsburgh auditory testsCraig, Helen B.: Craig, William N.: Sehlin, Cynthia83491975D
Playground movement confidence inventory (PMCI)Griffin, Norma S.: Crawford, Michael E.174721983T
Political and cultural elicitation routineCandee, Dan58291974B
Post high school self-concept of ability scaleBrookover, Wilbur B. [et. al.]TC0070871967Y
Potential interpersonal competence scaleRemer, Rory108751972G
PPP copying testLevine, Eleanor L.: Fineman, Carol: Donlon, Genevieve M.84831973D
PPP school sentence formLevine, Eleanor L.: Fineman, Carol: Donlon, Genevieve M.84841973D
PPP writing testLevine, Eleanor L.: Fineman, Carol: Donlon, Genevieve M.84851973D
Pre-grade one goal cardJacobs, James N.53291966A
Pre-kindergarten goal cardJacobs, James N.53281966A
Pre-kindergarten goal card: 1968 revisionCincinnati Public Schools5719A
Pre-kindergarten scaleFlynn, Tim69681970C
Pre-school disability identification and preventionMetzger, H. Bruce77551973C
Pregnancy research questionnaire and postnatal research inventorySchaefer, Earl:123921960K
Prekindergarten Saginaw objective referenced testQuimper, Barry E.: Claus, Richard N.167861978P
Preschool handedness inventory (PHI) and preschool fine motor scale (PFMS)Tan, Lesley E.161211985P
Preschool health knowledge instrumentAndrews, Richard: Hendricks, Charlotte M.169531987P
Preschool observation scheduleBusse, Thomas V.: Ree, Malcolm: Gutride, Marilyn70811969A
Preschool orientation and mobility (Q&M) screeningAssociation for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER)187661989T
Preschool racial attitude measure IIWilliams, John E.6403A
Primary economics testLarkins, Gary: Shaver, James P.66121967A
Primary grade retarded-trainable children's referral and behavior rating formPeterson, Rolf A.: Gorski, Sally: Kreisman, Rhoda L.8501E
Primary self-concepts testAndrews, R. J. [et. al.]8001711970G
Primary test of higher processes of thinkingWilliams, Winnie V.131611978J
Principals' managerial behavior scaleEvans, VirdenTC0206681990Y
Printing performance school readiness test, revised editionSimner, Marvin L.116081983I
Prison fantasy questionnaireBeit-Hallahmi, Benjamin6174C
Problem solving assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203871993BB
Procedures in dealing with childrenHeld, John M.: Comwell, Rue L.1717A
Process for in-school screening of children with emotional handicapsBower, Eli M.: Lambert, Nadine M.1532C
Procrastination assessment scale-students (PASS)Rothblum, Esther: Soloman, Laura J.172621984R
Profile of occupational interestsDunne, Faith135611978J
Profiles in listening and readingCarlisle, Joanne F.182101987S
Prueba de la terminacion de la frase de FehrenbachFehrenbach, Alice61191974G
Prueba de lecturaOzete, Oscar98511978F
Psychiatric aide testDistefano, Michael K. [et. al.]TC0081701975V
Psycholinguistic coding manual for reports of sleep and stimulus independent waking state experienceAntrobus, John S. [et. al.]87371977D
Psychological differentiation inventoryEvans, Frederick J.106841967G
Psychological separation inventory (PSI)Hoffman, Jeffrey A.186251985T
Psychological skills inventoryStrayhorn, Joseph M.174021990R
Psychopathic personality inventoryLilienfield, Scott O.TC0207011990Y
Psychosis proneness scalesChapman, Loren J.174741982Q
Pupil behavior inventory early education versionSarri, Rosemary: Radin, Norma89181973E
Pupil classroom behavior scaleDayton, C. Mitchell95741967E
Pupil communication skills inventoryBrentwood Union Free School District9894F
Pupil evaluation measureEvans, Velma: Whitney, Edward80081976C
Pupil rating formWatt, Norman F.83161977D
Purcell incomplete sentences: a projective test for childrenPurcell, John Wallace60201967A
Purdue blueprint reading testOwen, H. F.: Arnold, J. N.TC0050021942U
Purdue clerical adaptability test, form A revisedLawshe, C. H. [et. al.]TC0048061956U
Purdue consistency testing questionnaireOzok, A. AntTC0215342000AA
Purdue creativity test, form G and HLawshe, C. H.: Harris, D. H.TC0025231960U
Purdue elementary problem-solving inventoryFeldhusen, John F.: Houtz, John C.: Ringenbach, Susan7121C
Purdue home stimulation inventory, sections I-IIIWachs, Theodore D.9227E
Purdue industrial mathematics testLawshe, C. H.: Price, Dennis H.TC0016981946U
Purdue industrial supervisors word-meaning testTiffin, Joseph: Long, Donald A.TC0001871952U
Purdue industrial training classification testLawshe, C. H.: Moutoux, A. C.TC0045611942U
Purdue instructional television attitude scaleSeibert, Warren F.TC0031681958V
Purdue instructor performance indicatorSnedeker, J. H.: Remmers, H. H.TC0042281960V
Purdue interview schedule for parents of primary grade childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8100C
Purdue mathematics training testKeller, M. W. [et. al.]TC0021231951V
Purdue mechanical adaptability testLawshe, C. H.: Tiffin, JosephTC002896U
Purdue non-language personnel testTiffin, JosephTC0050031969V
Purdue opinion panelPurdue University Measurement and Research Center, Lafayette, INTC0096631971V
Purdue rating scale for administrators and executivesRemmers, H. H.: Hobson, R. L.TC0024371950U
Purdue rating scale for instructionRemmers, H. H.: Elliott, D. N.TC0024381950U
Purdue reading testRemmers, H. H.: Stalnaker, John M.TC0009781928V
Purdue reading test for industrial supervisorsTiffin, Joseph: Dunlap, RoyTC0016891955U
Purdue self concept scale for primary grade childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8099E
Purdue self-concept scale for preschool childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8098C
Purdue social attitude scales for preschool childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8096C
Purdue social attitude scales for primary grade childrenCicirelli, Victor G.8097E
Purdue spatial visualization testGuay, RolandTC0091991976V
Purdue student-teacher opinionaireBentley, Ralph R.: Price, Jo-AnnTC0069801969BB
Purdue teacher evaluation scaleBentley, Ralph R.: Starry, Allan R.TC0069791970V
Purdue teacher opinionaireBentley, Ralph R.: Rempel, Averno M.TC006911CC
Purdue trade information test for sheetmetal workersTiffin, Joseph: Griffin, W. B.TC0045571958U
Purdue trade information test in carpentryTiffin, Joseph: Mengelkoch, R. F.TC0045581952U
Purdue trade information test in engine lathe operationCochran, Robert: Tiffin, JosephTC0045591955U
Purdue trade information test in weldingTiffin, Joseph: Griffin, Warren B.TC0045601952U
Q-sort inventory of parenting behaviorsLawton, Joseph T.175801983R
Q-sort procedure for describing nursery schoolAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil: Maupin, Barbara77601966C
Q-test of religious conceptsNelson, Marven O.: Jones, Edward Morris160841957P
Quality of life indexFerrans, Carol Estwing: Powers, Marjorie J.TC021190Z
Questionnaire for eating disorder diagnosisMintz, Laurie: O'Halloran, Sean: Mulholland, AmyTC0207861997Y
Questionnaire for teen-agers and young adultsSchludermann, Eduard: Schludermann, Shirin121071970I
Questionnaire on influencesLynch, P. P.: Walters, Malcolm8003091979Q
Questionnaire on patient-generated feelings in security personnelHerzog, David B.117691979O
Questionnaire on the occupational status of womenBingham, William C: House, Elaine W.75251970A
Questionnaire to measure the values of pupils, parents and school personnelRyan, T. Antoinette102421975F
R-B number readiness scale (Title in index: R-B number readiness test)Roberts, Dorothy M.: Bloom, Irving83121974D
RAM scale, revisedWright, Claudia R.: Brown, Gordon F.139431983P
Ramak interest inventoryMeir, Elchanan I.7721C
Rank order of parental valuesEdgerton, Marianna: Schaefer, Earl S.136231977L
Rating scale for adjustment to collegeBaker, Robert W.: Siryk, Bohdan138351980K
Rating scale for self-disclosure in preadolescentsVondracek, Fred W.: Vondracek, Sarah I.84911977D
Rating scales children's attitudes toward the physically handicappedRapier, Jacqueline [et. al.]103021969G
Rational behavior inventoryShorkey, Clayton T.: Whiteman, Victor L.92451973E
Reaction inventory - guiltEvans, David R.8302841970C
Reading assessment for language learning youngstersMineola Union Free School District, NY129541975K
Reading test for vocational educationWeiss, Lucile90111976E
Reasons for quitting scaleCurry, Susan J.TC0217171989BB
Recalled childhood gender identity scaleZucker, Kenneth JayTC0215871991AA
Regional Resource Center diagnostic inventories in reading and mathThe Northwest Regional Resource Center, Eugene, Oregon135661971J
Relational competence measuresSpitzberg, Brian H. [et. al.]018631-018641T
Religious association scale (short form)Embree, Robert A.10274F
Religious behavior check listApfeldorf, Max47451969E
Religious behavior questionnaireApfeldorf, Max47441969E
Religious belief questionnaireApfeldorf, Max: Smith, Walter J.47951969E
Repairs of misunderstanding during communication codeLee, Lee C.: Spieker, Susan99021979F
Repertory testWatt, Norman F.: Benjamin, Thomas B.83151977D
Reputation enhancement scaleCarroll, Annemaree [et. al.]TC0220251977CC
Research training environment scaleGelso, Charles J. [et. al.]170041986Q
Research training environment scaleGelso, Charles J.: MallinckrodtTC0213931996AA
Resident evaluation formArnold, Louise M.158371979N
Response empathy rating scale-revisedElliott, Robert [et. al.]117511981I
Response to childhood incest questionnaireDonaldson, Mary Ann: Gardner, RussellTC0217131983BB
Responsible risk-taking inventorySmith, William August150981986M
Revealed difference questionnaire (RDQ)Jacob, Theodore175021974R
Revised scale of employabilityBolton, Brian76861970A
Roberts revision of the UCLA loneliness scaleRoberts, Robert E.TC0209381986Z
Role perception batterySterling, James W.77001972E
Rumstein agreement/disagreement testRumstein, Regina9745F
Russell Sage social relations testDamrin, Dora E.15311959B
Rystrom dialect deviation testRystrom, Richard C.7205C
Santa Clara inventory of developmental tasksGainer, William M. [et. al.]86791974N
Scale for measuring attitude toward any defined groupRemmers, H. H.TC0027731960U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any disciplinary procedureClouse, V. R.TC002787U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any institutionRemmers, H. H.TC0027741960U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any playDimmitt, MildredTC002786U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any social situationHuffman, ElnaTC002783U
Scale for measuring attitude toward any teacherHoshaw, L. D.TC002784U
Scale for measuring attitude toward races and nationalitiesGrice, H. H.TC002788U
Scale for measuring attitude toward teachingMiller, Floyd D.TC002782U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any home-making activityRemmers, H. H.TC0027781960U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any practiceRemmers, H. H.TC0027771960U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any proposed social actionRemmers, H. H.TC0027761960U
Scale for measuring attitudes toward any vocationRemmers, H. H.TC0027721960U
Scale for measuring individual and group "morale"Remmers, H. H.TC0027791960U
Scale to measure attitude toward any advertisementHenion, Ruth E.TC002785U
Scale to measure attitude toward any high school subjectRemmers, H. H.TC0027801960U
Scales of alienated attitudeNettler, Gwynn8302861972C
Scales to measure attitudes toward industrial psychology and psychological testingRhoads, Rodney F.: Landy, Frank J.76281973A
Scales to measure attitudes toward marijuana and marijuana usersColaiuta, Victoria: Breed, George79441976C
Schematic concept formation taskEvans, Selby H.76871975B
Schenectady kindergarten rating scalesConrad, W. Glenn: Tobiessen, Jon E.8372D
Schillace loss scaleSchillace, RalphTC0216101994AA
Schillace post-traumatic vulnerability scaleSchillace, RalphTC0216111994AA
Schillace trauma scaleSchillace, RalphTC0216121994AA
School behavior checklistMiller, Lovick C.74511975B
School behavior profileBalow, Bruce: Robin, Rosalyn81061974C
School counselor attitude inventoryBaker, Stanley B.61601971B
School effectiveness analysis: instrumentsKentucky Department of Education160201984O
School expectations inventory / School description inventoryAnderson, Barry D.121301970L
School improvement program needs assessment questionnaire, elementary schoolsDodson, Anna C. [et. al.]159821984O
School improvement program needs assessment questionnaire, middle schoolsDodson, Anna C. [et. al.]159831987O
School improvement program needs assessment questionnaire, secondary schoolsDodson, Anna C. [et. al.]159841987O
School performance checklistMacy, Daniel J.10203E
Science observation assessmentEducational Testing ServiceTC0203901993CC
Science outdoor learning environment inventory (SOLEI)Tamir, Pinchas [et. al.]TC0220261995CC
Science textbook evaluation instrumentKentucky Department of Education121701980K
Science vocabulary inventoryBethune, Paul71291969A
Scientific word association testGough, Harrison G.82991976E
Sears self-concept inventory: abbreviated formSears, Pauline S.67011966B
Secondary school counselor optionnaire formCheek, Jimmy G.: Christiansen, James E.91661975E
Secondary school principal optionnaire formCheek, Jimmy G.: Christiansen, James E.91651975E
Selected creativity tasksAbraham, Eugene C.8833E
Self concept clarity rating scalesTurner, Carol J.: Record, Albert L.111441979H
Self efficacy questionnaire for social skillsZeiss, Antonette M.: Moe, Karl O.171721982Q
Self report inventoryBown, Oliver H.179321958R
Self report jealousy scale, revisedBringle, Robert G.120001982I
Self- and role-concept instrumentRichardson, Mary Sue77191973C
Self-appraisal scaleGreenberg, Judith W.: Davidson, Helen H.8731D
Self-care skill level evaluation checklistWaukegan Development Center10197E
Self-concept of ability form: elementary formBrookover, Wilbur B. [et. al.]TC0070861967Y
Self-concept of ability scale: general formBrookover, Wilbur B. [et. al.]TC0070851964Y
Self-concept rating scale for childrenLipsitt, Lewis P.77051958C
Self-control questionnaire (SCQ)Rehm, Lynn P.180441980S
Self-description inventoryGhiselli, Edwin E.4017B
Self-esteem inventoryGrobe, Robert P.98781974F
Self-other location chartKent, Theodore C.TC0214491972AA
Self-perception of the parental roleMacPhee, David [et. al.]167381985P
Self-rating scales on creativity and conformityNoppe, Lloyd D.9742F
Self-social symbols tasks: adolescent formLong, Barbara H.: Henderson, Edmund H.: Ziller, Robert C.85611973G
Self-statement test: 60+Fichten, Catherine S.: Libman, Eva: Creti, LauraTC0219511994BB
Semantic differential scale: achievement-related conceptsGreenberg, Judith W.: Davidson, Helen H.8733D
Semantic features testEvanechko, Peter O.: Maguire, T. O.71891975A
Semantic studyEngler, John P.72661975E
Sensation seeking scaleZuckerman, Marvin70041975B
Sensitivity to children questionnaireStollack, Gary E.71041973A
Separation individuation test of adolescenceLevine, John B.: Green, Catherine J.: Millon, TheodoreTC0192341986W
Severely handicapped progress inventoryDunlap, William C. [et. al.]139641983K
Sex attitude measureWilliams, John E.: Best, Deborah L.83111976D
Sex attitude scaleRotter, George S.104461978G
Sex role behavior scale, short formOrlofsky, Jacob L.159941982N
Sex role behavior scale-2Orlofsky, Jacob L.159301982N
Sex role differentiation in physical education attitude measureChrietzberg, Agnes L.135391980J
Sex role ideology and family orientation scaleAngrist, Shirley S.: Mickelson, Richard: Penna, Anthony N.86721976D
Sex role learning indexEdelbrock, Craig: Sugawara, Alan I.135621978J
Sex role semantic differential (SRSD)Hafner, R. Julian8003161988T
Sex role stereotyping and educational equity in phys. Ed. Knowl. Tests, forms A and BChrietzberg, Agnes L.135401981J
Sex stereotype measure IIWilliams, John E.: Best, Deborah L.83101976D
Sex-role concept interviewKuhn, Deanna9226E
Sex-role surveyMacDonald, A. P.74961975B
Sexism in occupationsRich, Roy: Mandra, Debra: Braun, Robin886671977D
Sexual attitude change scaleAnnon, Jack S.: Robinson, C. H.76921974A
Sexual attitude survey (Title in index: Sexual attitude inventory)Kilpatrick, Dean G.6021A
Sexual behavior inventoryAnnon, Jack S.: Robinson, C. H.76931974A
Sexual fear inventoryAnnon, Jack S.76911971A
Sexual history formAnnon, Jack S.76941971A
Sharp consumer satisfaction scaleTanner, Barry A.145181981L
Shiffman-Jarvik smoking withdrawal questionnaireShiffman, Saul M.: Jarvik, Murray E.TC019310W
Short test of linguistic skills: pilot version, Spanish-EnglishFrederickson, Charles K.78961975C
Sibling inventory of behaviorSchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122541979I
Sibling inventory of differential experienceDaniels, Denise: Plomin, Robert146031984M
Sickness impact profileConn, Joanne: Bobbitt, Ruth A.: Bergner, Marilyn107921977G
Sigel conceptual style sorting taskSigel, Irving E.80071967D
Simmons behavior checklistReinherz, Helen Z.122321980I
Single parenting questionnaireStolberg, Arnold: Ullman, Ann J.145151985L
Situation exercisesFeldhusen, John F.: Thurston, John R.: Benning, James J.85271964E
Six music conservation tasksZimmerman, Marilyn: Sechrest, Lee83291964D
Sizing up your school subjectsDyer, Henry S.: Ferris, Anne H.15131959B
Sleep behaviors scale: 60+Fichten, Catherine S.: Libman, Eva: Creti, LauraTC0219501995BB
Sleep questionnaireFichten, Catherine S. [et. al.]TC0219471995BB
Small college goals inventoryEducational Testing ServiceTC011045Y
Social acceptance scaleWoods, Douglas W.TC0213981997AA
Social adjustment scaleWeissman, Myrna [et. al.]12056K
Social adjustment scale-interview formatWeissman, Myrna76191973Q
Social assets inventorySchaefer, Earl: Edgerton, Marianna122581981I
Social behaviors inventory (SBI)Jackson, Marie Annette180611986S
Social distance scaleBogardus, Emory S.31641975B
Social interaction and social situations questionnaireFichten, Catherine S.178561984T
Social interest scaleCrandall, James E.83331975D
Social judgment scaleSpragg, Paul A.TC0191931983W
Social learning environment rating scaleWarshow, Joyce P.: Bepko, Raymond A.79191974C
Social opinions inventoryFinley, Cecile Bolton4184A
Social provisions scaleCutrona, Carloyn: Russell, Daniel WayneTC0205851984Y
Social reticence scale: a measure of shynessJones, Warren H.113441977H
Social support inventory for people with acquired disabilities, research edition (SSIPAD)McColl, Mary Ann: Friedland, Judith8305151991S
Social support inventory for stroke survivors (SSISS)McColl, Mary Ann8304921984S
Sociometric status testMoore, Shirley G.77981973C
Sociometric testMacDonald, A. P.77671969C
Sociomoral reflection objective measureGibbs, John C.138731984K
Something about myselfKhatena, Joe68441970A
SONSO personality inventoryKentle, Robert L.TC0203821994X
Spanish criterion referenced testAustin Independent School District96971974F
Spanish-English dominance assessment testSpolsky, Bernard: Murphy, Penny73411970A
Spatial experience questionnaireMcDaniel, Ernest [et. al.]141511977L
Special fitness test manual for mildly mentally retarded persons (Aahper-Kennedy foundation special fitness test)American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance119931968S
Specific fear questionnairesKlorman, Rafael [et. al.]115431974H
Speech and language growth for the Mexican-American studentProul, Peter111911971H
Spiegel personality inventorySpiegel, Donald E.9877F
Sport self-in-role scaleCurry, Timothy John: Parr, Robert186231987S
Sports attitude questionnaireWright, Wendy: Rubin, Stephen165811989P
Sports equity surveyPennsylvania Department of Education116481978H
Spouse observation checklistWills, Thomas A.: Weiss, Robert L.: Patterson, Gerald R.56161974B
Standard English repetition test (SERT)The Kamehameha Early Education Project102691974G
Standard student interview formBlum, Richard H.76311969E
Staten Island behavior scaleMandell, Wallace: Cooper, Allan: Silberstein, Richard H.60651963D
STEP observation scheduleWallen, Norman E.101651969E
Stephens-Delys reinforcement contingency interviewStephens, Mark W.: Delys, Pamela10216G
Stick-figure rating scaleAdelman, Howard S.: Sperber, Zanwil77591966C
STILAP: State Technical Institute's leisure assessment processNavar, Nancy H.: Peterson, Carol Ann122331979I
Story completion of delay of need gratification (SCT)Campos, Leonard P.70771961S
Stover-Guerney-O'Connell systemStover, Lillian: Guerney, Bernard G.: O'Connell, Mary80171971C
Straus rural attitudes profileStraus, Murray A.3130B
Structured divorce questionnaireReinhard, David W.112761970H
Structured interview for assessing TABP phenomenaWright, Logan166411986Q
Student athlete recruitment decision making surveyMathes, Sharon, Gurney, GeraldTC0145251984BB
Student attitude scaleSeagren, Alan T.73251975A
Student attitudinal outcome measures (SOAM)Amos, Lundee [et. al.]15306N
Student drinking information scaleGonzalez, Geraldo M.TC0196551978V
Student drug surveyHays, J. Ray17821971B
Student evaluation of teachers and learningRichardson, Edward T.8629D
Student evaluation of teachingVeldman, Donald J.: Peck, R. F.82801970D
Student geometry achievement testBackman, Carl A.88771969E
Student goals exploration: classroom research setStark, Joan S. [et. al.]173831991S
Student goals exploration: institutional research setStark, Joan S. [et. al.]185041991S
Student motivation questionnaireBrophy, Jere E.: Merrick, Mari172071985Q
Student opinion surveyMcMillan, James H.TC0195291995V
Student participation questionnaireFinn, Jeremy D.175751990R
Student perception of learning and teachingMcKeachie, W. J.9013E
Student perception of teacher styleTuckman, Bruce W.55951971B
Student planning surveyEllis, Robert A.: Marquis, Lucian95001961E
Student self-appraisal inventoryGaines, Josephine47101961A
Student self-rating scale of excellenceGadzella, Bernadette M.: Fournet, Gelnn P.4306C
Student surveyDowney, Ronald G.: Lynch, Michael L.111051977G
Student thinking about problem solving scaleArmour-Thomas, Eleanor170021988Q
Students' attitude toward the mentally handicappedCampbell, N. Jo [et. al.]145801982M
Students' evaluation of professors' effectiveness: a socially valid instrumentRunco, Mark A.: Akau, Becky Thurston148171986N
Study of choicesWoodruff, Asahel D.24921948A
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