Video Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Beginning Researchers

Tutorial 2: Intermediate Researchers

Tutorial 3: Advanced Researchers


  • You will notice that there are three suites of videos: Tutorial 1: Beginning Researchers (meant for first-year students or those new to college-level research), Tutorial 2: Intermediate Researchers (ideal for juniors or seniors), and Tutorial 3: Advanced Researchers (upper-division or graduate students already comfortable with research basics).
  • Each video contributes to one or more of the Pfau Library’s Information Literacy Program Student Learning Outcomes (see CIL at the Pfau Library). The videos build upon one another, but they can also be viewed individually. Corresponding learning outcomes are listed above each video, and research vocabulary terms are listed below.
  • Each tutorial concludes with a quiz of 15 to 20 questions. Students sign in with their name, Coyote ID #, and e-mail address. The quiz is scored automatically, and students receive a certificate of completion that they can print out and turn in to you. They can also download the certificate and e-mail you a copy if you prefer.