CIL Award for Faculty

2017 Pfau Library Critical Information Literacy Award

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Pfau Library Critical Information Literacy Award is to support faculty in integrating critical information literacy (CIL) into their courses. Support will include a $300 stipend to faculty who develop and implement a CIL assignment and its assessment in their Fall 2017 course.


All part-time, full-time, tenured or tenure-track CSUSB faculty are eligible for project support. Faculty who teach General Education courses are encouraged to apply.


  • Submit CIL Award application (below) with the requested information
  • Attend 2 two-hour CIL faculty workshops, one in late June and one in late August
  • Use instructional and assessment materials from the Pfau Library’s Critical Information Literacy Laboratory for Faculty in your class
  • Produce a brief report in any format (text, video, PowerPoint, etc.) describing what you did and the results of your work

Applications are due June 12, 2017. Apply online here:


Spring 2016 Award Recipients

Michael Chao, Biology

Arianna Huhn, Anthropology

Carolyn McAllister, Social Work

Terri Nelson, World Language & Literatures

Alexandru Roman, Public Administration

Fall 2016 Award Recipients

Monideepa Becerra, Health Science & Human Ecology

Dawn Blue, Nursing

Kimberly Collins, Public Administration

Nicole Kanahale-Stutz, English

Becky Talyn, Health Science