Audio & Video Collection

See Audio, Video, & Images for search options and online databases.

Music Audio

Nearly 2,000 CDs, over 4,000 LP, and a small number of audiocassettes records are housed in the Library Multimedia Center, PL5005. A variety of music is represented in the collection, including classical, Broadway shows, jazz, and popular. The CDs and the audiocassettes may be checked out.

Audio Books

Includes more than 300 recorded bestsellers, biographies, plays, and educational lectures. Formats include audio CDs, audiocassettes, and Playaway digital audio players. Note the call number of the item you want and request it at the Check-Out Desk. Audiocassette players and headphones may be checked out at the Check-Out Desk or the Library Multimedia Center.


Both DVD and VHS format videos are kept behind the Check-Out Desk and may be checked out. Browse the popular video display on the 1st floor, or use the Video/DVD Search to find the call number for a video. Take the call number to the Check-Out Desk to check out the video.

DVD & VHS players are available in the Library Multimedia Center, PL-5005, and just outside 5005 for when the media center is closed. Blu-ray DVDs are stored in PL-5005 and can be viewed there or checked out.