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3-D Printing

Print Limit: To ensure the printers are available for everyone, there is a 2 File Submission limit per week. If a print consists of multiple parts, we will only be able to print 2-3 objects (depending on size) per build plate, and have it count as a single file. Please feel free to come in during operating lab hours, for any recommendations on submitting your prints.

Turnaround Time: Unless marked urgent with a legitimate reason, the files will be printed in the order they are submitted. Prints may take upwards of two weeks to complete during peak demand. Notification emails pertaining to completed prints will normally be sent out Fridays, however, prints may be picked up during regular lab hours regardless of email status.

User Agreement: By making use of this service, you agree to use it for lawful purposes that respect the policies of CSU, San Bernardino and the John M. Pfau Library as well as the safety and well-being of all students, staff, faculty and patrons.

A link to the full 3D Printing Policy may be found here: 3D Printing Policy

3D Scanning

Students and staff are allowed to scan objects during regular lab hours on a first come first serve basis. No reservation is required, however, all scanned objects must adhere to the CSU San Bernardino and John M. Pfau Library policies.

CNC Mill

Students and staff are allowed to mill copper, aluminum, wood, wax and other materials approved by the CNC Mill user guide. A list of materials can be found here:

CNC milling is on a first come first serve basis and requires the supervision of Innovation Lab student assistants.