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Sunshine Week 2011

San Bernardino’s League of Women Voters and Cal State San Bernardino’s Pfau Library invite you to join the national discussion on government secrecy and citizens’ rights to access government information in the culminating event of 2011’s Sunshine Week! When: March

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Gov Docs: Report on For-Profit Colleges

The Government Accountability Office, a watchdog agency, recently released a report in which it found that private for-profit colleges “encouraged fraud and engaged in deceptive and questionable marketing practices.” Government investigators posing as potential students were encouraged to falsify their

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Gov Docs: Haiti at a Crossroads

The U.S. Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations recently released a report on the status of Haiti’s recovery from the devastating 7.0 earthquake of January 12, 2010. The report, titled Haiti at a Crossroads (PDF), identifies 10 critical issues for Haiti’s

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Gov Docs: American Time Use

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released the 2009 American Time Use Survey. The survey details how much time Americans spend working, doing household activities, caring for children, and engaging in sports and leisure activities. Interesting facts: On an average

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