Safari Tech Books: New Platform, New Content

Safari Tech Books (home of O’Reilly computer handbooks, among others) is transitioning to a new platform.

Try it here: Safari Tech Books Online NEW PLATFORM

You will always be asked to login via MyCoyote, both on and off campus.

The good news: It has much more content and NO simultaneous user limits.

New content includes technology case studies, videos, more books, and “learning paths.”

The bad news: Links from the old platform won’t forward to the new one.

Instructors, if you are linking to a Safari ebook in one of your courses, you will need to update your link soon!

The old Safari platform will remain available to us through Winter Quarter, but not after that.

Important details…

  • Downloading: Safari now has an app (O’Reilly Media) that lets you download books to a phone or tablet for offline reading. Get the app, and view setup instructions.
  • Linking: You can use links to Safari books & other content in your courses.
    • You can deep-link to a specific chapter/section, but you must add a bit of code to make the deep link work! Specifics are in How to link to Pfau Library ebooks.
    • In OneSearch records, the links are still being sorted out as part of the transition; by next week, all should be well.

Any questions? Need assistance? Please contact me directly, I’m happy to help:

Stacy Magedanz
Coordinator, Electronic Resources & Serials
909 537 5103

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