40 years with UNO

Photograph of UNO Display CaseRemember those good old days playing UNO during family game night? Well forty years ago, a man named Merle Robbins invented the classic American game. History states that the game came about due to an argument Robbins had with his son over the rules of the card game, Crazy Eights. The argument was resolved when he invented UNO, which has some rules that are similar to those of Crazy Eights; however, other rules are unique. Originally, the Robbins family used their savings of $8,000 dollars to manufacture the first 5,000 UNO decks. The new game was very popular and Robbins sold the rights to International Games for $50,000 and royalties. Currently, the game is being produced by Mattel.

On January 1st 2011, UNO had a float in the Rose Parade to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. This game has become iconic, and to celebrate the game turning 40, the library purchased a limited edition deck to add into our archives. It is on display on the 1st floor across from the elevators. When you have a free moment come and take look at the display created by Karina Echave.

Books of interest:

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A Dictionary of Card Games
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The Oxford Guide to Card Games
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