Lecture: European Sojourn of African American Writers

Dr.Ewa LuczakJohn M. Pfau Library Presents:

The European Sojourn of African American Writers in the 1960s

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011
Lecture: Noon-1 p.m.
Location: CSUSB/Pfau Library
PL-4005(4th floor)

The lecture addresses the presence of African American expatriate writers in Europe in the 1960s. It examines the “New Breed’s” departure from the discourse of expatriation of earlier generations: diasporic displacement epitomized by ideas of Pan-Africanism and “modernist exile” symbolized by the exile of Richard Wright. Dr. Ewa Luczak proposes to read exilic fiction of that time as a manifestation of both attraction and resistance to the European rhetoric of humanism in the wake of WWII and the Holocaust. The talk will set the context for the expatriation stories of William Gardner Smith, James Baldwin, William Demby and Carlene Hatcher Polite. Special attention will be paid to the Hispanic expatriation of Frank Yerby, best-selling author of historical romances, whose decision to move to Europe at the peak of his popularity confounds literary critics.

Dr. Ewa B. Luczak is assistant professor at the Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland. She has received M.A. in American and Canadian Literature and Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Warsaw where she works currently. She is the author of How Their Living outside America Affected Five African American Authors: toward a Theory of Expatriate Literature (The Edwin Mellen Press 2010), editor of Mosaics of Words: Essays on American and Canadian Literary Imagination (2006) and Czarno na białym. Afroamerykanie, którzy poruszyli Ameryką (Black on White: African-Americans who Challenged America, Warsaw University Press 2009).

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