Ebooks from Pfau Library

Did you know? Pfau Library offers thousands of ebooks on a wide variety of subjects!

If you search the Pfau Library OneSearch, you’ll find all the books we own, whether it’s a hard-copy book or an ebook. Ebooks will be marked as electronic/online, and will include a link you can click on to begin reading the book.

Or, go directly into one of the library’s Ebook Databases.

None of our ebooks require any special devices for reading, and most of them are not downloadable; you can use them on the web, anytime, anywhere.

Instructors: Before you assign a class to use an ebook, please check with Lisa Bartle (x77552) or Stacy Magedanz (x75103) about the simultaneous user rights for that title; some books are licensed for only one user at time, but the library might be able to purchase additional licenses.

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