Mariachi: Interpreting the Ancient Voice of Mexico

Sinfonia Mexicana is sponsoring a new, multifaceted exhibit about the evolution of Mariachi music. A pictorial history, with photos dating back to the early 1900s, highlights the early pioneers who developed mariachi music, as well as the greats who helped popularize mariachi through radio and television.

Also included is a tribute to Mariachi Vargas, known as the Greatest Mariachi in the World, and an elegant “traje,” an original suit, on loan from Rafael Palomar, guitarist and legendary Vargas singer for 23 years.

Students, ages 8-20, from the Mariachi Youth Academy, who are carrying on the tradition, are showcased as well. At the Academy, they are learning music theory, how to read music, how to play various instruments, and performance techniques. They performed at the LEAD conference and will also be performing at the annual Mother’s Day Concert on May 12 at the California Theater of Performing Arts.

Sinfonia Mexicana will hold a fundraising dinner for student scholarships before the Mother’s Day Concert. Please visit Sinfonia Mexicana’s web site for more information about this and upcoming performances.

This exhibit is presented in two parts—one near the elevators, and one on the wall by the copy room. Be sure to visit both locations to see everything!

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