Elevator Modernization

Starting tomorrow, there will be construction work on the elevators in the original portion of the library building. This includes the two elevators that face the Research Assistance Desk on 1st floor, as well as the outside elevator that provides access to the 2nd floor classrooms. Details from Facilities Services:

“Facilities Services has contracted with Ascent Elevator Services for the Renovation/Modernization of the 3 Elevators in the original Library facility, starting tomorrow, January 16th.

“One elevator will be shut down at a time, and two elevators will be operable at all times.

“The two passenger elevators are numbers 4 and 5, and the freight elevator is number 6.

“Each elevator will require approximately 6 weeks to complete the modernization work.

“‘Modernization’ includes installation of state of the art controllers, new energy efficient drive motors, updated safety equipment, wiring, fire safety code requirements, rebuilding traction drive machinery, new operating call/activation panels and new exterior/interior finishes.

“Please direct any questions and concerns to Rich Hebert at extension 77200 or email rhebert@csusb.edu.”

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