Women’s History Month Exhibit “Mexican American Women in Softball: A League of Their Own”

Photo of display case for "Mexican American Women in Baseball"

Richard Santillan, author of Mexican American Baseball in the Inland Empire, and Manny Veron of the Pfau Library have teamed up to bring you this exhibit featuring the roles of Latinas in baseball—everything from brides who married their baseball-playing grooms on the baseball field, to photos of women’s baseball and softball teams. The display is located on the first floor near the elevators.

These women faced some of the same issues as Latino players. For instance, in the early 1940s Helen Parga played softball with the Santa Ana Queens. The team traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, for a tournament where Parga was denied service at a restaurant. She had to wait in the living room area while her Anglo teammates ate in the dining room.

The exhibit includes images of players from the North Hollywood Vixies, Orange Lyonettes, Santa Ana Queens, the Tomboys, La Habra Acres, San Fernando Bluejays, the Fullerton-Anaheim McMahan Girls, Colton Mercury Senioritas, La Jolla Kats, Las Gallinas, San Bernardino Raiderettes of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Tony’s Fiesta, the Questionettes, the Cherokees, Las Debs de Corona, Casa Blanca Busy Bees, East Los Angeles Columbianas, the Flirts, and Las Aztecas.

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