Movie Reviews: Rock of Ages; Like Crazy

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Les Kong, Coordinator of the Library Multi Media Center (PL-5005), and longtime Alfred Hitchcock fan, reviews movies from the library’s collection. The opinions expressed are his alone.

Rock of Ages

Two-and-a-half stars.



2012, 123 min. Directed by Adam Shankman.

Based on the Broadway musical, and a tribute to 80’s rock. Julianne Hough is serviceable as the small town girl dreaming of hitting it big as a singer. Features an over-the-top performance by Tom Cruise as an Axl Rose-like performer. All actors and actresses performed their own songs. Has a Footloose-like subplot with Catherine Zeta-Jones as the crusading (rock is sinful) wife of the mayor, portrayed by an underused Bryan Cranston. Fans of 80’s rock will probably enjoy this one. View the record for Rock of Ages.

Like Crazy

Four stars.



2012, 90 min. Directed by Drake Doremus.

Indie production about a young British student (an excellent Felicity Jones) who falls in love with an American (Anton Yelchin) while studying in Southern California. She overstays her visa, faces immigration obstacles, and the couple struggles with fidelity and commitment issues. Look for Jennifer Lawrence in a smaller role as one of the love interests. Much of the dialogue was improvised by the lead actors. Heartbreaking, believable, and rings true in portraying a young couple in love with issues. View the record for Like Crazy.

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