Movie Reviews: Hereafter

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Three stars.



2010, 129 min., Directed by Clint Eastwood.

Three individuals – a blue collar worker in San Francisco (played by Matt Damon), a French broadcast journalist, and a young London boy – deal with death in their own unique ways. The stories all converge by the conclusion of the film. Damon is at the center of the film, portraying George Lonegan, who has a “gift” for communicating with loved ones of individuals he touches. Not one of Eastwood’s best efforts, but a solid rendition, with excellent casting of the three leads, and top production values. Filmed on location in Hawaii, San Francisco, London, and Paris. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Music by Clint Eastwood. Note: there is a tsunami scene which opens the picture, and this film was pulled from the Japanese market at the time. View the record for Hereafter.

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