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Five stars.


2012, 112 mins., directed by Jason Moore.
Hilarious story about a cappella vocal singing competitions between colleges. Beca (portrayed by an excellent Anna Kendrick) is an alt-girl new to campus and looking to find her niche, and make friends. She eventually decides to try out for the all-female a cappella group, which, of course, features the all-American blond lead singer, the shy Asian, and others looking to break out. Notable to the group is Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson (Brides Maids), who, seemingly, enjoys the majority of the punchlines. There is an ongoing competition and rivalry with the all-male group, the TrebleMakers, as well as sexual tension between Beca and one of their members. Rousing choreography and numbers, along with some gross-out vomit scenes! Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games) serving as one of the producers, also has a bit part as a commentator at the competitions. View the record for Pitch Perfect.
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