LibQUAL Survey in Progress

LibQUAL+ Survey Invitation, sent to a sample population during the week of May 11, 2009:

As part of the random sample chosen to represent all Cal State San Bernardino faculty, staff and students, you may have received my invitation to help us improve the Library by participating in LibQUAL+, an important online survey.

Now that our LibQUAL+ survey period has begun, I would appreciate it if you would complete the online survey right now or within the next few days. Please do so, by clicking on the survey link included in the message sent to you via email.

Your survey answers and comments will help determine the future services we provide to you, and will be kept completely confidential, as your individual responses cannot be linked to your name. We hope you will take the time to tell us what you think.

In appreciation for your time (about 10 minutes on average!), we will offer CSUSB students only an opportunity to win an iPod Nano as well as other prizes. If you are a student who was selected for the random sample, and you wish to enter the drawing for the iPod Nano or other prizes, complete the survey and then include your email address at the end. [Your email will not be linked to your responses]

If you have any difficulty in accessing the survey or have questions about the LibQUAL+ survey, please contact the LibQUAL+ team at or contact Les Kong, Coordinator of Library Public Services at 537-5111.

Many thanks for helping us provide the library and information services that you need.
Cesar Caballero
Dean and University Librarian

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8 comments on “LibQUAL Survey in Progress

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think it is ridiculous that if you have forgotten your Student ID card that you are not allowed to check out a book that’s on reserve. One should be able to give their student ID number and some other form of ID like a driver’s license. It is absurd for the person behind the counter to suggest that I ask someone in the library to check it out for me. Why would someone else want to be responsible for a text book that they are giving to a person whom they do not know? I also think it is ridiculous that one should have to go down and get a brand new ID card to check out materials when the ID was simply forgotten, not lost. Having a new ID card made every time someone forgets their ID card is a waste of school funds. Although it might not seem like a lot it does add up. I was very unsatisfied with my visit to the CSUSB Library.

  2. shareela says:

    I find the library here very useful as well as the staff. Anytime I have had an issue I have been able to find someone to help me. In the event it wasnt here there was always a way for me to get the item.

  3. samantha serna says:

    The reserve and library use only books are great resources for my studying and careplans (I am a nursing student). Addtional nursing reserve books would be helpful, especially the “supplemental” or “suggested” course materials.

  4. Les Kong says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    While we understand your frustration at the policy requiring students to use their Coyote OneCards for the use of library reserve materials, there are some good reasons for the policy that is in place — this is a University Library requirement for the lending of all materials, and ensures that the appropriate person is held accountable for checking out specific material. The Library also is responsible for making available personal copies of faculty for student use, and must ensure the access and availability of such materials. Students are responsible for carrying their campus identification card, the Coyote OneCard, with them, while on campus, as there are a variety of services which may require the card (printing and copying, the Fitness Center, Dining Commons, and the Library, just to name a few).

    Les Kong
    Coordinator, Library Public Services

  5. Kathryn Mahoney says:

    I think a self-checkout station would be very helpful in the library. I’ve seen them on other campuses, and it aids in the flow of the library.

  6. Holly says:

    Often times I don’t have a specific book I want to find, and just want to browse for a book based on it’s classification (mystery, law etc). Is there a way you can tell me where these sections are in the library? Or perhaps put up signs to tell you where each genre is. Other than that, no complaints.

  7. Stacy Magedanz says:

    Hello Holly,
    Actually, we’re hoping to make some improvements to the signage in the book shelves over the summer, because many students have mentioned that to us as an area of need.
    Stacy Magedanz
    Reference & Instruction/Serials & E-Resources

  8. Les Kong says:


    We heartily agree with you, and have also seen these highly popular self-checkout machines at other libraries. They do offer students another alternative, in lieu of waiting in long lines at the Circulation Desk. We have looked into acquiring one of these machines, but the Library’s budget did not allow us to move forward with the purchase. We will be exploring this possibility in the future.

    Les Kong
    Coordinator, Library Public Services