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Movie Reviews: North By North LesBuried

Five stars.

2010, 95 mins., directed by Rodrigo Cortes.


Inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock films, Rope (1948) and Lifeboat (1944), director Cortes succeeds with this debut effort due to the excellent performance by Ryan Reynolds (who is on screen during the entirety of the film), the suspenseful screenplay by Chris Sparling, and the all so tight and effective editing. Paul Conroy (a US truck driver played by Reynolds) finds himself bound and gagged, buried in a coffin, with only a Zippo lighter and a Blackberry. He gradually reconstructs that his and several other convoys were ambushed by insurgents, and that he is the sole survivor of the attack. After several attempts, he eventually contacts his wife and employer, and leaves messages for them. He then contacts the FBI, who determine he has been kidnapped. The kidnapper calls and demands a ransom of $5 million for his release. The suspense builds, with several plot twists, as he attempts to negotiate his release. The entire film is shot from within the interior of a coffin, and never repeats a single camera shot. An incredible experience! See the record for Buried.

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