Utilitarian Pursuit of Happiness

John Stuart Mill, Utilitarian philosopherPfau Library Presents:

The Utilitarian Pursuit of Happiness

By: Christopher Barker

Christopher Barker teaches at CSUSB in the political science department. He has presented papers at several political science and interdisciplinary studies conferences. He is currently researching the political thought of John Stuart Mill.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Noon-1 p.m.

Jeremy Bentham, the founder of the utilitarian school of ethics, famously claimed that the parlor game of push-pin is of equal value with the arts and sciences of music and poetry. Please join us as we delve into John Stuart Mill’s attempt to combine a utilitarian ethics, grounded in the pursuit of pleasure, with romantic accounts of agency and responsibility. In the process, we will try to provide further reflection on what the “pursuit of happiness” means to America in the present day.

Printable flier for “Pursuit of Happiness” (PDF)

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