Movie Reviews: Spring Breakers

Movie Reviews: North By North LesSpring Breakers

Three stars.

2012, 94 mins., written and directed by Harmony Korine.

Four college girls, bored out of their minds, go on a crime spree to raise money for their spring break in Florida. They eventually get arrested, and are bailed out of jail by Alien, drug and arms dealer (played by a creepy James Franco with a shiny grill full of braces). Stars former Disney actress, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson. Depending on your point of view, with all the bare female flesh on display and gun-toting, this is either a female empowerment film, or an exploitation film in the guise of an art film. In any case, Franco’s portrayal is clearly the best part of the whole picture. See the record for Spring Breakers.

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