Movie Reviews: The East

Movie Reviews: North By North LesThe East

Four stars.

2013, 116 mins., co-written and directed by Zal Batmanglij.


Co-written by the lead actress, Brit Marling, and based on the personal experience she and the director shared one summer as freegans (dumpster divers) and their aversion to the effect of drugs on the human body. Marling plays Sarah, an ex-FBI agent and ambitious operative for an elite private intelligence firm, Hiller Brood. She is tasked by the head of the firm, Sharon (played by the always excellent Patricia Clarkson) to infiltrate “The East,” an anarchist group that attacks corporations for its criminal activities. Sarah eventually wins the group’s trust, and joins them on one of their actions, or “jams.” In deep cover mode, she begins to question her own values and assumptions. An effective thriller, starring Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and Ellen Page (Inception, Juno). See the record for The East.

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