Movie Reviews: Disconnect

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Four stars.

2012, 115 mins., directed by Henry Alex Rubin.


Multiple intersecting stories (à la Crash) about groups of people with a variety of Internet-related problems. A bit preachy at times, this film nevertheless drives home the real dangers of crossing certain lines in this wired world. A lonely teen is misled by cyber bullies into revealing his identity online; a couple’s finances are drained via excessive online gambling; and an ambitious TV news reporter helps a teen escape exploitation in an underground sex webcam business. Excellent cast headed by Jason Bateman (in a rare serious role), Hope Davis, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard, and Michael Nyqvust. See the record for Disconnect.

Les Kong, Coordinator of the Library Multi Media Center (PL-5005), and longtime Alfred Hitchcock fan, reviews movies from the library’s collection. The opinions expressed are his alone.

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