Google Scholar and Pfau Library

Google Scholar logoDo you like to use Google Scholar for your research? Ever wish it was easier to find out if Pfau Library has access to a book or journal article you found there?

Now it is! Here’s how to use Google Scholar with Pfau Library:

  1. Once at Google Scholar, click the Settings icon
  2. Scroll down to the Library Links section. Do a search for: CSUSB
  3. Several options may appear. Mark the one that says “Find it at CSUSB.”
  4. Scroll back up, and click the Save Preferences button.

Now, when you do a Google Scholar search on that terminal, you’ll see a link next to each result that says “Find it at CSUSB.” This is the same as the “Search for Full Text” function you see in many of the library’s databases, which will link you to the article if we have it available online, or offer a Library Catalog search and Interlibrary Loan options if we don’t.

See our Library Guide, Google Scholar and Pfau Library.

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