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Five stars.



2010, 97 mins., directed & written by Dan Rush.

Based upon a Raymond Carver short story (“Why Don’t You Dance”), this intelligent and well casted film stars Will Ferrell in a rare dramatic role as Nick, a once successful salesman, who is fired from his job after being accused by a female employee of a sexual encounter at a hotel, as well as for his numerous alcoholic binges over the years. Things go downhill quickly–upon returning home he discovers all the locks have been changed and his belongings are strewn along his front lawn. With the help of neighbors (Rebecca Hall, Christopher Jordan Wallace), he goes on a journey towards redemption, and self-understanding, ridding himself of material possessions along the way. Also stars Michael Pena (Cesar Chavez) and Laura Dern (Jurassic Park). Highly recommended.

Les Kong, Coordinator of the Library Multi Media Center (PL-5005), and longtime Alfred Hitchcock fan, reviews movies from the library’s collection. The opinions expressed are his alone.

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