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Two-and-a-half stars.



2012, 130 mins., directed & written by Christopher McQuarrie.

Based upon Lee Child’s ninth Reacher novel, One Shot, this film stars a miscasted Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, an iconcoclastic drifter ex-Marine. Even though the script was written by the same individual responsible for The Usual Suspects, the film drags. Fans of the Lee Child books will not recognize the main character in Cruise’s portrayal–the actor is notably short in stature, and comes with all the well known Cruise mannerisms. Five seemingly random people are shot by a sniper in Pittsburgh. The accused sniper tersely sends the message, “get Jack Reacher,” to help clear his name. Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) plays the daughter of the prosecutor and serves as the lawyer for the defendant. A disappointing adaptation! See the record for Jack Reacher.

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