Course Reserves: Information for Students

Course Reserves are items your instructor has placed in the library for the entire class to use. Some of these are physical items such as books, photocopied materials, or even objects for study. Others are available online as PDF files.

To find them, use our Course Reserves Search. They are listed by instructor's last name and by course number.

Print Materials:

Bring the item's call number and your Coyote OneCard to the Course Reserves Desk, first floor, to check it out. The loan period, chosen by the instructor, is short, usually 2 hours or 1-2 days. The short loan period gives everyone in the class a chance to use an item. Reserve items cannot be renewed, so plan to photocopy it for later reading or to read/use it immediately.

Overdue Fees:

Reserve items turned in late will incur fees.

  • If loan period is 1-4 hours, fee = $2 a hour
  • If loan period is 24 hours or more, fee = $1 a hour
  • If loan period is weekly, fee = $2 a hour
  • Maximum fine = $100 per item

Online Materials:

These items are PDF files. You will need a special course password from your instructor in order to login.

Non-CSUSB Users:

Most items on reserve may be checked out by current CSUSB students only. Non-CSUSB users are limited to the following items:

  • WREE (Writing Requirements Entrance Exam) materials
  • Constitution Exams materials

The Course Reserves Desk will hold a non-CSUSB user's current CA Driver's License until the items are returned. Standard loan period for the item applies.