iPad Lending Program

Current CSUSB students, staff, and faculty, with valid Coyote OneCards (university ID) may check out iPads and iPad Minis at the Library Multimedia Center (LMMC) in PL-5005. iPads come with cases; iPad Minis come with Smart Covers; and may leave the library building. If desired, you also may check out Apple wireless keyboards and Griffin styluses. You cannot print from the iPads.

Prior to borrowing an iPad for the first time, the borrower must sign a form accepting responsibility for the iPad and the fees associated with not returning it, or returning it late or damaged. iPads MUST be returned in person at the LMMC and all iPads must be returned when the LMMC closes regardless of the amount of time left on the loan. The LMMC hours are not the same as the library. Check current iPad availability or Check current iPad Mini availability

Load Period / Renewals: iPads may be borrowed for a four-hour period. They may be renewed only once during the fourth hour of the loan period for an additional four-hour period. Renew in person at the LMMC or online via My Library Account. However, if you owe more than $25.00 in library fines, you must renew in person at the LMMC.

Overdue fee: $10 an hour for a maximum of $480. After 48 hours, it is considered lost and a replacement fee will be charged.

Lost, stolen, or damaged replacement fees:

  • Up to $520 for iPads with cases
  • Up to $340 for iPad Minis with Smart Covers
  • $5 for Griffin styluses
  • $70 for Apple wireless keyboards

On the iPads:

  • Safari, Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Coyote email


Can I take the iPad to class?
Yes, iPads may leave the library building.
Can I keep an iPad overnight?
No. The iPad and accessories must be returned before the LMMC closes at the end of the day, regardless of the amount of time left on the loan.
Am I able to print documents from the iPad?
No, however, you can copy, cut, and paste documents into an email to yourself then access your email from a computer that can print.
Can I place a hold on an iPad or reserve it?
Can I create documents on the iPad?
You may use Google Drive to create Google Docs.
Can I save documents on the iPad?
Not exactly. Any files saved on the iPad will disappear when the iPad is restarted or turned on. Be certain to copy, cut, and paste documents into an email to yourself, or upload them to a Web service such as Google Docs.
Is Adobe Flash Player available on the iPads?
No. This software is not compatible with iPads.
What features are not available on the iPads?
iTunes, Music, and Newsstand are not available on the iPads.