Printing & Copying

A Pfau Library printer


All computers in the library can send print jobs to the two printing stations at the Research Assistance Desk on the first floor. Other than your available funds, there is no limit on the amount you can print. Check the signage near the computers to determine which station to go to.

Printing is 15 cents per page for black and white (double-sided is available at 15 cents per side); 60 cents per page for color. Only Coyote OneCards and the Cash Value/Visitor Cards sold by the card machine in the library may be used to pay for printing.  No other form of payment is accepted. If you have problems, ask for assistance at the Research Assistance Desk on the first floor.  If the Research Assistance Desk is closed, the Check-Out Desk may be able to assist you.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is availiable on the library's Printer 3. Some set-up is required. See Wireless Printing for details.


The copy room

Black-and-white photocopiers are located in PL-111A on the first floor, and on the third floor, opposite the elevators. Letter-size or legal-size copies are 15 cents each. Some machines also make ledger-size copies, which are 30 cents each. There is one color copier in the 1st floor copy room: color copies are 50 cents each.

Only Coyote OneCards and the Cash Value/Visitor Cards sold by the machine in the library may be used to pay for photocopying.  No other form of payment is accepted.

The photocopiers also can scan black-and-white images onto a USB drive, however, not all USB drives are compatible.  Follow the instructions posted near each machine.

If you have problems with the machines, ask for assistance at the Check-Out Desk on the first floor.


The Scanner screen

In the same room as the copiers, there is a very sophisticated, yet easy-to-operate, self-service Scannx Book ScanCenter which you may use for free. Scan images of books, documents, or photos into either PDF, searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG file formats automatically. Send scanned files to: Smart Phone/Tablet, USB drive, Google Drive, printer (normal printing charges apply), or email. Please limit scanning to 15 minutes when others are waiting.


Fax Machine

The Scannx scanner in the Copy Machines room, PL-111A (1st floor), can be used as a self-service fax machine to send (but not receive) faxes.

Simply select "Fax" from the opening screen and follow prompts, there is no cost.

Cards & Adding Money

A value port used for adding money to your Coyote OneCard account

Putting Money on Your Card: Cash

There are two card machines on the first floor that allow you to add value to your Coyote OneCard or Cash Value/Visitor Card.

The machines accept only paper money in denominations up to twenty.  They do not give change.  No other form of payment is accepted.

Please note that value on a Coyote OneCard may be used for other types of purchases on campus but value on a Cash Value/Visitor Card is restricted to printing or photocopying.

Putting Money on Your Card: Credit Cards

  1. Login to MyCoyote
  2. Click on your Student tab.
  3. Click Make a Payment, then Next
  4. Click the Make Payment tab.
  5. Look for the option Flex Cash Online Payments.

Please allow up to 5 minutes for fund to become available.

You may use a credit card to add money to your OneCard at the Bursar's Office (UH-035, basement of University Hall) during their regular business hours. There may be a delay of up to 48 hours before the funds are added to your OneCard.

Purchasing a Cash Value/Visitor Card

Only one of the card machines, the one next to the Research Assistance Desk, sells the Cash Value/Visitor Cards.  You will need a one dollar bill.  The Cash Value/Visiotr Card costs 85 cents, so only 15 cents of your dollar goes towards the available balance.  Add additional money to this card using either of the methods described above.

Change & Refunds


Change may be obtained on the first floor at the change machine in the Copy Machine Room (PL-111A ).  The machine accepts twenties, tens, and fives and dispenses smaller bills, not coins.  Sometimes the Check-Out Desk on the first floor is able to make change.

If you need an ATM, the nearest one is in the Student Union.

If you have problems with the change machine, go to the Library Administration Office (PL-2006).  When the office is closed, call 537-5102 and leave a message.  A staff member will call you back on the next business day.


Please note that money added to a card cannot be removed except by spending it; no cash refunds are given for unused balances.

Refunds for printing malfunctions may be obtained by:

  • Filling out the small yellow refund form available at the Research Assistance Desk and turning it in at the Research Assistance Desk or the Check-Out Desk (takes about 2 weeks for Foundation to credit your card).
  • Asking a reference librarian to print another copy using a bypass card.