Space Scheduling: Room Information

Conference Rooms

PL-2007 Capacity: 10 people. Room has: Conference phone, wireless Internet; whiteboard.

PL-2007 Standard room set-up PL-2007 Standard room set-up alternate view

PL-5005M Capacity: 12 people. Room has: Screen, projector, and computer; whiteboard.

PL-5005M Standard Conference Room Set-up. PL-5005M Projector and Screen Conference Room 				Set-up. PL-5005M Group Lecture Style Set-up. PL-5005M Classroom Style Set-up.

Library Instruction Room

PL-2005 Available for CSUSB faculty only. Capacity: 24 plus instructor. Room has: 24 student terminals (full Web access), 1 instructor terminal (full Web access), projector and screen; two whiteboards.

PL-2005 Standard room set-up PL-2005 Standard room set-up alternate view

Special Event Areas

PL-5005 Capacity: 150 people. Room has: Surround-sound, high-definition Blu-ray theater, with seating for 75. Includes screen, projector, AV/computer cart (including DVD/VCR player), built-in sound system.

PL-5005 view 1 PL-5005 view 2 PL-5005 view 3

Additional Set-Up Options

If we don't have the equipment you need, contact ACM's Media Services (909-537-5060) for further options, or bring your own.

Seating arrangements:

  • Boardroom (standard): Tables arranged in a rectangle with chairs around the outside facing the center of the room.
  • Classroom: Tables arranged in rows with chairs facing the front of the room.
  • Theater: No tables. Chairs arranged in rows facing the front of the room.
  • Standing: No tables or chairs.

Note:To request the use of venues PL-4005 or PL-4005A please contact the Faculty Center for Excellence at (909) 537-7684 or

7 days notice is required for non-standard room set-up.