Space Scheduling: Room Information

Conference Rooms

PL-2007 Capacity: 10 people. Room has: Conference phone, wireless Internet; whiteboard.

PL-2007 Standard room set-up PL-2007 Standard room set-up alternate view

PL-5005M Capacity: 12 people. Room has: Screen, projector, and computer; whiteboard.

PL-5005M Standard Conference Room Set-up. PL-5005M Projector and Screen Conference Room 				Set-up. PL-5005M Group Lecture Style Set-up. PL-5005M Classroom Style Set-up.

Library Instruction Room

PL-2005 Available for CSUSB faculty only. Capacity: 24 plus instructor. Room has: 24 student terminals (full Web access), 1 instructor terminal (full Web access), projector and screen; two whiteboards. Food and drink is prohibited.

PL-2005 Standard room set-up PL-2005 Standard room set-up alternate view

Special Event Areas

PL-5005 (LMMC) Capacity: 150 people. Room has: Surround-sound, high-definition Blu-ray theater, with seating for 75. Includes screen, projector, AV/computer cart (including DVD/VCR player), built-in sound system.

PL-5005 view 1 PL-5005 view 2 PL-5005 view 3

Please note that the LMMC is a student-centered, multi-use space that is not intended for private events. By requesting the use of this space, you agree that students may enter, study, use collaboration rooms, and visit the LMMC service desk at any time during your event.

We want our students to succeed. PL-5005 LMMC is a student study space only during mid-terms and finals weeks, 9am-5pm, and cannot be used for other purposes during these times. While the calendar dates are different each quarter, mid-terms usually occur during weeks 5 and 6, and the finals session is the last week of classes and the entire week of final exams.

Additional Set-Up Options

If we don't have the equipment you need, contact ACM's Media Services (909-537-5060) for further options, or bring your own.

Seating arrangements:

  • Boardroom (standard): Tables arranged in a rectangle with chairs around the outside facing the center of the room.
  • Classroom: Tables arranged in rows with chairs facing the front of the room.
  • Theater: No tables. Chairs arranged in rows facing the front of the room.
  • Standing: No tables or chairs.

Note:To request the use of venues PL-4005 or PL-4005A please contact the Faculty Center for Excellence at (909) 537-7684 or

7 days notice is required for non-standard room set-up.